Dear Moffat (of Sherlock)

I have nothing to do this week. NNUuTTHHIINNGg BOREWD!


 But this is a book blog. A blog about books. Can it be about Sherlock? Can it be a letter to Moffat? You can’t speak right now cause this is not published as I write it so…


Do you know what happens when Sherlock fans get bored? This happens:


But i’m the psychopathic type. I’m sure normal people do something like this:


And the crazy yet calm one do this:



Or they just turn thier book blogs into a Sherlock meme poster.


Or just a general Benidict Cumberbatch meme poster.


The point is, it’s not only your fault that i’m bored. Other people could be entertaining too. But i’m in an intellectual mood and would like a gun so that I could shoot at the walls. Part of that is your fault so you must take responiblity and make season 5 of Sherlock. Are you in agreement? 


And for my dear readers, I will be writing another blog post.1109-when-sherlock-was-14-he-spent-two-entire-days-10942249

And because there was a paragraph, I need to p.s. this:



Love Of Reading

You come to life                                                                                                                        when I’m reading a book                                                                                                             Like I were a stuffed flower                                                                                                       and you a bee with no pollen                                                                                                   as far as I can tell, it can’t just be random;                                                                               you must’ve read the book or at least’ve seen the movie

You’ve read Conan Doyle and have Christie on your TBR                                                      but a true reader would have it the other way ’round                                                            you’re a man made of classics, don’t care to get dirty                                                            When you see me reading random, you don’t care to say hi                                              But you come so alive when it’s good and proper reading                                             blind to the way that you’re giving me mixed signals

Slow Chicano lit and Philip K. Dick                                                                                         not sure why you like these with high standards like yours                                             but if it makes you alive, anything to see your eyes                                                         You say you want to read me, I’m not sure if I’m your type                                             Especially since my novel is forever changing                                                                     but surely you’d read me ‘cause we share a Love Of Reading

Intriguing Bookly Blogs

Some months bring intriguing blog posts and this month has been most intriguing.  These are mostly bookly blogs, but if you read this you won’t mind. 

TanyaScreams (Hi) Sherlock vs. The Book I have recently become obsessed with Sherlock Holmes, and have little to add to the post. The stories, being from the POV of Watson, are more of a discovery nature than a mystery; had it been from Sherlock’s view the crimes would be solvable because he observes; Watson just sees.

My Bookish Life Ingredients For A Blurb’s Soul I have just come across this blog and found it intriguing. Here’s my response to the prompt, from a mystery I started yesterday.

Stepdaddy’s Blood: Allan (a girl, by the way) has no memories of her stepfather, who died when she was 8 months old. Her beloved spanish teacher encourages her to take a DNA test to resolve some unanswered questions surrounding her birth. Allan and Piero travel to her family’s tranquil ranchero  to answer the mysteries of her blood.

Nut Free Nerd My Personal Canon books have a -to paraphrase Drumpf-TREMENDOUS impact on our worldviews. The Harry Potter gang is like a second family to me, the Boxcar Children opened my world to the intellectually engaging mystery genre, and The Hobbit inspired me to start writing prose.

A Writer’s Path The Future Of Books: Audacious Predictions For the Next 20 Years      I found the idea of self 3D printed books the most intriguing. It would be delicious as a reader, but as a writer I worry that it’ll make it harder to earn a living off of writing.

The Bloggess Human Shish Kabob Because we all need to relax and worry about attic vampires sometimes. 

Dean Schrödinger


I haven’t met him, at least not as the Dean. Could be a her, but Schrödinger’s always portrayed as a guy.

He’s thinking whether or not to kill me. Whether or not to keep me sane. Maybe he’s already decided, but he’s not allowed to say until later. Maybe i’m already dead.

I’m in a box. I’m not in a box. I’m in a jawlike box with two doors where the lips would be. I entered through one alive and wait to exit alive or dead- unless Schrödinger himself dies, leaving no record of my fate.

The mouth is full of me and it sickens me. I don’t like being eaten, but not eaten. It’s a double locked mouth, with the only key in Schrödingers’ pocket.

 My key is lost amongst tens of thousands of other keys. Some are bigger. Some are more colorful. Some of them will look ghastly to the Dean, some of them beautiful. The ghastly ones he throws to his underlings, who quickly unlock exits marked DEAD and kill their respective cats.  The beautiful ones he unlocks himself. For the beautiful ones he unlocks ALIVE.

 I’ve been told that I might appear a bit ghastly to the Dean. His or her identity remains unknown, so there’s no way to tell until one of the doors are unlocked.

 As for my ghastly appearance, I’d enjoy the death of one or two, oh, wait, fourteen people. That makes me seem a little homicidal at first. And last, if you don’t stick around.

 But I so want to live. I can’t measure myself precisely, but I enlarged myself to be as big as possible without destroying myself. I still fall on the smaller side due to certain restrictions, but I didn’t stay as small as I was at my making.

 The small, ghastly me wants to live so that I can give those without a Schrödinger’s chance a way to thrive. So that they can live without fear of this society. I want to live because I desperately desire to rise the voiceless above us.

  If you see Dean Schrödinger, please tell him to let me live.


 I wrote this while waiting for college acceptance/rejection letters. I didn’t get into my original first choice, but as I became more accepting of other colleges, I realised I got into the best fit. It’s unexpected and far away, providing experiences I wasn’t aware of, and that’s what makes one a great writer; unexpected experiences. 

p.s, Benedict Cumberbatch 

Sherlock vs. The Book

My computer seems to be mad at me, so I have to keep this short.

I am reading The Complete Sherlock Holmes, vol.1. I started it after I saw seasons one and two of Sherlock (Cumberbatch version).

My computer doesn’t know who Benedict Cumberbatch is. No wonder we don’t get along.

There’s the obvious time difference, as the book is set in the 1800s and the series starting in 2010, but there is quite a difference in the stories. In the series, Moriarty is somehow involved in everything, but in all of Study in Scarlet there is no mention of the great Moriarty. I have yet to read more, but it seems as if there will be a more realistic amount of Moriarty’s involvement in the books.

The writing is annoying at times, as Watson/Doyle repeats himself when describing something. (“simous and ape-like” just choose one already, and old-fashioned, obviously, but not to Shakespearean language. It is limited, more so than the series because book Watson does not follow Sherlock everywhere, but waits for Sherlock’s account. It is not as humorous, and I so love the series better.


The Middlesteins

May the 4th be with you.


 In book news, I finished The Middlesteins, not a book I would normally read, but as a writer I have to have a varied diet. The Middlesteins are a family that revolves around the extreme eating habits of Eddie, her health and her divorce. But mostly her eating. She eats. Everything falls apart because of it. Her health, obviously, but also her marriage cause Middlestein Sr. can’t bring himself to stick around. He is then ostracized from the family, but is still chronicled by the omniscient narrator, who jumps from person to person, and once, a group. I found it interesting enough to give it 4/5 stars but not interesting enough to tempt me to read more of it’s genre.

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In other news, I just finished the first season of Sherlock for the first time and might die before I get the second.

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