End Of Summer Book Tag/Recap!

Yes, it might be early for you but school starts on Monday and there’s no way I’m getting reading done with 6 classes.

What book can you not stop thinking about?

Never Let Me Go ruined me for all other books. I would say it sent me in a book slump, but I’ve been able to read a ton of fanfic. Authors outside of AO3 need to step up their game. And if you have recs after hearing the title Never Let Me Go, please let me know, I can’t read without them.

Which book would you rather not have read?

I’ve DNF’d a fair few, but 100 Boyfriends was the sex-crazed scrunch of paper that was the beginning of a series of disappointments. It was just a recount of a bunch of sexual things. I picked up this book because I saw it in one of Bowties & Books videos, and I really need to start doing more research before I commit to a book. But it’s hard to not be spoiled that way.

What genre did you read the most?

This has been the Summer Of Fanfiction. The first fanfic I read was Four Letter Word For Intercourse in June, a Destiel fanfic where they meet silently in the library during the day and loudly over a phone during the night. In July I read To Know & To Be Known where John Winchester’s A+ parenting takes the form of abusing his werewolf son with a silver collar. After John’s death Cass takes him in to learn how to love his werewolf self. Thus far in August I’ve read 7 complete fanfics and one incomplete one, including Novak Wears Prada and the Sabriel fic My Dagger Or Yours. But I really need to scream about Aria For An Angel, a CasMick Destiel endgame fic. Watching Cass fall for Mick is the cutest thing ever, and for one Cass feels, and in fact is, an equal partner in their relationship. We all know Dean Winchester keeps everything bottled up, and Mick is the total opposite. While they’re not soulmates, and I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a CasMick shipper, they are good together.

Which book surprised you the most?

Never Let Me Go. I heard nothing of it before my friend rec’d it, and I’m offended that none of the 532,416 people who’ve read it bothered to tell me about it before then.

Which book disappointed you the most?

Special Topics In Calamity Physics. I really just want another dark academia like Bunny or If We Were Villains, but there are none. This book was just a slew of made-up references and pretentious hard-to-know characters. There were many times I worried over the potential teacher-student relationship, but I thankfully bowed out before it could reach that point.

What was your favourite cover?

Most fanfics don’t have covers, and all of my library books came with a strap over them. His Hideous Heart looks pretty, even if I only enjoyed two of the stories.

What was your favourite summer release?

*stares in poor*

I did read One Last Stop since I preordered it, but it was the only one. It’s a good book that had me exploring punk for a minute, but I wouldn’t say it’s the best book to have hit the stratosphere. Maybe the best queer one (better than Simon or Call Me By Your Name) but there are lesser known queer books that should’ve hit higher. (Felix Ever After, May The Best Man Win, Ameila Westlake, etc.)

What books did you plan on reading, but never got around to?

I never got to a few things on my T10T ~ Summer ’21 TBR but the one I’m most worried about is Outlawed. I want sapphic cowgirls, but Read With Cindy has said that it has some transphobia. I don’t know if I’m really going to read it now, at least not until I’m on a better headspace.

Which books do you plan on reading this fall?

Oh, boy. I’m actually betting on not being able to read a lot, as I have 6 planned classes. Two of my classes are more technical, which isn’t that fun for me but it’s part of being a journalism major. Two other classes are most likely to be text heavy, but I might have to drop one because I know the professor is a stickler for the camera. (this is zoom era if you’re reading this in the distant future.) One other class sounds like it has reading but the prof is pretty easy, and the other is gym. So it doesn’t really sound like downtime time, but I do hope to read Echo After Echo for sapphicon.

First Lines Friday!

Hi, this was hosted by a blog called Wandering Words, but the links I found were broken. If you know the site please lmk!

What if instead of judging a book by its cover, its author or its prestige, we judged it by its opening lines?

  • Pick a book off your shelf (it could be your current read or on your TBR) and open to the first page
  • Copy the first few lines, but don’t give anything else about the book away just yet – you need to hook the reader first
  • Finally… reveal the book!

“The Miss Chinatown contestants were clustered together behind a canvas screen near the stage. They hadn’t been there when Lily Hu walked past the same area fifteen minutes earlier on her way to the bathrooms, and there was something startling about their sudden appearance.”

