Harry Potter 20th Anniversary!

On the 26th of June 1997, Harry Potter was released to the general public. I don’t remember that part; I wasn’t born yet, but apparently this is what it looked like.   I’ll always remember HP as my bedtime stories. I used to have old hardback copies from my sister, but a misguided muggle boughtContinue reading “Harry Potter 20th Anniversary!”

Full Meal Books

The combination of heat and malnutrition has made made (temporarily at least) more conscious of eating full meals. ‘Full meals’ applies not just to eaters but to writers because good writers read widely, experience diverse genres and writing to enrich their own. With that in mind, I compiled a list with a range of deliciousContinue reading “Full Meal Books”

Books That Prove We Need The Paris Treaty

Unstoppable, Bill Nye   Focused on new green tech and innovative ways to use not-so-techy to preserve water and etc., he dosen’t mention much of anything else, strongly saying that science will take care of everything. Such innovations help, but SHOULD NOT be relied on entirely. This Changes Everything, Naomi Klein  This focues entirely on somewhatContinue reading “Books That Prove We Need The Paris Treaty”