Stepdaddy’s Blood/ WIP #3, In Tweets


 How do you guys want my future WIP updates? More tweets? Snippets? Overview of the pain this is causing me? 


Jurassic Park Book Tag

Jurassic Park 25 Anniversary Photocall
Life finds a way!

I found this tag via Holly @NutFreeNerd,  started by theliteraryphoenix

“Spared no expense.”  ~John Hammond -A series that seems to go on forever./ Expensive

Blackbird. It’s a manga, so I’m not sure if it’s allowed in this tag. I enjoyed it at first, but then it just started dragging. It has a total of 18 volumes! I read 13 before the library stopped keeping up and I lost interest. 

My favorite quote, btw.

“Life finds a way.”  ~Ian Malcolm – A book with amazingly intricate world-building./What crazy extremes have you gone to in order to get a book you wanted?

I’ll answer both!

Junior year of high school, I had to get a Spanish-English dictionary for class. But the thing is, most people just had phones. I couldn’t afford a phone, and this was before my mom got me Obamaphone. But we could afford a battered book from the used section.

The class had a few hard copy dictionaries for the few students without phones, but I always used my own. As class packed up for the day, the teacher came to talk to me about something inane. She took my dictionary and out it on the class dictionary shelf. 

 I couldn’t say anything. I couldn’t think of anything; I had to go to my next class.

The next day, there was a sub. In the general sub day confusion, I managed to steal my dictionary back. 

I remember this because I told a neurotypical about it, and he demanded to know why I didn’t ask for it back and tell the teacher she’d made a mistake. I hated that guy.

Life finds a way to put this quote everywhere.

Strange The Dreamer.  Waahhhh why can’t I find Muse of Nightmares? I. Just. Can’t. Worldbuilding. If you haven’t read this yet, you haven’t read anything. For more: Books For Spring

“Hold on to your butts.”  ~Arnold –An extremely fast-paced book. / What’s the fastest you’ve read a book, and what book was it?

Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon.

Jurassic Park 25 Anniversary Photocall
Life found this in a park near London Tower bridge.

“Mr Hammond, after careful consideration, I’ve decided not to endorse your park.”  ~Alan Grant-A book you refuse to read (or finish).

This is going to go bad but,

The bible. It’s a concentrated dose of monotheism, stolen from ancient polytheism. But I’m just being honest, I’m not starting a religious debate. 

Life might find a crush on Malcolm.

“Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.”  ~Ian Malcolm -A book that left you going ‘Why?’

Romeo and Juliet. Why? WHY DID YOU MAKE ME READ THIS BOOK MR.I-FORGOT-YOUR-NAME? Why does this book even exist anymore? Why The Bloody Hell are you kissing when you met two lines ago? Why are you marrying when you met three days ago? W  H  Y.

Cats find a way.

“We need more teeth!”  ~Gray Mitchell- A book with no human MCs. / Your favourite bookish creatures.

This isn’t a specific book, but the entire Warriors series is just all cats!

The kids? This will give the parents nightmares.” ~Simon Masrani-A book that terrified you.

The Bunker Diary. I read it years ago, in middle school, and I still feel that fear. A group of strangers find themselves awake in a WW2 bunker, with no knowledge of how they got there. They can’t get out. The entity that gives them food and watches through cameras won’t say anything. IT’S. BLOODY. TERRIFYING.

“Monster is a relative term. To a canary, a cat is a monster. We’re just used to being the cat.”   ~Henry Wu – A book that changed your perceptions on an issue/culture, etc.

Can I say Harry Potter? I would not be the person I am without Harry Potter. But I was probably listening to Harry Potter in the womb, so it shaped my perceptions, not changed. But.

Ghosts find a way.

This book showed me what the publishing industry is like, as well as the first book I read with a gay protagonist. It also might be the first book with more than one POV, a style of writing I use to this day. While I can’t say for sure that it changed anything, it came close.