Shall I give you a hint?

I think the first line was quite revealing. Granted, I haven’t read the book yet, but….

It is set in Chinatown in the 1950s.




It is…

Last Night At The Telegraph Club by Malinda Lo!

What was your guess??? LMK!

Were My Early Posts Bad?

Ringo Starr on drums

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I’m going to be looking back at some of my earliest posts and judging myself. Based on what I’ve already seen, younger me was much better at writing.

Too Tired To Read  is prose (or a diary entry) about the time I almost saw V.E. Schwab. I say almost, but in reality there was no planning and I asked a friend about it last minute and she said nope. 

” I don’t remember what Victor and Eli were fighting about. Was it the creation of a new species? Bringing the dead back? Whose name would go on top of their college thesis?”

I hope I wasn’t serious about the last one. I reread it around the time Vengeful came out, and now I wish I never read Vengeful.

DIE MORTAL I have never taken drugs. Why do I sound high? I need to delete this post from the internet.

Binge Or DNF? Great idea, but these books haven’t aged well. Perhaps I’ll redo it for 2020.

Why are you writing like that when it’s set in modern times?

Playlist Shuffle Tag 

I’d like do do this again and see the drastic change in my music. I used to be really into old Englishmen, and while I still like them my music knowledge has expanded. Although the formatting of this post was terrible.

Overall, I mostly hold that I was a good teenaged writer but sometimes didn’t know what I was doing and didn’t take blogging as seriously as I do now. Blogging through these years helped me grow as a writer and reader- there’s a lot of books I wouldn’t know about if I wasn’t involved in the bookternet, and I still don’t notice some problems until they’re pointed out by other readers. 

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My Ideal College Book Fair


You remember the scholastic fairs in elementary and middle school? For days the school library would have teachers reading from books, paperbacks and bookmarks for sale. It was the only thing I enjoyed about elementary. I’m bummed that we don’t have them at my university.

So what would it look like? It wouldn’t exactly be age-appropriate to host Scholastic. And it would take a lot more effort since there isn’t a NA version of it.

But given all the resources I could ask for, here’s what it could look like:


Talks By Local Authors & Author Grads

Wouldn’t it be cool to see what someone from the same school can accomplish? Was their setting inspired by real places in town? If it was, we could do a walking tour (or charter a bus if it’s too far.) How did their college experience impact their writing style? They can visit the classes that most influenced them so students can see how the material can be used outside of class. 


Haunted Library (sorta)

Depending on the books and the season, we can decorate the library or other suitable building. If there’s a lot of fantasy books, there’s dragons. If it’s spooky books like Cemetery Boys, it’s a good ol’ haunted house. Inside, there’s cake walks, a dance floor, a jumpscare area, a maze… Just think of the bookish themed possibilities. The cake walk can even have samples of the character’s favorite foods. 

Rave Bookish Giveaway 

We can host a rave/dance party and have a raffle and dance competition. At my school the clubs take this chance to host games off to the side. Games like bean toss, the drinking (not actually drinking, it’s a school event) game, and….

Dammit, corona’s messing with my memory. In short, the clubs can be given copies of books or merch as prizes for the games. Bonus if it’s related to the club! Ex Check, Please! for fencing, With The Fire On High for cooking…. You get the gist.

 I think corona’s really making me miss the full college experience. Even tho I’m extremely anti-social, I miss having friends to go out with. I don’t really have friends anymore, as I left school for a while and came back shortly before a pandemic. Things got really weird with my old friends and now I’m really sad. I do have friends at home, but I can’t see them for another two 1/2 years. 

Anyway, what are your bookish fair ideas? 

Folklore Book Tag!

I’m not the biggest Taylor stan, but I do really enjoy some of her music and Cardigan is just *chef’s kiss.*

This tag was created by Ilsa @Whisper Of Ink  Thanks Ilsa!


  • Link to the original creator: Ilsa @ A Whisper Of Ink
  • Tag at least 3 people.
  • Declare the rules and list of prompts in your post
  • Thank whoever tagged you and link to their post.

The 1 ~ An ending that left you speechless

I decided to listen to the songs while doing this and it was a mistake.

