Writers Of The Future ~ Drafting The Middle

Ahh, the middle. It can either be Catching Fire or it can be completely forgettable. The most important thing to remember is that Act Two has to stand on it’s own. It has to justify its existence. Every scene should further the plot and point towards the eventual ending, but there has to be newContinue reading “Writers Of The Future ~ Drafting The Middle”

Writers Of The Future ~ Day 4 ~ Drafting The Opening

Hey writers of the past, present, and future! I took a few days, but since I scheduled posting ahead of time you might actually be reading this day of. Opening Now we get to the actual drafting stage! David Farland takes us through different types of openings (Who is David Farland btw?) 1- Character opening.Continue reading “Writers Of The Future ~ Day 4 ~ Drafting The Opening”

Writers Of The Future ~ Day 3 ~ Dialogue

Hello… It’s the last day of Pride month for me, and I’m spending it reading a speech from someone who is not only homophobic, but is also ableist. Disappointed, but not surprised. (Context: We’re going through dialogue and Scott Card had referred to a “Tourette’s Syndrome box when we want to use language calculated toContinue reading “Writers Of The Future ~ Day 3 ~ Dialogue”

Stepdaddy’s Blood: A WIP

 Hello sweetie! I’ve hit a bit of *gulp* writers’ block in my current WIP. I wrote a bit of an overview, mostly data relating to the characters. The problem is I’ve been working for so long on this, first as an omnipotent novel, then as a play for a class, then in 1st person, and nowContinue reading “Stepdaddy’s Blood: A WIP”

Unblocking Writer’s Block

  I found these things helpful while I had writer’s block. Try them out to see if they work for you. #1 Paint, draw, sculpt switch gears from words to art. No matter what amount of artistic skill you have, it will relieve stress, distract you, and encourage creative thinking. Even simple coloring books will help.Continue reading “Unblocking Writer’s Block”