I don’t want to tag anybody cause I don’t know who else is into Jurassic Park. If you love Jurassic Park like a sane nerd, feel free to tag back to me so I can see your post!

Book Pics


My shelifie, taken too late for PWPoePrompts, but here it is! These are the books I feel best describe Stepdaddy’s Blood.
Not my best picture. Potter memorabilia would be more appropriate, but I couldn’t find my quill.
This is my son Ringo! This book is all dog love, and has asper rep.
Carve The Mark.. this one’s hard to see, but it captures the book by shining light in darkness.



I wanted to post some more but they take time to upload…

What do you think of Booksagram? I really love arranging books like this, but I haven’t used that platform before. 

For The Love Of Books


I am poor. You may have guessed that from the infrequent blog posts and the library computer mentions. But I’m more than poor in money. I rarely see my few friends, and when not in college, I live with my mother. It’s stressful. People stereotype me into an Asper box, and when people don’t understand what Asperger’s is (Which is a lot of people) they tend to treat me as a freak, as someone different and below them.

 The blogging community, or more precisely, the small part of the book blogging community I am part of, doesn’t care if I’m a freak. It cares that I love to read. There’s people who read and love the same books I do, there’s people who read things I’ve never heard of, but want add to my outrageously large TBR. There’s people that may not always have the same taste in books but love to spread book love.

So, thanks. Thank you for making me feel like I have something to say. Thank you for making me think that when I finally have an ink and paper book with my name on the cover, there are people around the country and world that will be holding the same book.

Thank you for loving books as much as I do. 

Binge Or DNF?


House of Silk, Anthony Horowitz-DNF.  Sherlock and Watson are hired to follow the silk road of opium, involving high-ranking lords and mortifying Mycroft. I get enough opium from reading the news, and I don’t want to read any more! This is an uncreative book, and while sounds like Watson, is sometimes clunky.

   Moriarty, Anthony Horowitz-slow read. The dullness of HOS with murders instead of opium, adding enough surprise and death to make me want to solve this. But the writing was slow, and some things didn’t click into SH canon.

 The Word is Murder, Anthony Horowitz– DNF. Disappointing! Self-promo abounds, and why are you writing like that when it’s set in modern times?


Fangirl, Rainbow Rowell– Binge I loved the first half, but the second half got a little too lovey-dovy.  Awesome fangirl in college rep. Click Fangirl for full RV.

 Carry On, Rainbow Rowell- Binge It’s hard to choose my favourite Rowell. They’re just too different to compare. Carry On is inspired by Harry Potter, but Is. Not. Potter. Fanfiction. It’s set at a magic boarding school ans has a Dumbledore-esqe figure, but Simon and Baz, roommates and future lovers, aren’t Drarry. The Humdrum isn’t Voldemort. Great for Potter-heads, but you’d have to read the books to understand that CO isn’t HP fanfic. It’s HP inspired.

 Simon Vs. The Homo Sapien Agenda, Becky Albertalli,– Binge AAWWRGH! Cute romance and gay experience complimenting the other. Simon is closeted, and Martin threatens to expose him unless he helps him with a girl. Blue isn’t who I expected him to be, but I still ship.

  The Life And Death of Sophie Stark, Anna North, -Binge  Cause apparently I read gay romance now. It’s more mature than I’m used to; a bit graphic. I don’t like how Sophie’s portrayed as The Freaky Special One. Unexpected Asperger’s rep, but not a kind one. Accurate, but portrays Aspers as freaks. We are not freaks! Beautiful, sad voice, but sounds like the same voice through different perspectives.


Wish You Were Here, Sneaky Pie Brown– DNF So dull I couldn’t remember the title. It took forever to get through the introduction, as the human mail carrier apparently has to greet everybody in town. The one curious incident gets glazed over, as the human Harry isn’t a curious person. The small town voice is jarred by swearing, and I just no, no, no.

