How I Know I’m Queer

 Rhiannon @ CrescentMoonReads recently did a great video where they went over their experience as a non-binary person. It was interesting to hear how different our experience is, and some similarities.   So I realized that I’m heavily book focused here- and I love books! But it’s also been great to start another blog about my campusContinue reading “How I Know I’m Queer”

Black Books For Black History Month!

     Today we’re going to celebrate black books, authors, and creators! I am of the belief that people should read diversely every month, but there are times to reflect on a particular race, gender, or sexuality, and now’s the time to reflect on black books. What was the last book you read with aContinue reading “Black Books For Black History Month!”

Drunk Book Tag!

I am, unfortunately, not drunk. But I went searching for fun tags to make up for my absence here (my presence was at Queer Science Blog) and found this via Coffee Cocktails And Books. This tag was originally co-created by  chelseadolling reads and Pages And Pens 🍸 1. Wine Coolers: You’re 16 and you finally managed to sneak one ofContinue reading “Drunk Book Tag!”