A Heartbreaking Post Of Staggering Genius

(Trigger warnings, graphic cancer details, anxiety and suicide. This is not meant to reflect my writing style or ideas, but a full imitation of Dave. Also, this is the ’90s and does not reflect the current housing market.) A Heartbreaking Work Of Staggering Genius, Dave Eggers, 1995, 9/12  Hello, dickheads.  You will rot the wood from under myContinue reading “A Heartbreaking Post Of Staggering Genius”

Happy (Belated) Sherlock Holmes Day!

  Happy belated Sherlock Holmes Day! (Ok, I had no idea that there was a SH day until yesterday. Now it’s my third favorite holiday, after Halloween and Free Comic Book Day. Hey, it tops Star Wars Day.)  Let’s talk about our favorite, underappreciated Sherlock  Holmes stories. My all-time favorite SH story is The SpeckledContinue reading “Happy (Belated) Sherlock Holmes Day!”

Ready Player One: Geeky Things I’ve Yet To Get To

If you follow this blog, you know most of the things I’ve read. Yet there’s so much geekery out there that I’ve yet to get to, as RP1 bases its existence on to prove. It’s not The Almanac (Read the book) but here’s just a few things on my to-do list, geek version. Ladyhawke It’s a fantasy/Continue reading “Ready Player One: Geeky Things I’ve Yet To Get To”

The Return Of Sherlock Holmes, pt.2

  (You can read pt. 1 here) The Adventure Of The Six Napoleons– Yeah, seems obvious when you’ve seen the series. Yeah, murder. Ideal portrait of a journalist, unlike the scavengers usually portrayed.  The Adventure Of The Three Students– Ah, that the very thing that plagues me should be shoved into the Sherlock collection- college. GettingContinue reading “The Return Of Sherlock Holmes, pt.2”

The Return Of Sherlock Holmes, Pt.1

  The Adventure of The Empty House– It’s brave and unusual for Watson to admit that he fainted; usually women are portrayed as the fainters in their time period.  And what happened to Mrs. Watson? The Adventure Of The Norwood Builder– One of the more dramatic and thorough cases, beginning with the accused murderer burstingContinue reading “The Return Of Sherlock Holmes, Pt.1”

April Wrap-up

The Bookshop On The Corner, Jenny Colgan, 7/12 333 pages genre-romance Written slowly, read quickly. It was quite obvious who she’d end up with. It’s loosely based on Pride and Prejudice, but doesn’t mention it in the numerous book references. Scotland is described nicely. Good for rainy days. End Of Watch, Stephen King, 9/12, 482Continue reading “April Wrap-up”