Wrap Up: Latinx Book Bingo & Prideathon

Exactly a month ago, I posted Latinx Book Bingo- Prideathon basically I planned to read as much queer &/or latinx books as I could. Of the planned books I read:


Tash Hearts Tolstoy was my first read that had outed ace rep, and I loved it. I’ve (still) yet to read Anna Karenina, Tash’s favorite book that was her life. I love books, I have reoccurring rereads, I fantasize about meeting authors, I have a bloody book blog. Yet I’ve yet to devote as much love as Tash gives Anna Karenina. She adapts AK into a modern webseries that gets the attention of major web superstars.
And her queerness? It’s a little awkward sometimes, like why is she so open about her asexuality? But she has close friends and guys that are into her, so I guess she can’t just not acknowledge sex.


History Is All You Left Me. I preferred They Both Die At The End, since about prepping for death, and HIAYLM is about getting over a death and has sex. Not explicit sex, but constant unnecessary sex. Like, one instance was built up to, and the others were guilt sex.
I love Silvera’s tone of death. It’s what I love about him, it what makes him my gay soulmate. I LOVE HIM OK? I love confronting death, experiencing it, and not shying away.
Undead Girl Gang
I did not like this book. Too clunky, and disappointed how great the book could’ve been. It has a great premise, Mila necromances her dead best friend and enemies. They find out who killed them. The writing trips on its feet.
That’s everything I read from the list. I also read…

It was unsatisfying. I binged in less than 24 hours, so the writing and plot was smooth, but Becky’s specialty is wondering, suspense, and happy fulfillment. Adam’s specialty is DEATH and moodiness. They did not work. They reflected a normal relationship, evolved from an amazing meeting. They made it awkward and normal. Like, COULD SOMEONE PLEASE DIE?
Also not on the list was Ivy Aberdeen’s Letter To The World. I read it during a bad time and wasn’t able to be present for the lot of it, but it was cute! Ivy’s a middle school girl trying ask if her crush is gay while dealing with her maybe homophobic older sister. Also, there’s a natural disaster and their house is totally destroyed. It’s the MG book that was missing back when I was browsing the Children’s Room.
I’m currently reading My Life As A Goddess. It’s a memoir by Guy Braum, a friend of Mindy Kaling. I’ve never heard of him before, but aside from the religious blasphemy of calling himself a goddess, he seems pretty funny.
So I only read 5 books when my goal was 11. I went through a tough time recently, went homeless and can’t really carry around a lot of books, and spend more of my time looking for food. Plus, I read books that don’t fall in the latinx/ pride spectrum, such as Dear Nobody, the true diary of Mary Rose. I’m also reading Vicious, written by the gay VE, and stars the ace Victor Vale, but it’s a reread.
I’m pretty happy with this challenge. I can look forward to reading those other books at a better time instead of binging on a conform diet. I wish I’d read more Latinx, but I also wish I chose something better than Undead Girl Gang.
What do you like about this reading challenge? What do you recommend for it?


Stepdaddy’s Blood/ WIP Update #2


This is the monthly follow-up for Stepdaddy’s Blood: A WIP  in an attempt to hold myself accountable for my progress. 

Due to technical difficulties, I haven’t been able to write much. I finally got a new keyboard that’s super clunky but makes a satisfying clicking noise while I type. 

“That woman stared at me while I was changing shirts. Scratched my face, tried to feed me salami!”

 Last semester, I took a playwrighting class. It was fun. I made friends and got the general idea of Stepdaddy’s Blood on paper. It made playwrighting easy. When I write dialogue, it flows out like a leaf in the stream of creation. Writing action, scenery, and anything else that isn’t someone talking is hard. When I want to express emotion in a movement, the action comes but not the emotion. 

  “Yes, ew! Was this so you could get some macabre note?”                                       “I got the D.NA.” (Waves bag of hair)                                                                         Pireto leaned against the tree. “When did you know about the suicide?”

 I now have 2,934 words, or 5 1/2 pages. My original goal was to have 10 pages by now. Still, it’s progress. I’ve recently began watching old Stephen King movies. They are so awesome. They feel me a nervous fear that asks for writing as an outlet. 

The Belizean man, Jim, was a well-groomed man with a goatee. In the ’70s, the tips brushed the ground when he walked and folded into a heap when he sat. By the ’90s, it was trimmed to stay on his face.

 So dear reader, can you give me examples of good scenic writing? What books have you read recently that are full of emotion and description? I’m interested in 3rd person mysteries. So many are first person. 

2nd In Command/ Science Officer

I Heart Characters! is a weekly meme hosted by Dani @ Perspective of a Writer to showcase our book blogger love for characters! Each week she’ll supply a topic and you’ll supply the character. Post on whatever day suits you, about characters from whatever media you love (books, movies, K-dramas, television, manga, anime, webtoons, whatever!) and link up on Thursday so YOU and others can blog hop and share the character love. ♡

 This was a tough one! When I first saw the character type, I immediately thought of Ser Jorah. He’s loyal, his advice is good, and even though he’s in love with Daenerys , he keeps a respectful distance. That is, before I began watching season 5. In season 5, Dany becomes angry with Ser Jorah, and well, I won’t spoil it. I’m still going through season 5, so please don’t spoil it.

