Adios, 2017!

It’s a bit overdue, but here’s to the death of 2017! TanyaScreams’ most popular post comes with a tie between August Wrap Up and War Of The Worlds-Book Review,  followed closely by Sherlock, Sherlock Sherlock! Please tell me if you remember these, because I do, but I wrote them and have Sherlockian memory. These were followed by a tripleContinue reading “Adios, 2017!”

Magpie Murders: Book Review

  8/12 knives   You’ve probably heard of it, in TIME or elsewhere. The great mystery book of the season, reminiscent of Agatha Christie.   Magpie Murders is two versions of the same story. A detective, a professional in one and a professional editor in the other, investigates the murder of an unpopular rich man.Continue reading “Magpie Murders: Book Review”