Why I DNF’d


I’m going to talk about two books today. I will name one (Again, But Better) but not the other because it’s not as well known. ABB’s decision was based on quality, but the other was based on a harmful portrayal and I do not want to spread the idea of picking it up.

So let’s start light. Why is Again, But Better unreadable?¬†

‘The left side of the woman’s lip curls up in alarm. “Are you saying you’re twenty years old and you never kissed anyone?”‘

‘Lost is the best tv show of all time.’

‘I chuckle, thinking of the Hunger Games.’

I just. Yeah.

¬†Reading does not equal craft. I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of Christine’s, but I have watched some of her videos on occasion. She’s very euthsatisic about books, especially this book. Reading is a component of being a good writer, but It’s not everything. You have to write. You have to burn your first draft. Read a bit on the craft, take some notes. Then you go back to the fireplace and rebirth your book from the ashes. Then tear it up. Then recycle the ashen pages, do some touch up, and if you’re very lucky, you should be done at this point.

¬†I don’t smell smoke.¬†

The major, pointable problem? The verbs are overdone. She strides when she should go. She chuckles when she should smile. She falls when she should trip. She thinks of The Hunger Games instead of thinking how Rue, at 11 years old, was the oldest of her siblings and had no one to volunteer for her. 

Read if you want, go ahead! It has a good premise: college girl goes to London to get a fresh start. But I do recommend borrowing the library copy before going to the bookstore; I was saved a lot of money when I heard how bad it is on twitter.

The Book Who Must Not Be Named 

It was ok, about a 3/5, or by my system, 6/12. I was about 2/3rds of the way in when I was hit with this sentence:

Lesbian, gay, transgender, questioning, intersex and ally


Let me tell you a little about it: The protagonist is a gay man incorrectly defining what LGBTQIA+ means to a coworker. The actual plot of the book was gay people being murdered. I held on because the protagonist is a “good guy” who wants to stop it. Yet he puts those people in danger. Hmm.

Oh, for reference, 


Just so you know.


Ok. Let’s wrap this up.

Why do you DNF?  


Should I Review That Book?

¬†It may be a shocker, (or not) but I don’t review every book I read.¬† If I don’t have strong feelings, whether it be love or hate, I don’t feel the motivation to spread the word about a ‘meh’ book. What do I have to say, except a summary?

¬†I read manga and don’t review, regardless of how I feel about it. For me, my manga reading is entirely based on what my library has, as I’ve too often read about a manga, wanted to read it, scanned my library shelves, and searched the library database only to find that they don’t have it. I don’t have this problem with novels, so it’s fine if I hear about something I have to read, as the library probably has it.

So now I’m going to ask you: do you want me to review these?






I Should’ve Read That! Book Tag


No, I wasn’t tagged, but I saw it and had to do it! This was created by¬†Book Nest¬†to guilt people about their TBRs! If you’re reading this, you’re tagged!

A book that a certain friend always tells you to read

A To Z Mysteries. My maths friend doesn’t read much, but she’s read all of these throughout her childhood. I’m not really interested in reading for such a young age, though I wouldn’t mind reading them to her future children. (Tho hopefully she’ll recognize the planet is too unhealthy for children,)

A book that has been on your TBR forever, and yet you still haven’t picked it up

I TBR’d Library of Souls back in 2016, but despite loving Ms. Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children, I’ve yet to read any of the sequels. I guess I don’t see how there could be more to add; sure, I’m curious about how they settled, but if the Nazi wraiths (It’s been a while) were vanquished, what else is there?

A book in a series you have started, but haven’t gotten round to finishing

Not my fault as the library only has volume 1 of A Promised Neverland. Well, it did, before I looked it up to confirm. It must be really popular, because I’ve not seen all of them at once.

A classic you have always liked the sound of, but never actually read

The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde! I actually have this little thing sitting on my bookshelf, waiting. Watching.

A popular book that it seems everyone but you has read

There’s a lot, actually! Kite Runner, Six Of Crows, The Seven Husbands Of Evelyn Hugo, The Gilded Wolves, Caraval…

A book that inspired a film/TV adaptation that you really love, but you just haven’t read it yet

A Journey To The Center Of The Earth! I love the movie, but just haven’t read it.

A book you see all over Instagram, but haven’t picked up yet

With The Fire On High. I’ve heard that it’s about cooking. That’s not a subject I’m particularly keen on, and I haven’t heard anything else about it.

What do you wish you’ve read? Should I read these books or nah?¬†

Arya Stark & Emily///Best Surprising Female In All The Hyped Books!

I Heart Characters! is a weekly meme hosted by Dani @ Perspective Of A Writer to showcase our book blogger love for characters! I post my characters on Thursdays, but feel free to post on whatever day suits you, about characters from whatever media you love (books, movies, K-dramas, television, manga, anime, webtoons, whatever!) and link up on the prompt post. ♡

¬†Hey. I haven’t done one of these in a while, mostly just to take a break and try different things. But i’m back X2!


¬†I hope you saw the recent Game Of Thrones episode cause it’s about to get spoilery! As you might remember, way back in season 2, Arya ran away from King’s Landing after her father, Ned Stark was beheaded for investigating King Robert’s bastard children. Since then, she’s traveled with a company of boys that included her new bae Gendry (My OTP3, after Destiel and Brianne & Jamie), somehow ended up at the temple of the Faceless men. Her first trainer was Jon, who gave her Needle in the first episode. Her second trainer was her dancing teacher, and the third was No One.¬†

SHE WAS TRAINING FROM DAY 1. We saw her fall and fail and carry dirty buckets. She’s trained to be a soldier her entire life. But we’ve never seen her fight in battle before, and that’s why I think there were some sexists calling her a Mary Sue.