If We Were Villains; A skull

I LOVED the ending, which I feel is a bit of a different reaction. I love endings that are complicated/realistic, similar to the ending of Allegiant. I feel as if the endings we’re used to are too formulaic, and real life doesn’t end with all of the answers known or with everyone happy. This ending in particular implies plenty of adventure beyond the story we’re told.

Cardigan ~ A book that makes you feel happy and sad all at once

I might literally cry if I listen to one more of these songs.

They Both Die At The End blue cover

I loved this book, but obviously it was the saddest book I’ve ever loved. 

The Last Great American Dynasty ~ A fascinating and well-told story

Yes, an actual Happy song

Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me; Cool

And a not-so-happy book. But it’s truly a Look into manipulative relationship, and is especially important to convey that w/w relationships can be harmful too.

Exile ~ A book you wish you hadn’t read

Strange how a song impacts you differently each time you listen.

Girl, Woman, Other– I deleted every photo I had of this after what happened. It’s great for most of the book, but then you get to the non-binary character and TRANSPHOBIA. ALL THE TRANSPHOBIA. It really shocked and hurt me, and I haven’t seen anyone mention this even though it should be a trigger warning for anyone who might read and be impacted by this.

My Tears Ricochet ~ a book that made you cry uncontrollably 

My feelings are just numb at this point.

History Is All You Left Me

I have to go with more Adam Silvera. He’s such a good Sad writer. I hated the book he co-authored with Becky. Adam is Sad King, and nothing else will compare.

Mirrorball ~ A book that feels like it was written just for you

Who broke Taylor Swift’s heart cause I’m coming after them.

Couldn’t think of a book that wasn’t If We Were Villains, so here’s some shows/youtube.

Seven ~ A childhood book that makes you feel nostalgic

Is this Taylor’s coming out album? Is she f-ing gay?

Boxcar Children and Magic Tree House were the two series I’d read devotedly as a kid. It was then I also learnt to be disappointed by the library selection, as I’ve never read the entire series of either. RIP Mary.

August ~ A book that reminds you of summer

Yet another gay song- set in college this time.


I don’t think The Last Bust To Everland is actually set in summertime, but it does have summer vibes. Everland is a magical place to get away from reality and be a part of only the fun, childlike aspects of humanity. Much like summer is a time to get away from school.

This Is Me Trying ~ A book that deals with loneliness & sadness

Well, I felt that.


I don’t really see this book talked about, but it’s basically the story of a bisexual movie director who puts her art about all else, to the detriment of her relationships and her own mental health. Much to my frustration, it’s told from the viewpoint of everyone but Sophie.

Illicit Affairs ~ A book that gave you a book hangover


If It Makes You Happy, photo cred https://www.instagram.com/killedbyabook/

I could say that everything I binged in 2019 gave me a hangover- I haven’t really reached that level of reading this year, except for this past month. I had to take summer classes to stay in the dorms, and only really got to reading during the Reading Rush-which was a mess, but also my first week of summer. For a specific book, I’d say If It Makes You Happy, which was my first read of the year and was unmatched until I read Gallery Of Unfinished Girls and Felix Ever After. 

Invisible String ~ A book that came into your life at the exact right time

Isn’t it just so pretty? Yes, yes it is.

My book love

Raise your hand if you saw that coming.

Mad Woman ~ A book with a female character you adore

Vicious, VE Schwab
Vicious, VE Schwab

I adore Sydney! Plus, she has such an amazing power.

Epiphany ~ A book that was haunting

Gallery of Unfinished Girls got to me. It had me in that thinking state of wonder, pondering how one creates art.

Betty ~ A book couple that fills you with yearning

I ain’t gonna hope like that. Don’t make me.

Bunny, Mona Awad

This might be a strange one, but Ava + Samantha in Bunny- there was so much yearning and the ending- I can only wish for a “best friend” like this. Plus, I really love dark academia but this and If We Were Villains might be the only ones I’ve actually read. I’ve been looking at Secret History, but I’ve heard it has a lot of problems. Please rec me some?

Peace ~ A book character you’d die for because you love them so much!



I would die for Sherlock Holmes.

Hoax ~ A book that you thought you were going to love but didn’t

T Swift got me tearing up again like why???

