Help, Sherlock Has Me Hostage


If you have read this blog in the past two months, you may know I’ve fangirled over this particular Englishman. A lot:

Sherlock vs. The Book                                                                                                                     Dear Moffat (of Sherlock)                                                                                                     Summer Book Quote                                                                                                                           The Murders In The Rue Morgue Marginalia Booktubeathon                                           August Wrap-Up                                                                                                                        Imagine Dragons & Other Things I Need Now                                                                 Chocolate Mysteries

I haven’t been able to actually watch Sherlock, but I have been going on pintrest and pinning things like

Trying to get my flatmate to see Serenity


When I look at my math homework

Happy reading!



Check Out My New Blog/ The Truth is, It’s My Phone


I started a new blog for a journalism class! I will be, or should be, covering how humans suffer the consequences of environmental damage in Humboldt County. It is Nature’s Backlash: Earth Will Rage, Men Will Bleed There will be interviews with humans. I will have to talk to humans for a blog. In person.


 I do want to be a journalist, and it’ll be nice to be able to ask questions without having to go through social things, but at the same time, HUMANS. They’re not nice.   


In book news, I’m still reading LOTR off and on. The only book i’m reading regularly is required reading for my Dramatic Writing class. (I LOVE my Dramatic Writing class)Naked Playwriting is ok. I would read it on my own, but i’d skip chapters tho and three because YADDAYADDYADDAYOUKNOWTHISANDYOUKNOWTHATYYADDAYADDAYADDYADDA. But some of it is interesting, like short histories of theatre genres and some funny analogies. I recommend it if you have an interest in writing and/or theatre. 

Yes, I have classes and sleep deprivation, but the real thing that is keeping from writing is my phone. I can feel them competing for me. Aragorn vs MyCafe. I can either own a cafe with limited interaction or be immersed in a world alongside a sexy ranger. Logically, I know the right choice is to be with Aragorn, but that phone is bloody hypnotizing. 

 When you look at my other blog, please leave comments on how to improve. I am being graded on it! How do you deprive your phone of your eyes? HOW?



I’m hungry. I’m also sick as f*, but let’s stick with hunger for this post. 

When I first visited my college, I looked for vegan options in the Depot and found The Rice Bowl, which, obviously, serves rice, but also veggies and tofu. I got the trio, and asked the tour guide if it were easy to be vegan here. She said yes, and there was a good vegan rating from peta2, so I came here.

And lost 7 pounds in 3 weeks, without meaning to. Sometimes the food was good, filling and healthy, but after the first two weeks, the food took a sharp decline. They never serve vegan breakfast except on mondays, when they quickly run out. For the last two days, they’ve had veggies and soup so spicy it chokes. 



HSU: Feed Your Vegan Students!

With that outta the way, (you DID sign it, right?)….I sick so I sleep.

Thank you.

Muchos gracias.

giphy (3)

Chocolate Mysteries

 Whisper Of Ink  recently fangirled over fantasy as part of the This is my favorite genre-what’s yours? book tag. My reply to the question…

Oh, dear. 

A little over a year ago, I would’ve blurted out sci-fi. Cause death, aliens, Ray Bradbury, and DEATH.


Breaking news: My mom just texted me that there’s a vegan doughnut shop a few blocks from where we lived. It opened last week, two weeks after I left for college.


The topic at hand is vegan genre doughnut favorites. It used to be fantasy glaze, but since I became vegan it became chocolate frosted mystery.  Vegan mystery doughnuts are harder to find (It got a lot easier for some people) because in my day, three weeks ago, you had to scour the shelves, filter out the pulp, and put it on reserve if you were going to be in town for the next month or so.

But there are delicious. Watson’s intriguing filling, Sherlock’s thrill of chocolate. Written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle…just read my last post. 

Sir Arthur, who created my favorite detective, is not my favorite author. Agatha Christie, with her tunneling writing, is. In the chocolate mystery genre. My favorite author of all time is still sci-fi’s D.N.A., or as the title page says, Douglass Adams.

I know I said I would use my own photos. I know.

  I don’t remember if this is exactly what pulled me into sci-fi, but I was going through a Ray Bradbury phrase during my heavy sci-fi years. He might’ve actually staved me off sci-fi because let’s face it, what’s sci-fi after Bradbury? 

 So I turned to Agatha Christie. I read And Then There Were None a while before I really got into chocolate Mystery, and though I loved it, it didn’t really convert me. What really converted me was…

download (8)

Not even a book. I became addicted to chocolate because Benedict. SherlockSherlockSher…

 I read most of the original stories, “most” because the library had volumes one and two of different editions, skipping CAM, whom I admittedly liked more than Moriarty in the show. Not as a person, but he just gave me creeps while Moriarty seems a counter Sherlock, unoriginal. 

 Did somebody ask me where the best chocolate mystery is? 