 Rain Reign, Ann M. Martin– Binge This is sad and clunky, so 5th grade. Rose collects homonyms and searches for her dog Rain after her father lets her out during a storm. The Asper traits are a little exaggerated, although people express it differently. I love Rain. I admire Rose’s bravery and selflessness. 

Oliver Twist, Charles Dickens- DNF You may be going “What?” with this one. It’s a great story, and has a great writer, but I’ve already tried to read it a few years ago, but didn’t get to finish it before it was due. This time I started right away, but everything is too familiar. I can’t tell you what’s going to happen, but once it does, it gives me deja-vu. I think I’ll try to find the good movie version, part of which they showed in class, but not all of it. Ugh. 

Why do you DNF? What’s the good Oliver Twist movie? There’s too many to choose from! What have you DNFed recently? 

Stepdaddy’s Blood/ WIP Update #2


This is the monthly follow-up for Stepdaddy’s Blood: A WIP  in an attempt to hold myself accountable for my progress. 

Due to technical difficulties, I haven’t been able to write much. I finally got a new keyboard that’s super clunky but makes a satisfying clicking noise while I type. 

“That woman stared at me while I was changing shirts. Scratched my face, tried to feed me salami!”

 Last semester, I took a playwrighting class. It was fun. I made friends and got the general idea of Stepdaddy’s Blood on paper. It made playwrighting easy. When I write dialogue, it flows out like a leaf in the stream of creation. Writing action, scenery, and anything else that isn’t someone talking is hard. When I want to express emotion in a movement, the action comes but not the emotion. 

  “Yes, ew! Was this so you could get some macabre note?”                                       “I got the D.NA.” (Waves bag of hair)                                                                         Pireto leaned against the tree. “When did you know about the suicide?”

 I now have 2,934 words, or 5 1/2 pages. My original goal was to have 10 pages by now. Still, it’s progress. I’ve recently began watching old Stephen King movies. They are so awesome. They feel me a nervous fear that asks for writing as an outlet. 

The Belizean man, Jim, was a well-groomed man with a goatee. In the ’70s, the tips brushed the ground when he walked and folded into a heap when he sat. By the ’90s, it was trimmed to stay on his face.

 So dear reader, can you give me examples of good scenic writing? What books have you read recently that are full of emotion and description? I’m interested in 3rd person mysteries. So many are first person. 

Game Of Thrones Ships

Hey y’all. You may have noticed that there was no post on Tuesday, because I’m trying to focus on my WIP, Stepdaddy’s Blood. I will post an update concerning that next Tuesday, computer willing. 


(Game Of Thrones mild spoilers through season 6. Do not mention beyond season 6.)

Today i’d like to talk about Brienne Of Tarth and Jamie Lannister. I ship them. Out of all Game of Thrones, I ship them the hardest. 

 Regarding Jamie and Cersei, well, obviously that’s disgusting. Also, there’s a three year age difference, so not twins. Besides the incest thing, Jamie is a nice person. Cersei is not.  I expected them to break up, as much as brothers and sisters can, after the whole Jamie was captured thing. It’s clear that Brienne fell for him, and I believe that he fell for her, so it’s hard to  see him with Cersei after that.


Arya and Gendry are puffballs. I’m real tired and that’s the best way my sleep deprived brain can describe them. They get along supremely well, and when Gendry finds out who Arya is, he doesn’t alter how he is around her. I don’t even know if Gendry is still alive, and Arya is on the other side of the world, but if they ever meet up again, they have to marry. 


Dany and Jorah arrrgh. There’s a tremendous age difference, but that doesn’t seem to matter in this world. His devotion to her is extraordinary! Obsessive. Borderline creepy. But on the respectful border of creepy. He respects her boundaries and wants to see her rule the world. You have to watch it to understand how romantic and shippable these two are, because it’s more nuanced than words. 

Who do you ship in GOT?