Also, I could just do Girl, Woman, Other again because the transphobic betrayal so late in the book… Like, I was invested. And the stuff she was writing came suddenly, as if she had no awareness of trans people during the early chapters, but something clicked and all of the ignorant hate came pouring out…

Anyway! Have you done this tag? Let me know! Do you want to do this tag? Do it! Did any of my books match yours? 

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My First First Lines Friday!

First Lines Fridays is a weekly feature for book lovers hosted by Wandering Words. What if instead of judging a book by its cover, its author or its prestige, we judged it by its opening lines?

Pick a book off your shelf (it could be your current read or on your TBR) and open to the first page
Copy the first few lines, but don’t give anything else about the book away just yet – you need to hook the reader first
Finally… reveal the book!


“Let me tell you the problem with university students: They’re stupid as F-. 

Even the most intelligent cohort will have a few members who are entirely devoid of common sense, or who are willing to gamble their safety in some extravagant stunt for the admiration of their peers. Only it’s not admiration they get, its’ ridicule, but they’re too stupid to tell the difference.” 




It’s May Day by Jodie Jaffrey! I’ll hopefully have finished this by the time you’re reading this, but it has a great opening! Here’s the synopsis: 

“If the murderer you’re tracking is a vampire, then you might want a vampire detective.

Just maybe not this one.

It’s not that Jack Valentine is bad at her job. The youngest member of Oxford’s Seekers has an impressive track record, but she also has an impressive grudge against the local baron, Killian Drake.” 

I don’t want to spoil myself or you with the entire synopsis, but rumor has it that the MC is bi.

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Author Dreams ~ Being Part Of A Gay Book Box

Back when BOTM was less exclusive, I talked a bit about what my ideal box would look like, and I wanted to revisit it!


Bookish Glasses Case ~ I’m not sure how many readers wear glasses, but probably a fair few, right? But this is mostly a selfish one, since mine is a rather dull and old black one. I’d love something like a blue and yellow Strange The Dreamer case, or a general librarian aesthetic, maybe with a little owl with glasses engraved into wood.


Bookmarks ~ I’d love to have a few choices. One bookmark can fit the aesthetic/vibe of the BOTM, another can be favorite Pokemon or pets. I do love tassels, but I’ve also seen designs where the top of an animal head, or a ship or waves come out at the top. I had an idea where ppl can upload pictures of their pets or favorite animals that we can print onto the bookmark.


Stickers & Temp Tattoos ~ Stickers is something that I had in my other post, just like rainbow dragons, asexual flag cats and depressed skulls to stick onto your computer or surface of choice. I’d also like the idea of temporary tattoos with designs of important objects from the book. For instance, blood drops for vampire books or tiny black cats for The Curse Of The Black Cat. However, I did a little research, and some temp tats are made with gelatin (crushed animal bone) so I’d have to make sure they were made by a vegan company. 


Blanket ~ These would obviously be small daytime blankets rather than full comforters because they’d be shoved into a box. Although maybe we’d have full comforters sold separately. Have some soft material, and a bookish quote printed on it. I’d love a starry blanket, with some of the constellations. Or if we have an especially pretty bookish cover that month, do a version of it in blanket form, so you’ll literally be inside the book.


Bookish Mugs ~ An absolute necessity. RN, I only have a sugar skull mug that I love. I used to have a school based one, but it was dark and it fell. And shattered. I’d love a book stack design, spaced with a hardwood background. There can be miniature bookmarks sticking out of them to imply that all of them are current reads.

Tea ~ I’m always down for trying new teas, and we need to put the new mug to good use! 


Cat/Dog/Pet Toys ~ I’d love to be able to design a book-inspired ball that my cat can play with. Maybe have the colors match the book cover, or say if it was Wild Beauty, the ball can have petals (that’ll probably get ripped out) to match the flowers on the cover.

Book Jackets ~ I am in desperate need of these. I am constantly carrying books around, (well, pre-pandemic) and sometimes the edges will get worn. I’d like a skull cover to match If We Were Villains, and ocean-inspired one for countless by-the-sea books, and of course, cute kitty and pride flags ones. 

What kinds of merch would you put in a book box? What are some themes you’d like to see in a book box?

If I Were Rich: Imagining My Gay Library


Ah, if only I had a personal gay library. Or even a gay bookcase. Or gay floating bookshelf. As is, my books are all over my desk and stored in bins. That’s no life for a book.

