Science in Books

 I finished  Vicious recently, an X-men inspired novel where the protagonists kill themselves to gain powers. It doesn’t come off as very scientific, but they explained it using scientific knowledge. Adrenaline heightens the body’s senses, and depending on the death, can be elevated to significant levels. Thus, they kill themselves when their adrenaline is high; theContinue reading “Science in Books”

Tweeting Poetry

#MyBiggestProblem is the screams…the terrible screams inside my head as I see my republican laugh and smile like a nazi… — Brittaina Goffy (@brittanianvamp) January 21, 2017 ….and I question my sanity #MyBiggestProblem #poetryvstrump — Brittaina Goffy (@brittanianvamp) January 21, 2017 …For is not unreality less sane than reality? This world is not! #MyBiggestProblem #poetryvstrumpContinue reading “Tweeting Poetry”

Book Cover Colors

via Photo Challenge: It IS Easy Being Green! & I thought of this post way back on St. Patrick’s Day, when I would’ve done only green, but since so much time has passed I am doing multiple colors. Green Highlights: The Hobbit Greatest fantasy story ever, although I admit I haven’t read LOTR in it’s entirety yet.Continue reading “Book Cover Colors”