Playing Nostalgic Games For The First Time

Ends Sept 30! Get your first Book Of The Month for just 5$ with the code YALIT Paperboy– I am confused. It seems pretty simple- toss the papers and try not to get hit by a car or taken by a sewage monster. I have no idea what I’m doing and I keep dying. the instructions sayContinue reading “Playing Nostalgic Games For The First Time”

Bi Book Bites/ A Biromantic Ramble

You can use the code YALIT to get your first book box for $5. Book Of The Month YA It was Bi Visibility day yesterday, but YouTube, so I’m doing this today. There’s a few things that come up for me when I think of bi representation, so it might seem a little rambly.  Red, White and RoyalContinue reading “Bi Book Bites/ A Biromantic Ramble”

My Beloved Carmilla  ‘Tis difficult to express my love for Carmilla Karnstein in words, but I shall try.  Carmilla was written  in 1871, by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu. He based it on the letters of Veronika Hasusle and Doctor Peter Fontenot. Veronika would espose her love for Marcia Maren, a young lady sent away at the beginningContinue reading “My Beloved Carmilla”

Are You Ready For Spooky Bi Season? The Autumn Tag!

This tag was created by Jenniely! 1. Hot Chocolate – what is your comfort book? It is the cliche Harry Potter, more specifically Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban. This is where HP peaks for me; there’s literal soul sucking dementors, there’s found family, the best Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, there’s Buckbeak. It’sContinue reading “Are You Ready For Spooky Bi Season? The Autumn Tag!”

Why I Haven’t Spoken About Keep Faith

 When I was 8 I chose what is probably the gayest religion there is. I chose to believe in literal flaming bisexual Apollo and family. I was previously semi-roman catholic/ of catholic decent. My mum didn’t really push me into religion, she didn’t even go to holiday mass, just occasionally prayed in the church alone.Continue reading “Why I Haven’t Spoken About Keep Faith”

End Of Summer Gay Book Tag

I was wondering how I’d wrap-up August because I’m not a big fan of wrap-ups, but I saw this on Books And Dachshunds and thought It’d be perfect! What I Read in August How I Paid For College,Marc Acito: 7/12 Edward’s dad refuses to pay for Julliard so Ed goes on a rampage involving theatre, bisexual chaos,Continue reading “End Of Summer Gay Book Tag”