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I have a patreon!  You can either join Read This Book! where you get to choose a book for me to read and review or join Queer Stories To Tell In The Dark, where you get to read an exclusive short story and get a shout-out! Like this special guy: 

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Darth Vader is a little known second-in-command for the galactic cult, Empire. He has a deep, commanding voice that will sooth you as he force chokes you to death. He was also my first husband, before he tragically succumbed to the call of Light. Let’s honour his memory and embrace the Dark Side every day!

 I know I don’t usually talk about these fandoms here, but I am a massive nerd and I cannot possibly talk about everything I love.

A short story will go up every third week of the month, I am aiming for fridays but I’m not sure what my school schedule will look like yet, so it cold be any day of the week. If you haven’t already, read Bits Of Flesh  for a taste. 

I hope you decide to join! It will be a big help for me financially and I will write things you’ll enjoy.





 There’s a recent thing going on in twitter saying that there are no F/F OTPs. Destiel might be more mainstream, but truly devoted shippers can find OTPs everywhere, from Gilmore Girls (Paris/Rory), Star Wars (Rey/Rose) and Marvel (Okoye/ Black Widow, Gamora/Black Widow)

 My OTP, as spoiled by the cover image, is Morgana/Gwen from Merlin! Gwen has been Morgana’s servant and close friend for years. Even though Gwen is someone who’s technically there to make sure Morgana’s fed and her rooms are clean, they care and worry about each other. Gwen wakes up Morgana when she has nightmares and Morgana checks in when Gwen’s dad dies. 



I love Morgana’s character earlier in the series because she has more nuance; she’s rebellious against Uther, snarky towards Arthur, and caring towards Gwen. Exile and revenge turned her into little more than a caricature, and while I love evil she doesn’t really have a reason to want the throne.

 I am not Gwen’s biggest fan, because I don’t believe in Arthur/Gwen as a distraction from Merthur and their personalities don’t fit. She is a caring person that makes good decisions as queen, but what’s the point of being a good queen if the king overshadows you? What needed to happen was for Morgana to inherit the throne, bringing peace for all magical beings, and then marrying Gwen. 


download (4)

As queens, Morgana would use dark magic to help Camelot, Gwen would keep track of the human causalities, and Merthur would try to live out a peaceful life at home but would be dragged into the dark magic messes. Morgana ultimately finds a balance between dark magic and light, but not before testing Gwen’s patience and willingness to take total control of the throne.

Who’s your F/F OTP? 

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My Semi-Failed Attempt To Write Like JK Rowling


Hello, and welcome to my productive yet failed day at being JK Rowling.

DISCLAIMER: I do not support her recent actions involving transphobia and Johnny Depp. I want to be like her only in the sense that she wrote a 1 billion $ franchise to escape from her depression. Also, I wouldn’t mind living in England. 

JK Rowling starts writing near, but not past, 9am. Ideally, she’d work in a cafe, namely The Elephant House, but that’s out since she became famous. She now writes in a writing room with easy access to a teakettle and whatever Brits use to microwave popcorn. First, she plans using that table ^. She tables the time/ month, scene name, main plot points, and several side plot points. She writes the first draft by hand, then types it out. She ends around 3 in the afternoon.

This post was inspired by Kate Cavanaugh, who’s video kicked my inert writing arse to, well, write. Thanks, Kate! Who’s not reading this. ANYWAY


 I left my phone to prevent distractions and headed out to a table in a park about two blocks down. It was my favourite, foggy weather. Cold and dreary like a rainy day, but not actually raining as to make things involving paper undoable. 

 I started off with a little drawing- I think I’ve always done this, draw fanart of something I’m currently writing. It helps me relax while still being a part of the world I’m creating. Then I wrote the first page! It’s an estimated 350 words. JK says that word count is “A great and terrible thing,” so I’m gonna assume that she’d be ok with it. 


To my downfall, I went back inside. I checked on some blogs and pulled up JK’s table. I started tabling, only to realize that I’m not sure which plot line is the most important. Also, I only have 5 plot points for each plot thread. What I think I’m going to do is look into the 5 point structure to see if that’s what I unintentionally did. 


I watched another of Kate’s videos, this time the one where she went over her own writing process. I remember her dog, Duke, and nothing else. I read some more blogs, then got up to go to lunch while I was waiting, I filled out most of my table! There is one plot thread i’m not sure about. It does ask for a little bit of research, so I’m going to focus on the other threads and see what I can dig up.


