Harry Potter 20th Anniversary!

On the 26th of June 1997, Harry Potter was released to the general public.

I don’t remember that part; I wasn’t born yet, but apparently this is what it looked like.


I’ll always remember HP as my bedtime stories. I used to have old hardback copies from my sister, but a misguided muggle bought me a new set and they don’t smell as good, nor hold the same warm memories or the tears of love.

That was a really inconsiderate muggle. When I got it, my mother donated the old copies to local bookshelf and now they’re gone.

I have a solution to my problem. I cannot live without writing, and it is logical that writing leads to books and books lead to tours. Should it, I will buy HP from the bookstores until all of my HPs have memories. Not as warm, but still associated with more than nothing.

Happy bookday, Harry. And thank you, Jo, for sticking with him.

What do you remember when you hear “Harry Potter”?

Dear Moffat (of Sherlock)

I have nothing to do this week. NNUuTTHHIINNGg BOREWD!


 But this is a book blog. A blog about books. Can it be about Sherlock? Can it be a letter to Moffat? You can’t speak right now cause this is not published as I write it so…


Do you know what happens when Sherlock fans get bored? This happens:


But i’m the psychopathic type. I’m sure normal people do something like this:


And the crazy yet calm one do this:



Or they just turn thier book blogs into a Sherlock meme poster.


Or just a general Benidict Cumberbatch meme poster.


The point is, it’s not only your fault that i’m bored. Other people could be entertaining too. But i’m in an intellectual mood and would like a gun so that I could shoot at the walls. Part of that is your fault so you must take responiblity and make season 5 of Sherlock. Are you in agreement? 


And for my dear readers, I will be writing another blog post.1109-when-sherlock-was-14-he-spent-two-entire-days-10942249

And because there was a paragraph, I need to p.s. this:


Intriguing Bookly Blogs

Some months bring intriguing blog posts and this month has been most intriguing.  These are mostly bookly blogs, but if you read this you won’t mind. 

TanyaScreams (Hi) Sherlock vs. The Book I have recently become obsessed with Sherlock Holmes, and have little to add to the post. The stories, being from the POV of Watson, are more of a discovery nature than a mystery; had it been from Sherlock’s view the crimes would be solvable because he observes; Watson just sees.

My Bookish Life Ingredients For A Blurb’s Soul I have just come across this blog and found it intriguing. Here’s my response to the prompt, from a mystery I started yesterday.

Stepdaddy’s Blood: Allan (a girl, by the way) has no memories of her stepfather, who died when she was 8 months old. Her beloved spanish teacher encourages her to take a DNA test to resolve some unanswered questions surrounding her birth. Allan and Piero travel to her family’s tranquil ranchero  to answer the mysteries of her blood.

Nut Free Nerd My Personal Canon books have a -to paraphrase Drumpf-TREMENDOUS impact on our worldviews. The Harry Potter gang is like a second family to me, the Boxcar Children opened my world to the intellectually engaging mystery genre, and The Hobbit inspired me to start writing prose.

A Writer’s Path The Future Of Books: Audacious Predictions For the Next 20 Years      I found the idea of self 3D printed books the most intriguing. It would be delicious as a reader, but as a writer I worry that it’ll make it harder to earn a living off of writing.

The Bloggess Human Shish Kabob Because we all need to relax and worry about attic vampires sometimes. 

The Middlesteins

May the 4th be with you.


 In book news, I finished The Middlesteins, not a book I would normally read, but as a writer I have to have a varied diet. The Middlesteins are a family that revolves around the extreme eating habits of Eddie, her health and her divorce. But mostly her eating. She eats. Everything falls apart because of it. Her health, obviously, but also her marriage cause Middlestein Sr. can’t bring himself to stick around. He is then ostracized from the family, but is still chronicled by the omniscient narrator, who jumps from person to person, and once, a group. I found it interesting enough to give it 4/5 stars but not interesting enough to tempt me to read more of it’s genre.

download (7)

In other news, I just finished the first season of Sherlock for the first time and might die before I get the second.

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Tweeting Poetry


Sci-fi Women

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Most, if not all, of the sci-fi and fantasy i’ve read star men. Every Bradburian, Adams, and Scott Card star men. the women, when they’re there, are either romantic partners or relatives. The women dominated genres are dystopian and romance, and most of the dystopians have romance! This is insulting because a) this is not the demographic of real world and b) More men in literature perpetuates more men in literature because writers are so used to men in their genre that an unconscious bias develops, creating more male characters within them. I have written more men in my sci-fi stories than i’ve realized, and I blame the man infested genre to have played a party in it.

Discuss! What sci-fi stories have you read star women? How can we train writers to be more inclusive?