¬†But I did think it was weird that she was fighting in an empty hallway alone. Don’t they usually pair up?


¬†I still haven’t seen the movie, and the whole reason I got interested in this book was that Anna Kendrick is in it. But between the deaths in everything and the finales of everything, I don’t really want to watch anything that isn’t funny if it isn’t fandom.

¬†But anyways, Emily is the real person in a book of fake people. Stephanie is one of those moms. The mom that says “Oh, my gosh!” with fluttering jazz hands. Emily is the opposite; she cares about her family, yes. But she’s calculating, manipulative, ruthless. She sees these people for what they are; characters. Puppets. Actors on a stage. And she uses it to her advantage.

It’s admittedly been a while since I read it, so you can read my¬†A Simple Favor, A Complex Book

Who’s your best surprising girl in a hyped book?

Weekend Read- More Happy Than Not



 I read More Happy Than Not in 5-6 hours. Be lenient and know that I took breaks for tea and emotion, so it probably took 4 1/2 hours of actual reading. All on productive day of marching and talking to financial aid. 

More Happy Than Not is Adam Silvera’s debut from way back in 2015. Wow. Remind me to never complain about the lack of Adam’s books because he is prolific. Except I already am. I want Infinity Son¬†now.

¬†Aaron¬†thinks he’s straight. Nobody else thinks that. He’s a poor, depressed, 16 year old boy who lives in a homophobic housing complex where his dad killed himself just before the story begins. He lives in a world where rich people get the Leto procedure, a mix of memory erasure and conversion therapy. When Thomas shows up and Aaron realizes that he’s a dude-liker, he wants one.

 Why do I love this book? 

¬†Let’s list the cons of this book:

  • He goes from straight to gay without considering that he might be bi. He cares about his girlfriend, but as soon as Thomas shows up, he’s 100% gay. It happens, but there were a few chapters where I thought it was a bisexual love triangle. It’s not. It’s a self loathing triangle, where he can either accept that he’s gay and risk getting killed by his former friends, or pretend that he’s straight with someone he can’t love. This is real life for millions of people across centuries, and it’s portrayed realistically. But I can’t help but wonder how different it would be if he were bi.
  • Does no one find the gay conversion part of Leto disturbing? Why isn’t this illegal? How did it get approved by the government by all of these deaths, the retrograde amnesia cases, and the illegal gay conversion therapy?!?
  • So it turns out gay conversion therapy is legal. In 15 states it’s illegal to convert minors, but adults are left alone. Oh Gods.¬†
  • I’m scared now.¬†

What’s A Bullet Journal?

GoalThere is no one way to bullet journal. In general, it’s a notebook you keep for a year to document progress on your goals. Some people make pretty graphics and make them colourful, I prefer a simple yet neat design.


To-Do: Goals

On the first page, what are your goals? What do you hope to accomplish this year, this month, for the duration of your bullet-keeping? 

¬†This is a way of tracking your goals, but it’s also a list of why you want this year to be memorable. Your goals and priorities will change, and that’s ok. The important thing is to recognize what you do want to do. They can’t be things like

  • Run a billion dollar magazine¬†

It has to be something that you can do yourself, with minimal luck. You can

  • Design and distribute a zine¬†¬†

There is a small chance a little zine will turn into a billion dollar magazine, but unless you’re already ahead, keep it to something within your capabilities.¬†


Keeping Track

¬†Some things are easier to keep track of than others. I have the months written out with empty pages to fill in the books I’ve read. I want to read 91 books this year, and this is a nice way to keep track.¬†

¬† I list each book after i’ve read it; the name, author, 1 word feel of the book, genre, and one line summary. While I keep a Goodreads, it’s more for summaries than as a tracking system. They don’t have a DNF shelf, and I like listing them because they remind me what makes me hate a book; unrealistic voices, annoying protagonists, sexual content. It strengthens my writing and ability to identify if I want to DNF sooner.¬†


¬†At the end of the month I tally the¬†genres. I’m trying to read widely, and list as many genres as I can. I love contemporary, but also write mystery. I enjoy manga for light reading and horror to get caught up in suspense. I have been lacking in the sci-fi/fantasy department this year and have a stack waiting to be read.

Random Mapping 


¬†I don’t normally map. I write. But sometimes writing is too intense, too specific, too much work. Mind maps can be used for everything; what am I thinking about, what is my book about, if this or that happens instead, how might it turn out?

¬†It’s a way of grounding, without being too grounded. IDK if that makes sense.



¬†Once a month, I attend a poetry night and *anxiety spike* read poetry. This doesn’t have anything to do with my goals, but It’s a light notebook that I wouldn’t mind people reading when they check for profanity. It beats my diary for privacy reasons, and it beats my school notebooks for organizational reasons.

Plus, I think I’ll remember the poetry readings I do, and it’s nice to know that I’m doing something on the edge of my comfort zone.

Do you keep a bullet journal? Do you find it helpful?


Dear Evan Hansen


Dear Evan Hansen, 

¬†I think you’re an arse. You took advantage of a grieving family to make yourself feel better. You made stuff up about Connor instead of trying to figure out what he was really like. You gained hollow popularity and a mislead girlfriend.¬†

¬†I believe that everyone around you, except perhaps Alana, are ultimately good and flawed people. and I don’t believe that Alana is as bad as you paint her. At worst, she did a lesser version of what you did. She helped people without lying.

¬†You’ve made mistakes and were somewhat creepy towards Zoe. You’re an arse, but I believe you when you say you’re trying to help. You don’t want to watch people’s pain become worse. You want to make them feel better. You didn’t take into consideration that a short-term band aid would make things worse later.

¬†They trusted you, even loved you. You manipulated them into being a safe place for you. And it’s not right.

 I am far more interested in Connor than I am in you.