A read a little bit of Like A Love Story, great book about AIDS. I don’t normally like it, because it’s a bit overused in queer media. It’s a valid and important thing to talk about, but queer doesn’t always equal sex, and sex rarely equals HIV. I like it because the HIV/AIDS activism is tied to how queer people are silenced by the mainstream. The straight relatives try not to talk about the “gay lifestyle,” they cover it up with the fact that Uncle Stephen is dying to “cancer.”

Anyways, between 12-1, I read and I ate. I filled out a little of my drawing, but nothing else tied to writing. 


At the library, I found a Princess and The Frog book where all of the princes in this universe age into frogs.


Yeah. I’m not very strict with myself. If you want to try writing like JKR, you can follow the instructions at the beginning. It started going wrong for me when I went on the internet to follow JKR’s table, and then did other things on the internet.

Next week I’m going to try writing like Neil Gaiman, who is both stricter and looser, so hopefully it’ll go better.

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Have you tried mimicking other writers? Who’d you choose and how’d it go?

July Wrap Up!

I read a massive 13 books this month! (I usually read 8) If this this list seems too long, blame the Reading Rush. And remind me not to participate next year. 


I Hear The Sunspot Yuki Fumino 7/12

rep: Deaf/ HOH, mildly problematic m/m

Kohei is slowly loosing his hearing and is working to finish school before it’s completely gone. Taichi volunteers to be his notetaker- and they maybe-sorta fall in love. But then Taichi is given a great job offer and decides to leave school. 

This is a two part, two editions manga. I read Limit 1 and Theory Of Happiness, and it was mildly confusing, but still readable. I recommend you read the 2017 version, I Hear The Sunspot, then Theory Of Happiness.

Don’t Date Rosa Santos  Nina Moreno 5/12

rep: Latinx community, bisexual MC in f/m relationship

 Rosa wants to go to their ancestral Cuba through a study abroad program- but first, their town might be destroyed unless they raise enough money to bring in a marine research group. The Santos women are cursed to fall in love with sailors who drown in the sea- but will Rosa brave the ocean? 

If it sounds like a lot, it is. A lot of people love it, but I thought there were bits that were too short with little detail. 

The Prince And The Dressmaker Jen Wang 8/12

rep: drag queen

Prince Sebastian by day, Lady Crystallia by night, he trusts Frances to keep his secrets and make his dresses- at the cost of her career. 

Opposite Of Always  Justin Reynolds 9/12

rep: black MC and LI

Kate keeps dying. Jack keeps being thrown back in time.

It’s great! The writing style is smooth but human, it’s how a teenage boy would talk. There is a lot of trauma, like the synopsis says, death.

Loki  Mackenzi Lee 7/12

rep: Pansexual and slightly genderfluid MC, gay LI

I know you guys like this one, but isn’t the Gaycond coming that was advertised. Except for a few lines, Loki could easily be a cis pansexual. 

Loki: Where Mischief Lies

Grapefruit Yoko Ono 8/12

Yoko isn’t just the woman who broke up The Beatles; she’s also an experimental artist that’s sometimes insane and sometimes relatable. 

On A Sunbeam  Tille Walden 9/12

rep: Women and non-binary pal only, f/f, black and possibly autistic LI

Told in a timeslip between boarding school and 5 years later, on a reconstruction crew in space, Mia is searching for her girlfriend Grace, who had to had to leave school to go back to the Staircase, a closed off part of the universe with its own laws and magic foxes.

It’s really beautiful, with fleshed out side characters who genuinely feel like they have lives outside of the story. I wish Eli was given their own book, like a graphic version of a novella. I loved seeing a nonbinary character like this; full of their own secrets and mysterious past. 


Out Of The Blue Sophie Cameron 6/12

rep: f/f/f love triangle, LI with MS

Angels have been falling out of the sky, creating the massive cults Wingdings and the more extreme Fallen. Jaya’s dad is a Wingding on a mission to capture an angel alive, but Jaya just wants her girlfriend back. 

This was a little cringy to get into, based solely on the angel repeatedly lashing out and Jaya being completely understanding. It’s nice to be nice, but you are in a bit of danger. I liked how the two love interests had their flaws and attractive qualities, people have secrets and hidden reasons. 

Nimona Noelle Stevenson 10/12

Rep: m/m

Throw your hands in the air for EVIL! Just as long as you don’t kill anyone, and geez, leave my boyfriend alone, it’s not his fault he’s a hero and my archnemesis. 

The Happy Prince Oscar Wilde 9/12

rep: Oscar Wilde

The gay old-school Grimm Fairy tales. You know, with death in every story.