  • And Then They Were None, Agatha Christie
  • The Boxcar Children (for younger readers)
  • Sherlock Holmes: If you only read five, If,:
  1.         A Study In Scarlet
  2.         The Red-Headed League
  3.         The Adventure Of The Speckled Band
  4.          The Adventure Of The Final Problem
  5.           The Adventure Of The Lion’s Mane

 Again, I haven’t read all of them, just most, so if you can read all, I encourage you to do so.

What chocolate mysteries do you recommend? Victorian Sherlock Holmes Or modern? What do you recommend from your favorite genre? Speak!

Imagine Dragons & Other Things I Need Now

IMAGINE DRAGONS If you know your bands, you’ll understand. I’ve gone into an Imagine Dragons spiral. I’ve heard one song on the radio over and over-Believer, I believe. It didn’t cause a spiral until I listened to Superhuman Gifts, or whatever the song’s name actually is (It’s a good song, too) and the lyric video for Believer came up. Followed by Radioactive. Followed by Warriors. I finally closed that window and focused on this after Ready, Aim, Fire! turned out to be a disappointment.

 The music itself is a bit junk food-y, commercial, you know? Good, but not original. What really hooked me was the lyrics, the breakingly true lyrics. “Everything I tried to be/ Just wouldn’t settle in” ~Monster (My favorite thus far.) That’s the mirrorly true part. The best lyrics in that song? “And if I seem dangerous/ Would you be scared?” I’ve asked, differently phrased, that question before, and it’s a scary thing to ask, but also hopeful.

  Blogwise, I’m not using photos I got off the internet anymore. I’ll still use Sherlock gifs. I’m taking a class where I have to build a website, and the professor, a professional photojournalist, told scary stories about what happens to people who use copyrighted photos off the internet. If a photo’s copyrighted, I’d expect one of those ‘unavailable’ pop-ups, but just to be safe, no more photos from unknown photographers. 

As for Sherlock, I know and have a hate-love relationship with the creators. Not ‘know’ know, but I know who they are and I’m watching. 


Sherlock, based on the Sherlock Holmes novels and short stories, is a modern reinvention of the olds tales. It’s created and written by Steven Moffatt and Mark Gatiss, also known as the devil and the devil’s best friend. It stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman as Dr. John (Jawn) Watson, with the devil’s best friend as Sherlock’s brother Mycroft, Andrew Scott as Jim Moriarty, Loo Brealey as Molly Hooper, Rupert Graves as Lestrade and Una Stubbs as Mrs. Hudson.

 Sherlock Holmes was originally written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the 1800s. He later regretted writing them, believing that they distracted from his more “serious” work that nobody reads anymore. Fun fact* after he wrote Reichenbach, fans wrote black armbands in the London streets, one attacking Conan Doyle, forcing him to man up and write more Sherlock.

Somebody do this to Moffatt.

Anyway, I believe I might’ve given enough credit to the creators to use the occasional gif. Or, you know, transform my previous book blog to books-and-Sherlock blog to an I’m-Not-reading-but-here’s-some-Sherlock blog.

 What else about the Sherlock creators haven’t I said? What’s your favorite Imagine Dragons lyric? Are you willing to scare Moffat into submission? Can Moffatt even be scared?

College Life~I’m Still Alive

 I wrote a fancy, proper post in my journal about the seven things I’ve learned during the three weeks I’ve been at college, but for now, I’m disregarding it and ranting. Because college sucks.

I need Sherlock.

giphy (2)

 I live in a ten person dorm. I have a roommate who doesn’t like me. I have a dormmate who shut me down because I made jokes on snapchat and on the community board. My people back home loved my dark jokes. They loved me. When I wrote “I am death”, not all of them got the reference, but they all loved me for writing it. When I snapchatted “Veganism applies to nonhuman animals, so I can eat humans.”, one of my dormmates threatened to go to the RLC and ask if I could move.

Watson never asked Sherlock to move.


 So I walked into the woods at night. I’ve only done that once before, with my roommate after trying out ultimate frisbee. It was an experience, but not one I want to repeat, and I only did it to try to connect to her but only managed to further alienate me because my phone wasn’ working so I needed her light cause tree roots. She was faster than me, so I freaked cause it was dark on a trail we weren’t supposed to be on. She asked if i’ve never gone hiking and wtf I already told you I hike all the effing time just not in the dark on forbidden paths.

th (1)

So on tonight’s walk, I was seriously depressed. I might never see the man I love cause I suspect he’s an immigrant and the school he teaches at sucks and fuck Donald Trump. A few raindrops landed on my nose. The sky started rumbling, electrons flashed above. I asked Sherlock how he managed without his Watson for two years.

 He was driven everyday to destroy people (did he kill anyone?) that threatened the safety of his Watson. He wanted his Watson more than anything, went through torture because it was easier to bear then never going back to 221b Baker st.

 Because Frodo. Because Thorin. Because Ed Sheeran’s Photograph.

Home is waiting. If it kept us alive and loving, it’s worth waiting for. It’s worth making proud of.