Science in Books

 I finished  Vicious recently, an X-men inspired novel where the protagonists kill themselves to gain powers. It doesn’t come off as very scientific, but they explained it using scientific knowledge. Adrenaline heightens the body’s senses, and depending on the death, can be elevated to significant levels. Thus, they kill themselves when their adrenaline is high; the adrenaline pushes them through death and back into life. With powers.

 I am currently reading The Hidden Life of Trees, a nonfiction book describing communication and cooperation amongst trees. It is written to be easily understood, and if you like nature, is fascinating. Tree roots orient their tips in the direction of sound at 220 hertz, way below human hearing levels. They also scream at that frequency when dehydrated!

One is a novel, another is nonfiction. Yet I read one after the other because I find the science intriguing. Science fiction often predicts what we will be able to sense and do in the future, just think of cellphones in Star Trek. But do we search for ways to mimic sci-fi, vice versa, or are they interdependent?  I believe that they are interdependent because creation is founded by the creator’s imagination, and the creator’s imagination is moved by what has come before.

What are some sci-fi or nonfiction science you have read recently? I would live to explore this some more.

In other news, I recently went to Redwood National and Yosemite in California. I’m thinking of starting a photo blog of what I saw there. I’m thinking of naming it NatureScreams or TanyaSights. Name Ideas?

Tweeting Poetry


On The Path

On A Writer’s Path, they do Book Quote Corners, one of which struck me today.

“There’s no such thing as the life you’re supposed to have.”


All Our Wrong Todays, written by Elan Mastai

This struck me because I want to be an Author. I’m currently on the path to be an environmental lawyer. It would truly benefit the environment, but it’s not perfect for me, as I have led others to believe. I want to explore. This quote embodies that.

What does it mean to you?

Book Cover Colors

via Photo Challenge: It IS Easy Being Green! &

I thought of this post way back on St. Patrick’s Day, when I would’ve done only green, but since so much time has passed I am doing multiple colors.



Highlights: The Hobbit Greatest fantasy story ever, although I admit I haven’t read LOTR in it’s entirety yet.

The Cat Ate My Jumpsuit  A tribute to teachers

The Tropic Of Serpents A dragon observer in a 18th century like world, sequel to A Natural History Of Dragons



Highlight: The Little Prince Alien on different planets



Highlights: Armageddon Summer Remember 2012? It’s like that but the families religiously believe that the world will end.

The Robe of Skulls An evilish witch orders a robe lined with skulls. That’s all I remember.

Perks Of Being A Wallflower letter


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March 21, 2017

Hello, my friends

 I’ve decided to write like this to give you a sense of the flow of Wallflower instead of a regular review. Wallflower is about high school, about all of the clichés of high school, really. And now  it’s been proven that a predictable book of cliches  can be a really, really good book. 

Think of your high school. Not the worst part or the best part, but the parts that happened the most, that would normally fade against the sharper memories. Maybe the music you would listen to through your headphones. Wallflower repeatedly mentions music. 

 Was there a guy or girl that you really liked, maybe even loved, but you never really talked to them like your fantasies could materialize. You just talked to them like they were normal people. That’s sort of how Charlie and Sam are, except they’re best friends. 

Maybe this post is stupid. And that’s ok. I didn’t say much, I just tried to write like Charlie does. Did you read it or see the movie? 

 This is my favorite quote:this-is-my-life


Sci-fi Women

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Most, if not all, of the sci-fi and fantasy i’ve read star men. Every Bradburian, Adams, and Scott Card star men. the women, when they’re there, are either romantic partners or relatives. The women dominated genres are dystopian and romance, and most of the dystopians have romance! This is insulting because a) this is not the demographic of real world and b) More men in literature perpetuates more men in literature because writers are so used to men in their genre that an unconscious bias develops, creating more male characters within them. I have written more men in my sci-fi stories than i’ve realized, and I blame the man infested genre to have played a party in it.

Discuss! What sci-fi stories have you read star women? How can we train writers to be more inclusive?

Book Bind


So. I am currently reading five books. I normally read two or three at a time but circumstances described below occurred around the same time. Would you read a book based on the events that occurred or am I crazy?

Behind The Beautiful Forevers, Katherine Boo- A fellow presenter during a meeting was reading this book and recommended it because one of its’ major characters provided for his family by recycling. 

Why I Write, George Orwell- I found it online when I was looking for books by George Orwell because My school library marked dozens of copies of Animal Farm as “Discard” and I wasn’t allowed to take one even though I clearly love George Orwell a lot more than they do. 

Three Years With The Rat, Jay Hosking- I found it on a blog post that I can’t find again, and good riddance. The sequence of description to plot is too bulky. 

Woman Hollering Creek and Other Stories, Sandra Cisneros- I guy I like let me borrow it. Please help me because I accidently folded the cover and now there’s a crease. I can’t decide whether to give it back and feed him if he notices or buy him another book by the same author when I give Hollering Creek back. Thoughts? Oh, the book is a short story collection by the same author who wrote House on mango street.

Collapse, Jared Diamond- I was discussing the societal collapse of the island nation Nauru when she recommended this.