Tell Me How You Really Feel,Aminah Mae Safi 7/12

rep: f/f, Muslim american, Jewish 

In this Gilmore Girls fanfic, Sana and Rachel have been nemesis since Sana tried to ask her out freshman year and Rachel was convinced it was a prank. Now Sana has to be in Rachel’s movie if she wants to graduate. 

 I LOVE Gilmore Girls and it was fun seeing all of the references! It’s not the best book ever- they pushed the theme of “not all pretty girls” a little too far and didn’t make room for other discussions. There was conflict in Sana’s family as to whether she should go to a fellowship abroad or go gay to Princeton. It’s a stressful thing IRL but I didn’t feel the stress of it.

Alleys And Doorways assorted authors

rep: m/m, f/f 

It’s gay sex with a couple of dragons, demons, and magic. Similar to Mundo Cruel, but not satirical. 

How was your July?


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Readathons: Helpful Or Harmful?



If you’re reading this in the not-near future, the Reading Rush 2019 has ended, a week of challenge and binge reading, of daily reading vlogs and a rise in the consumption of short and graphic novels.

As in the art form, not smut. But you do you.

I read the whole 7 books, not all of them the 7 books on my Reading Rush TBR . 

The 2019 Reading Rush! (2)

 I DNF’d Tomorrow We Die because I don’t want to be in the mind of an allocishet white boy. No offense if you are one, I just read a lot from that perceptive in high school and I’m still hungover. 

 I was about 40 pages in. I considered it. It’s a short book and the writing was good, the plot interesting. I couldn’t connect with the characters and the sexism threw me off. 

 I felt guilty about DNFing during a readathon. I wasted 40 pages, presumably 40 minutes, reading this. Normally I DNF, no problem. If I don’t want to read a book and I have no obligation to, it doesn’t happen.

The fact is, it was slowing me down. I didn’t want to read it, so I picked something else up. I tried picking it up again, but the pace was slower than the other book, so I DNF’d.

I intend to move soon, to an area that I know does not have the best library, so I’m holding off on reading some of my newly acquired books. But I knew that Out Of The Blue was Sophie Cameron’s first novel. And it would be ungrateful to hold off on a book that was given to me…

I just want to read about angels. 

The point is, there are some books you would’ve put off indefinitely if it weren’t for readathons. Out Of The Blue isn’t the best book I’ve ever read, but It’s a good one, about the value of someone because they’re alive vs their value in the black market, an f/f/f love triangle where both love interests are flawed, and a messy family.

The 2019 Reading Rush! (3) 

 Yes, I like the feeling of reading something quickly, holding a smol book rather than lugging around a heavy thicc book, and it’s less likely to have dull moments, or if it does, it’s over quickly.

But sometimes I want to savor a book. I want to live in a detailed world and know more about where the characters are coming from. I want to relax and experience the world. 

I want both types of experiences when I read, but readathons don’t give the time for large books. It’s short book after short book, and it leaves you accomplished but unfulfilled.


 While trying to find a book-to-movie adaptation, I found out that my spirit human, Oscar Wilde, wrote The Happy Prince,  a collection of gothic fairy tales. The library copy of the movie didn’t work on my computer, and I grieved for it. 

Maybe I would’ve found it eventually, but I want all of Wilde now. If I gained anything from the Reading Rush, it’s that if I love someone’s book that worked against them during trial, I will love all of their books. I still haven’t read The Importance Of Being Earnest, but I thought that was written by Gatsby or some other straight dude, not Wilde.

What are your pros & cons of readathons? What were your highlights of the Reading Rush?

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12 Queer Graphic Novels!

Ever since I read Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me I’ve been chugging queer stories told in art form. There’s tons of them! I don’t know how I’ve lived this long and not seen them! Here’s 12 recs that I have or intend to read.

Have read:

#1 Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me

Rep: w/w, Asian american protagonist,  possible non-binary character isn’t stated.

No LGBQTIA+ list would be complete without it! Freddie keeps going back to Laura Dean, who is drawn as manipulative and fickle, because she’s just so enchanting- I need to find a synonym for that- and Freddie lets her friendships suffer. It’s a beautifully drawn and realistic portrait of a toxic relationship.

#2I Hear The Sunspot

Rep: Deafness, m/m

I’m a little on the fence about this because I thought the deaf rep was pretty good, but the gay rep was borderline fetishist. It’s about this hearing guy who goes to work at a company that provides services for deaf people, I believe they mostly train companies to use sign language, and his sort-of boyfriend who’s slowly loosing his hearing and is trying to finish school before he goes completely deaf.

There’s 2 editions with 2 volumes each, so if you read limit 1, read limit 2, and if you read the first edition, read theory of Happiness after that. I read limit 1 and Theory of Happiness, and it was mildly confusing, but still readable.

