September Is Dark Academia Month

Heeeeey It’s Tanyx from the passsst. Seriously, I’m writing this in August in anticipation of the chaos that is uni life. Throughout September I have prewritten several posts on the majestic aesthetic known as Dark Academia. You probably already know what it is- the glorification of the stressful mania of students in the throes ofContinue reading “September Is Dark Academia Month”

University Tips & Tricks

 So these are my general tips for school and life that you’ll maybe find useful but it’s probably pedantic? I guess if you’re a struggling student you’ll hopefully find something useful, but these might also just be common sense. I also started this before the pandemic happened so some may not be available rn. LetContinue reading “University Tips & Tricks”

Love Is Blind: Reunion Reaction post

*Spoilers! (duh!) * Ya’ll Netflix is good at reality shows. They choose the right mix of people- some for the drama, some for the actual aim of the show. I personally prefer The Circle, but the anniversary episodes of Love Is Blind just dropped, and just how do they squeeze that many episodes out ofContinue reading “Love Is Blind: Reunion Reaction post”