  So who else is a good 2nd in command? Mcgongall is 2nd in command at Hogwarts, but the series focuses more on her teaching than on her being vice headmaster. Watson takes over for Sherlock in The Hounds, bu it seems off, as Watson couldn’t actually replace Sherlock if need (don’t) be. There’s commander Riker! But he’s not exactly smart.

  So that leads us to…


  Spock! Spock! Spock.

  I love Spock.

  He should’ve been captain.

  It’s really a mystery why Kirk didn’t die.



giphy (1)


  Spock is hard to describe without getting emotional.


  He’s logical, but for some reason, he is fond of Kirk. That’s just about the only illogical thing about him. But I suppose if he let his natural superiority affect his relationship with Kirk, he wouldn’t have been a very good Science Officer/  2nd in command.

  He’s difficult at anticipating emotions, calculating how to act by logic, and assuming that the Klingons or thing they’re dealing with will also act logically, with the most life saved and knowledge gained. Kirk is somehow great with people despite the fact that he’s a jerk, and lacks logic. Fortunately, Spock is there with a booty of logic. Sorry, bounty of logic. Kirk usually ignores his advice, going with his gut.

  Spock is also Science Officer, a position combined with 2nd officer to empathize that the Enterprise’s  primary mission is to explore new worlds, encounter new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before. In hippie words, science, not war. For the sake of plot, there is often war. If it weren’t for Spock, the Enterprise might not get any of her actual mission done.

giphy (2)

  Who would you choose to be your 2nd in command? What makes you love Spock?

Mr. Grump With A Heart Of Gold/IHeartCharacters

I Heart Characters! is a weekly meme hosted by Dani @ Perspective of a Writer to showcase our book blogger love for characters! Each week she’ll supply a topic and you’ll supply the character. Post on whatever day suits you, about characters from whatever media you love (books, movies, K-dramas, television, manga, anime, webtoons, whatever!) and link up on Thursday so YOU and others can blog hop and share the character love. ♡

This is very, very, dorky and cliché, but my Grouch with a Heart of Gold is… 



I feel for Darcy, and I don’t just mean he’s hot. He’s misunderstood. People take his shyness to mean he’s a snob, an arse, an other. True, he has said some things that sounded pretty bad. But Lizzy tried to get a big introvert to dance. This man doesn’t want any attention, and you’re trying to get him to dance?

 When he finally does dance, it says he’s willing to put effort into their relationship. He wants her to see him as a real person, not just the front he puts up.


His love is strong

 He cares and protects his little sister. It’s not easy to love someone that way, like a parent and a friend. It’s like you’d do anything in the world to protect them, but they ignore you constantly, and when they do acknowledge you, they can get really annoying, temporarily hate you, try to get your attention and displays of love. Georgina is a good girl, but they went through a tough time with Wickham.

His love is persistent

 Darcy knows that Lizzy hates him. Darcy knows that Lizzy isn’t a “proper” match for him. Yet he’s caught by Lizzy’s concern for Jane, by Lizzy’s long walks in the rain, by Lizzy’s lack of embarrassment of mud and poverty. He loves her despite everything, and is courageous in his confession. Speaking of…

His love is articulate



What more could you want?

Stepdaddy’s Blood: A WIP


 Hello sweetie! I’ve hit a bit of *gulp* writers’ block in my current WIP. I wrote a bit of an overview, mostly data relating to the characters. The problem is I’ve been working for so long on this, first as an omnipotent novel, then as a play for a class, then in 1st person, and now it’s back to being 3rd person!  

  This is the story of something ridiculous. All stories are, by their nature. If I tell you that this story is true, you’ll believe it, even though I took out the “um”s and “likes”. If I tell you that this is a love story, you’ll look for people in the act of falling in love, even if they don’t act on it. If you don’t like the love that is presented to you, you’ll look for another outlet, another pair to ship, or a different nature of love. If I tell you it’s a mystery, you’ll seize every detail for evidence, look for who murdered who, and treat the entire story as a puzzle to solve. Maybe you’ll solve it before my characters do, but maybe you won’t, because it’s a mystery only science can solve, or you get caught up in the story or character relations.

  This is all a bit vague. But it’s a mystery, it’s supposed to be vague. Yet in practice, mysteries are hard cut. These are the facts, work with them. But this particular mystery, well. It gets solved by scientific data. And then there’s a murder. I would like Ebola to be in there somewhere, but this is America. It is a cesspool, but advancements have made it so that an American chosen at random has an almost certain probability of having Ebola.

  Let me tell you a story in the vaguest terms possible. The protagonists are a high schooler and her teacher. The villains, well, that’s part of the mystery. But of all the characters, three are destined to die, two characters are evil to varied degrees, two are of Russian descent, two are latinx, one is greek, two are mixed race, one is Chinese, and two are white. Five, if you count the Russians and the greek. Four are bilingual and two are trilingual. Two are not present. One is a photographer. Two are carpenters. Two are in high school. One is vegan and one is vegetarian. Most of these things overlap.

