Why I Haven’t Spoken About Keep Faith

 When I was 8 I chose what is probably the gayest religion there is. I chose to believe in literal flaming bisexual Apollo and family. I was previously semi-roman catholic/ of catholic decent. My mum didn’t really push me into religion, she didn’t even go to holiday mass, just occasionally prayed in the church alone.Continue reading “Why I Haven’t Spoken About Keep Faith”

Thoughts On Bundy Tapes

What I Knew  Ted Bundy is the serial killer who interests me the least. I’m fascinated by Charles Manson’s ability to manipulate women into killing for him, thus becoming a serial killer without getting blood on his own hands. I’m fascinated by the dog of Son Of Sam; dogs are outrageously friendly to humans, soContinue reading “Thoughts On Bundy Tapes”

A Simple Favor, A Complex Book

A Simple Favor, Darcy Bell, 10/12 People did not like this book. I loved it. You know that person you love, the one that is mildly amusing and significantly dumber than you. Sometimes they amaze you. They’re beautiful and confusing. In the beginning, you weren’t sure about them. But you gradually fell in love andContinue reading “A Simple Favor, A Complex Book”

Let’s Think About Brains

I think about my brain several times a day. It started around 8th grade, when I was diagnosed with Asperger’s. Asperger’s is a type of high functioning autism. It manifests itself in social awkwardness and brutal honesty. I have an IQ of 152, if online testing is to be believed. The average IQ is inContinue reading “Let’s Think About Brains”

War of the Worlds-Book Review

War of the Worlds is such a journalistic novel that a radio adaptation convinced the people of New Jersey to flee their homes, commit suicide or die by a Martian Heat-Ray. I snatched a copy already convinced that this is the greatest science fiction novel of all time. But the journalistic style that made itContinue reading “War of the Worlds-Book Review”

Doomsday Countdown

So if you want to torture yourself by knowing exactly how long we have until we’re no longer living in a democracy, here you go. Update: I corrected the mistake. You can now know exactly how long America has been an oligarchy.A countdown to the Presidential Election CountdownCountup <style>.tcw:after { content: ”; display: block; margin-top: 25%;Continue reading “Doomsday Countdown”

We Must Grasp This

“The realization that no one was coming to save us…Weintrobe describes… ‘leaders are not looking after us…we are not cared for at our very levels of survival.’… it really is the case that we are on our own and any credible source of hope in this crisis will have to come from below.”  This changesContinue reading “We Must Grasp This”