Letting Go Of Pokemon Go: No Pokemon Mondays

Sunday Night A minute ago, Ariel Bissett posted a video about going off of social media. She talked a bit about how it rewires the brain to make you addicted to it and takes up reading time. I was thinking about this for a while in the context of twitter, which I am on forContinue reading “Letting Go Of Pokemon Go: No Pokemon Mondays”

Attractive, Stylish, Commanding Spam Comments

I recently clicked on the Spam tab on the Comments page- and it is absolutely freaking hilarious. Of course, my emotions have been irrational as of late, so I could be wrong. So I decided to share some with you to see what the general opinion is. Posted on January Wrap-Up///College Update! “If you are goingContinue reading “Attractive, Stylish, Commanding Spam Comments”

I Don’t Know These People!~Statistical Character Test

I recently saw a tweet from Kacen Callender disbelieving that they’d get Dobby as #11, which doesn’t sound bad to me, so I took the test.  And my #1 was a dude from a show I haven’t watched.  Rust does sound a lot like me: he’s sorrowful, high IQ, and complicated. I don’t know ifContinue reading “I Don’t Know These People!~Statistical Character Test”

If I Were Rich: Scholarship Contests

 Coming from poverty, I’d always fantasize about various scenarios about what I’d do with money if I had it. Start a farm, travel, teach. And while searching for scholarships I want to apply to, I think of ideas for much better scholarships. This might be a new series, but maybe just a fun standalone. HomelessContinue reading “If I Were Rich: Scholarship Contests”

Playing Nostalgic Games For The First Time

Ends Sept 30! Get your first Book Of The Month for just 5$ with the code YALIT Paperboy– I am confused. It seems pretty simple- toss the papers and try not to get hit by a car or taken by a sewage monster. I have no idea what I’m doing and I keep dying. the instructions sayContinue reading “Playing Nostalgic Games For The First Time”