Check Out My New Blog/ The Truth is, It’s My Phone


I started a new blog for a journalism class! I will be, or should be, covering how humans suffer the consequences of environmental damage in Humboldt County. It is Nature’s Backlash: Earth Will Rage, Men Will Bleed There will be interviews with humans. I will have to talk to humans for a blog. In person.


 I do want to be a journalist, and it’ll be nice to be able to ask questions without having to go through social things, but at the same time, HUMANS. They’re not nice.   


In book news, I’m still reading LOTR off and on. The only book i’m reading regularly is required reading for my Dramatic Writing class. (I LOVE my Dramatic Writing class)Naked Playwriting is ok. I would read it on my own, but i’d skip chapters tho and three because YADDAYADDYADDAYOUKNOWTHISANDYOUKNOWTHATYYADDAYADDAYADDYADDA. But some of it is interesting, like short histories of theatre genres and some funny analogies. I recommend it if you have an interest in writing and/or theatre. 

Yes, I have classes and sleep deprivation, but the real thing that is keeping from writing is my phone. I can feel them competing for me. Aragorn vs MyCafe. I can either own a cafe with limited interaction or be immersed in a world alongside a sexy ranger. Logically, I know the right choice is to be with Aragorn, but that phone is bloody hypnotizing. 

 When you look at my other blog, please leave comments on how to improve. I am being graded on it! How do you deprive your phone of your eyes? HOW?



I’m hungry. I’m also sick as f*, but let’s stick with hunger for this post. 

When I first visited my college, I looked for vegan options in the Depot and found The Rice Bowl, which, obviously, serves rice, but also veggies and tofu. I got the trio, and asked the tour guide if it were easy to be vegan here. She said yes, and there was a good vegan rating from peta2, so I came here.

And lost 7 pounds in 3 weeks, without meaning to. Sometimes the food was good, filling and healthy, but after the first two weeks, the food took a sharp decline. They never serve vegan breakfast except on mondays, when they quickly run out. For the last two days, they’ve had veggies and soup so spicy it chokes. 



HSU: Feed Your Vegan Students!

With that outta the way, (you DID sign it, right?)….I sick so I sleep.

Thank you.

Muchos gracias.

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Goodreads Monday:Dupin

Goodreads Monday is a weekly meme hosted by Lauren’s Page Turners . To participate, choose a random book from your TBR and show it off. 

So I found this weekly meme some weeks ago and decided to participate. 

The Murders In Rue Morgue

images (10)

Edited and with an Introduction by Matthew Pearl
Includes “The Murders in the Rue Morgue,” “The Mystery of Marie Rogêt,” and “The Purloined Letter”
Between 1841 and 1844, Edgar Allan Poe invented the genre of detective fiction with three mesmerizing stories of a young French eccentric named C. Auguste Dupin. Introducing to literature the concept of applying reason to solving crime, these tales brought Poe fame and fortune. Years later, Dorothy Sayers would describe “The Murders in the Rue Morgue” as “almost a complete manual of detective theory and practice.” Indeed, Poe’s short mysteries inspired the creation of countless literary sleuths, among them Sherlock Holmes. Today, the unique Dupin stories still stand out as utterly engrossing page-turners.

 I’ve been wanting to read this for a while, as it inspired Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. I got it from the library and it’s been sitting atop my TBR pile, waiting for me to finish Sherlock and Game Of Thrones. I’ll start it this week!



Writing Reluctantly

  I thought you love writing                                                                                                writing is torture                                                                                                                           I know you love reading                                                                                                            The author disappoints me                                                                                                                

You had fun with essays                                                                                                          but I do not want to                                                                                                                 But you will be happy                                                                                                                     I like being sour                 

Darling, why do you need me                                                                                                         Because you make me happy                                                                                                   But so does writing                                                                                                                           So? I need you both


Dear Moffat (of Sherlock)

I have nothing to do this week. NNUuTTHHIINNGg BOREWD!


 But this is a book blog. A blog about books. Can it be about Sherlock? Can it be a letter to Moffat? You can’t speak right now cause this is not published as I write it so…


Do you know what happens when Sherlock fans get bored? This happens:


But i’m the psychopathic type. I’m sure normal people do something like this:


And the crazy yet calm one do this:



Or they just turn thier book blogs into a Sherlock meme poster.


Or just a general Benidict Cumberbatch meme poster.


The point is, it’s not only your fault that i’m bored. Other people could be entertaining too. But i’m in an intellectual mood and would like a gun so that I could shoot at the walls. Part of that is your fault so you must take responiblity and make season 5 of Sherlock. Are you in agreement? 


And for my dear readers, I will be writing another blog post.1109-when-sherlock-was-14-he-spent-two-entire-days-10942249

And because there was a paragraph, I need to p.s. this:


Intriguing Bookly Blogs

Some months bring intriguing blog posts and this month has been most intriguing.  These are mostly bookly blogs, but if you read this you won’t mind. 

TanyaScreams (Hi) Sherlock vs. The Book I have recently become obsessed with Sherlock Holmes, and have little to add to the post. The stories, being from the POV of Watson, are more of a discovery nature than a mystery; had it been from Sherlock’s view the crimes would be solvable because he observes; Watson just sees.

My Bookish Life Ingredients For A Blurb’s Soul I have just come across this blog and found it intriguing. Here’s my response to the prompt, from a mystery I started yesterday.

Stepdaddy’s Blood: Allan (a girl, by the way) has no memories of her stepfather, who died when she was 8 months old. Her beloved spanish teacher encourages her to take a DNA test to resolve some unanswered questions surrounding her birth. Allan and Piero travel to her family’s tranquil ranchero  to answer the mysteries of her blood.

Nut Free Nerd My Personal Canon books have a -to paraphrase Drumpf-TREMENDOUS impact on our worldviews. The Harry Potter gang is like a second family to me, the Boxcar Children opened my world to the intellectually engaging mystery genre, and The Hobbit inspired me to start writing prose.

A Writer’s Path The Future Of Books: Audacious Predictions For the Next 20 Years      I found the idea of self 3D printed books the most intriguing. It would be delicious as a reader, but as a writer I worry that it’ll make it harder to earn a living off of writing.

The Bloggess Human Shish Kabob Because we all need to relax and worry about attic vampires sometimes.