  Personality-wise, four are introverts and two are extroverts. Two are creative, two are logical, and two are both creative and logical. One is much more risk inclined than the others. Two are moderately risk-inclined, one is somewhat risk-inclined, one is balanced between risk and security, and one is quiet.

  Plot-wise, only those of latnix descent explore their ancestry, and is basically the motivation of the main characters. Allan was brought up by her white mother, and knew her father as a kid. Her parents separated years ago. When she and her mother moved to Oakland they began a cycle of poverty that is barely alleviated by infrequent child-support checks.

  But her father wasn’t her mother’s husband. He died years ago, months after Allan was born. Her mother won’t give her clear answers. Why did she leave her husband? Why did her husband seem to love her? She begins to suspect. Maybe she is the bastard child of the White Ass, but maybe her father is dead.

A short excerpt : 

  Getting melanoma is not a good idea. Forcing someone else to get it is inhumane. Yet 521 seniors were forced to cluster onto open bleachers as six teachers and nine students performed a memorial service for a history teacher who died, quite naturally, in a car crash.

  “I honestly didn’t know her very well,” said Pireto Klemente Davila, Spanish department. “But I know how many of my students liked her, and the history department, you like death.”

  The onlookers gave a collective intake of breath, with the exception of Emma Allan Packyard, previously trying to decide if it was Dr. Thomas or the judge, who looked up at the unmournful mention of death.

   Pirteo was looking at her. She smiled in approval.

  “Mr. Davila, why would anyone like death?” asked Principal Chalmers.

  “Uh, I meant, when people die, it’s easy to mourn the dead person, but what we should do is celebrate. The person, the difference she made, instead of being sad. Even Hitler was saluted while being cremated, instead of  a mandatory vegetarian diet for nazis in the days after his death.”

  “Mr. Davila, everyone.” Charlmers gestured for Pireto to sit.

  Allan started clapping, then quieted, seeing that no one else did. She wondered why, since all the other presenters received applause, even the students.

  I’m not being very descriptive, am I? There’s no heart in this data. So ask me a question. Ask me anything! Ask of me what you expect to see, so I can either prove you wrong or enhance it in my novel. Tell me what catches your attention, and what doesn’t. Thanks for your help!

Aspergian Representation


 Name five aspergian characters that aren’t white males.  I really would appreciate if you could think of some, cause I can’t.  I can’t even name five white male aspergians;  there’s Sheldon from Big Bang Theory, Spock from TOS, Sherlock Holmes, and that real guy that wrote a autobio and worked for Pink Floyd. I could list more characters played by Benedict Cumberbatch, but since they can be summed up by “Played by Benedict Cumberbatch”, they don’t count. There is Aza from Turtles All The Way Down, but she seems more OCD than Aspergian.

  This is what I want: a poor white girl with asperger’s, that goes on an adventure. She uses her strengths and displays weaknesses. She isn’t stereotypical. She can recognize some emotions and be comfortable in new environments. I want an Aspergian girl that isn’t just Aspergian, but embraces her asperger’s as a part of herself.

  Why poor and white? I’m a poor, white, Aspergian girl myself, so It’s partly selfish. But it’s also a combination that isn’t often seen; if a given character is aspergian, he is probably male. If a given character is white, they probably haven’t experienced poverty.   Poor, white, aspergian girls just don’t get written about unless they become some huge success story. 

  I’d also like to read about Apergian girls of color. I’ve only known a handful of other Aspergian girls, two of them are black. None of them are Latina, Native American, or Asian. I’d like to know what it’s like! Do aspects of their culture clash with their aspergian traits, or do their traits help them? How do they deal with racism with Asper traits? 

Hey you! Do you know of any aspergian minority characters? What kinds of underrepresented characters would you like to see more?

Happy (Belated) Sherlock Holmes Day!

  Happy belated Sherlock Holmes Day! (Ok, I had no idea that there was a SH day until yesterday. Now it’s my third favorite holiday, after Halloween and Free Comic Book Day. Hey, it tops Star Wars Day.)

 Let’s talk about our favorite, underappreciated Sherlock  Holmes stories. My all-time favorite SH story is The Speckled Band. It starts with a young girl hiring Sherlock and Watson to find out what happened to her sister, who died terrible agony. “The band! The speckled band!” Were her last words. It’s awesome, but has not been turned in a full length episode. In the BBCbatch version, it is mentioned as “The Speckled Blonde” but spares the details.


 I deduce it’s one of Gatiss’ favorites, but was shot down by Moffat.


 Will I be shot down for admitting I prefer Charles Augustus Magnesun/Milverton to Moriarty? He’s better, creeper, and more love-to-hate than Moriarty. Even when Sherlock says his name, he sounds better. Moriarty exists just to kill Sherlock. CAM exists to blackmail everyone. Moriarty is the what-if of Sherlock: Sherly reversed. CAM has his own disgusting personality and could exists without Sherlock.

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