 Realistically, maybe I could get a small folding bookcase. We used to have one, but my mum threw it away. She throws a lot of my childhood away. But my next dorm room will probably be super small and tight, so I have to wait until I have my own place/with roommates. And then I’ll probably move back home after a semester, since I’ll most likely graduate after Fall semester 2022. Can I find a job during December of two years from now? We’ll see. 

But this isn’t an O-M-G I have to grow up post, this is a post of hope, that someday I’ll have such a significant amount of money  that I’ll get a place with room for a library. 


Depending on the space-to-book ratio, we have options. There’s the cramped style, which I personally don’t favor due to mild claustrophobia. This has the benefit of an overpowering book smell and a cozy feel, reminiscent of a used bookshop. Plus: creaky hardwood floors!


There’s an option to build an indoor patio, I think it’s called. A little nook above the living room to house most of your books. This does make the most use of space, like I can have a piano, gaming area, or TV downstairs and a space without distraction to read.

Honestly, whenever I picture a future house, there’s usually like a small living room when you enter and another living room behind it. That’s how my dad’s house was anyway, after he was free of my family. So I’d say the front area could have a piano and some sitting chairs, and then the room behind it can be the TV room with a wall-to-wall bookcase off to the side.

Of course, a house like that would have multiple rooms, so I’d just sleep in a kids’ room and use the big bedroom as a library.


We all know I have a history of Supernatural, so I might like something a bit dark and Bunker-like. Even though pleather chairs have that aesthetic, I’d probably go with a softer type chair I can sink into. But I do like the idea of having a table for board games or monster-hunting that I’ll probably use for writing, if I ever write again.

 I also need soft lamps, due to some sensitivity issues. I already have one you can turn up or down that’s really great, so I’d try to find some more like it. I’m not really particular about what the lamps actually look like; as long as it’s not pink or ugly it should be ok. But there should be windows and good sunlight during the day. 


I love the idea of reading outside, but I can’t find a place that comfortable enough. I’m always paranoid that grass has been visited by a dog, and those round park tables schools use for lunch are uncomfortable. There’s benches, but it rains a lot and i’d feel exposed since most of our benches are near the campus police station.

 But anyway, If I were lucky enough to build a gazebo, I’d put some kind of cushioning down. There is a risk of bugs, so i’d want them to be detachable for cleaning. It would also be soothing to put it near running water, just so when that *moment* happens in a book and you need to look away, you know nature’s working. 

Of course, I live in California, so the water is usually not running, but still. 


 There’s an ideal blend of nature/library to be discovered. Perhaps a spot to read in a greenhouse, or plants overgrowing by the library window, which overlooks a small garden, or the woods.

 Perhaps the Bunker library has been partly converted into necessary crop or herb space, and the herbs serve as bookends. 

In conclusion, no room of mine can’t be complete without one of these: 


What aesthetic would you go for in your own library? You can also check out my Pintrest board for similar beautiful bookish spaces! 

Mid-Year Book Tag~ 2020

What an awful year. At east it’s half over, but if recent history is any indication, things will get worse.

But anyway, as of June 30th, I’ve read 15 books. I failed. My Goodreads goal was set at 48, considerably lower because I’m back at college and wanted to try reading more bricks since reading 99 short books last year wasn’t that fun. But here we are, at university, during corona, at 31% of my goal halfway through the year.

What is the best book that you’ve read so far in 2020?

The best book was also the first one: If It Makes You Happy by Claire Kann. There’s so little support for this book! I will require it of any future suitors- not that there will be any, but if there were, i’d ask them to read this to get a good idea of what I’m looking for. There’s a polyam bi qpp. There’s protective big sister and family drama with grandma. Fat black girl protag and proud. Queen of the summer festival.

Favorite Sequel-

Gotta skip this one. I’ve literally read 0 sequels this year. I do need to read all of Heartstopper, the last volume of Fence, and An Absolutely Remarkable Thing’s sequel- which I believe is coming out as I type.

 New release that you haven’t read yet but you’re really excited for

All of them? But I think Felix Ever After counts bc I only read one chapter. I know most ppl are “read in one sitting” but I had such a preset notion of what this book is- a trans poc Simon vs- and it does seem like it, but also has a more mature voice. Stuff like “F***ing ridiculous” and talk about getting high. I just had to take a minute to let my expectations let up so I can enjoy it for what it is, instead of being surprised as to what it’s not. My favorite quote though? “You two seem like very nice, gay boys.”

