The Problem and Solution to Writing Book 2 of a Trilogy

Originally posted on A Writer's Path:
? by Teagan Berry I don’t know why, but for some reason when writing a trilogy I find the second book the hardest. Book One is simple. Introduce the characters, establish their working relationships with one another, and tease the big, BIG conflict which will happen two books from now.…

5 Comfort Books

Lately, all blogs break into 3 categories: WTF,medicinal kittens, and some who ignore the current situation and blog normal content. Consider this list for all crisis, not just political. Harry Potter And The prisoner Of Azkaban Sorcerer’s Stone and chamber of secrets may be considered more lighthearted, but time traveling, Sirius and Buckbeak make it my personal favorite.Continue reading “5 Comfort Books”

Mrs. President

Warning: politics If Earth were perfect, Jill Stein would become president this Tuesday, but if Earth were perfect, we wouldn’t need her or Bernie. If you’re seriously considering not voting for the major candidates, vote anyway for Jill, just to say, “We need positive change.” But consider this: Hillary Clinton is human. An old human,Continue reading “Mrs. President”