Love For Notebooks

   The worst thing you can do to a writer is steal her notebook. Persons of other professions, including teachers, seem to think notebooks are a convenient, use-by-use, disposable items that have no meaning no matter who owns it. Notebooks are important!  Filled notebooks are the past, empty notebooks are the future, some planned, someContinue reading “Love For Notebooks”


  M.I.C.E., found on Williamablan, is a way to categorize character motivations into Money, Ideology, Conscience and Ego. I’ve found that most motivators fall into these categories, and a way to humanize or villainize characters. For instance, money is not a consideration for Voldemort, but he has a strong ideology about killing muggle-borns to isolate the wizardingContinue reading “MICE!”

The Stars, Like Dust: Asimov Was Full Of Himself

The Stars, Like Dust, Isaac Asimov, circa 1951/83, 184 pages  Issac Asimov, sci-fi master, was next on the shelf. Not wanting to go through a series like Foundation or Robot yet, I snatched The Stars, Like Dust to get a sense of him.  He’s full of himself. In every chapter, there is an exaggerated plotContinue reading “The Stars, Like Dust: Asimov Was Full Of Himself”