The Feminism Of Juliet Takes A Breath Juliet Takes A Breath  Juliet Takes A  Breath by Gabby Rivera is a beautiful and weird take on feminism. It’s about cis women’s bodies, but while the body can be a place of empowerment, feminism is also about community. F the patriarchy, F girl fights, queer women are coming together.  There’s a lot ofContinue reading “The Feminism Of Juliet Takes A Breath”

Goodreads TBR Hop! pt 1

My goodreads tbr currently stands at 715 books! Damn you, booktube, blogs and twitter threads! But seriously, if it wasn’t for all of those things, I wouldn’t have found amazing books and a great community to go with it! I do want to rummage through the gigantic list and see if I really want toContinue reading “Goodreads TBR Hop! pt 1”