College Is Weird ~ A Dark Academia Discussion

You’re expected to know everything about a profession you chose in your late teens within a 4 year span. At least enough to get you started on the bottom rungs. Most college movies feature frat parties and lots and lots of drinking. But for me, at least, dark academia novels like Bunny and movies likeContinue reading “College Is Weird ~ A Dark Academia Discussion”

University Tips & Tricks

 So these are my general tips for school and life that you’ll maybe find useful but it’s probably pedantic? I guess if you’re a struggling student you’ll hopefully find something useful, but these might also just be common sense. I also started this before the pandemic happened so some may not be available rn. LetContinue reading “University Tips & Tricks”

When Reading Isn’t Challenging: Discussion

We read for a variety of reasons; to escape, to experience dangerous things safely, and clichely, to expand our minds. So my question to you is this: what do you do when books just don’t surprise you as often as they used to? When you feel like you’ve read this before, or that this bookContinue reading “When Reading Isn’t Challenging: Discussion”

I Match my Classes With Books- Pt 2!

 At the beginning of last semester, I posted I Match My Classes With Books!, which I now believe to be somewhat off. Environmental Policy was nowhere near as fun as Dirk Gently and I actually changed my minor to Natural Resources because of it. So, my tentative schedule, tentative due to corona and the uncertaintyContinue reading “I Match my Classes With Books- Pt 2!”

If I Were Rich: Scholarship Contests

 Coming from poverty, I’d always fantasize about various scenarios about what I’d do with money if I had it. Start a farm, travel, teach. And while searching for scholarships I want to apply to, I think of ideas for much better scholarships. This might be a new series, but maybe just a fun standalone. HomelessContinue reading “If I Were Rich: Scholarship Contests”

College Journalism Assignments!

  I love my major, for the most part. (I’m not the only *extremely* introverted journalist.) I’m currently taking two journalism classes and took one in the past; Intro to Multimedia, Beginning Reporting, and History Of Mass Communication. If I had to say my favourite, I’d say Mass Comm because I learned a lot aboutContinue reading “College Journalism Assignments!”

How I Know I’m Queer

 Rhiannon @ CrescentMoonReads recently did a great video where they went over their experience as a non-binary person. It was interesting to hear how different our experience is, and some similarities.   So I realized that I’m heavily book focused here- and I love books! But it’s also been great to start another blog about my campusContinue reading “How I Know I’m Queer”

January Wrap-Up///College Update!

 I have learned the most horrific thing: for one of my journalism classes, I will have to write a blog post between 1200-1800 words! For reference, my recent post are usually  420-490 words, with my last discussion post, Masculinity In The Movies  is composed of 677 words.   Don’t worry, this blog is not about toContinue reading “January Wrap-Up///College Update!”

I Match My Classes With Books!

I am *finally* returning to state this semester after two years. I will see remeet old friends, some about to graduate and some that also suffered leaves for various reasons. As is, I should graduate in 3 years with two summer classes, but we’ll see. JMC Beginning Reporting  This is a class all about askingContinue reading “I Match My Classes With Books!”