#2 Heavy Vinyl


Rep: w/w, Puerto Rican side character 

This is cute. This is a fight club who runs a record shop. They want a band to perform in the shop, but their lead singer goes missing and it’s up to them to find her.

#3 Lumberjanes

Rep: Trans character, w/w

It’s a bit of a stretch to say I’ve read it, cause I’ve only read the Free Comic Book Day sample. It has Percy Jackson vibes, but with gay girls.

#5 On A Sunbeam

Rep, w/w. non-binary character, possible Asperger’s  

It’s told in a timeslip between Mia’s first year at boarding school and 5 years later, when she starts work in a reconstruction crew in space. There are no men in this universe. 

#6 The Prince And The Dressmaker

No one can know that the Prince is a drag queen.


Want to read:

#7 Escape Journey

I don’t think this is out in English yet, but it’s about high school sweethearts reconnecting in adulthood.

#8 Spinning

Sunbeam’s older sister is about ice skating, because gay.

#9 Bloom

A bakery, because gay.

#10 Nimona

I just started reading this and it’s super funny! I don’t think the shapeshifter  Nimona herself is queer, but her mentor is in an m/m relationship.

#11 Moonstruck

Lesbian werewolf? Yes!

#12 Fun Home

The home is a funeral home with a mystery! 

I’d love to know your recs! What are your favourite queer comic books? 

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T10T: New Adult Settings I’d Like to See More Of

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

danuniversitbreakdown#1 University

I for one, would’ve loved to have been more prepared when I went to college, more precisely, would’ve loved books exploring what it actually means to live in a dorm, go to classes, participate in clubs, and not just dating. Fangirl is the first book set in college that comes to mind, and the main character is in a love triangle. College is about new experiences of every variety, not just dating. 

#2 Community College 

There’s a lot of stigma attached to going to your local JC, and there really shouldn’t be! there’s plenty of reasons why someone would choose to take community classes instead of going to university; finances, family, health, uncertainty about what your next step is. I can’t think of a single book where the MC took JC classes and already graduated high school.


#3 First Apartments

Almost every new adult is going to move out of their parents house; with roommates, SOs or more terrifyingly: On your own! Learning to cook, dealing with neighbors and flatmates, possibly adjusting to a new neighborhood, etc.

#4 Homeless Shelters

On the flip side, there are millions of new adults that get kicked out of their parents homes before they’re ready, age out of foster homes without an ideal place to go, or they live in a gentrifying neighborhood and their entire family becomes homeless. I hate the shelter I’m in and might have an easier time processing it if I understood these people better. 


#5 Gap Year Volunteering 

A few people I know volunteered with Red Cross or other volunteer abroad program in their early 20s, and their stories are fascinating. Teaching, health, or construction work seems daunting enough in America without adding a new language, no running water or pencils that have to be sharpened with knives. 

#6 First Full-time Job

What is it like knowing that this job might be the only job you have for the rest of your life? Maybe saying that it’s only temporary, that a better job will come along… Waiting for years as your dreams are slowly crushed and you don’t remember what dreams are made of?

Not that that is likely to happen to me; journalists are constantly trying to secure anything, write for anyone, struggling to make ends meet as we watch the top %1 maintain their $1 a word positions.  

So yeah, would you like to donate to my ko-fi?

DifficultUnequaledGnatcatcher-size_restricted#7 Camping

Yes, the first time you can go camping without adults making sure that you don’t die! JK, I love camping, when I have a home to go back to at the end of it. It’s not so fun when you have no where else to go, it’s quite dangerous, especially for AFAB people. My mum-

Getting of point. Maybe I don’t like camping anymore.

#8 Road Trips

You know what you do when you go to college at the opposite end of a large state? Take road trips! This really depends on who you’re with, how much time you have, and where you are. It’s nice to plan ahead for stops at parks and historic places, but a lot of the time it’s just the business of getting to and from, and that’s no fun!


#9 Gaming rooms

Almost everyone I know loves gaming, whether they’re good at it or not. It’s usually just an Xbox in the living room, but it would be nice to set up a full gaming dungeon with video and board game room. What I really don’t like is when people who are better get to choose the games so the people who need to develop can’t choose games more to their level or enjoyment. I could be really good at punch battles if my friends didn’t constantly play shooter games, which I don’t like.

#10 Youtube Setups

Ok, this is more of a profession than a place, but think about how your favorite Youtubers have the same bookcase or bed behind them. Yes, I want to see the actual youtubing and the impact it has on them, but i want to see how they chose a particular place or arrangement. 

What are your favourite unexplored places in books?