 Most anticipated release for the second half of the year

All of them? I already mentioned  A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor. Also Falling In Love Montage, The Black Flamingo, The Book Of Koli, A Song Below Water, Faith: Taking Flight, LOVELESS, The Fell Of The Dark, Darius Deserves Better… You get the idea.

Biggest disappointment

This just happened, but I was betrayed by the transphobia towards the end of Girl, Woman, Other. Thus I picked up a a super trans-friendly book like Felix. Or not, I heard he gets outed. But basically, GWO is about mostly black women, but then you have one nonbinary character, and then transphobia just explodes from there, even within themself. Not to mention that it’s sketchy to put one enby character in a cast of all women, and the very next chapter have a prominent character saying that trans women don’t deserve to be in women’s spaces. Ugh. 

 Biggest surprise

Probably The Gallery Of Unfinished Girls. I just dug it out of a book bin bc I wasn’t feeling anything on my prestacked TBR. I knew nothing, and heard nothing, about it, but it was discarded by the library a while back and something compelled me to pick it up. I’m glad I did! It follows a bisexual artist as she deals with her grief from having Abulea in a coma. has a nice magical realism aspect.

 Favourite new to you or debut author

Um, I haven’t read multiple books by the same author, extent John Green, and he ain’t new. I look forward to reading more from Claire Kann, the author of If It Makes You Happy, Elizabeth Acevedo (With The Fire On High), and Lauren Kratz (Unfinished Girls) although I think the latter is a one book author. I look forward to reading Clap When You Land and Let’s Talk About Love. I had the latter checked out from the library a while ago, but it was literally the same week I went homeless so I never got to it.

 Favourite fictional crush

Way to include aces. But yeah, I don’t really have any characters I would date. I guess I would hang out with Nico from Last Bus To Everland, but he’s a bit irresponsible for anything serious. 

New favourite character

Um, Nico I guess. There’s also Lilia, who would be my crush, but we realize something that makes it kinda ick later on. She’s the awesome queen in Unfinished Girls who introduces our characters to the Estate/magic.  

A book that made you cry

I don’t cry, although I did cry quite easily after The Bag died and may burst into tears now. Odd One Out made me cry in frustration. 

A book that made you happy

Happiness is a lie. If It Makes You Happy was the fluffiest book I read tho. 


Favourite book to movie/tv show 

I was going to put in Handmaid’s Tale (Yes, I’ve only just started watching.) but decided Love, Victor counts since there wouldn’t be Love. Victor without Simon Vs. I love Love, Victor! I ship the best friendship! So wholesome! Too wholesome!!! I love the gay camera frame: that’s how you know he’s really gay and not bi. Although it would’ve been interesting if he was bi. I. Can’t. Wait. For. Season. 2!  The cliffhanger was too cruel! 

Favourite post that you have written

I hate myself and my writing. Is it weird that I honestly think I was going a better job in High School than now? Although I was doing community based things like the poetry collective and I Heart Characters. Maybe I should start up my own meme. Would any of you be interested?!

I Don’t Know These People!~Statistical Character Test:

I thought this was pretty good, I even watched the first episode of … something which was interesting enough for an episode but I didn’t feel invested enough to continue. 

“Voted Most Likely” Writers Tag!

This was good for my writing in theory, but I haven’t actually gotten much writing done since.

If I Were Rich: Scholarship Contests

I’m thinking of doing another If I Were Rich. Maybe I should try to make more series posts, like If I Were Rich or TED Talk Tuesday. It might keep my brain more engaged in crafting better posts, rather than throwing whatever sometimes.

What is the most beautiful book that you have bought

I have to go with Felix again. A follow-up would be Wild Beauty by Anna-Marie McLemore. 

Please do this if you haven’t already and link me your post! I wanna seeeee

To Read Or Not To Read

Any resemblance to poets living or dead is entirely coincidental. 

To read or not to read, that is the question

Whether tis nobler in the mind to nourish

the slings and arrows of outrageous vocabulary,

Or to take books from a shelf of them

And by expiring times, end them. To read- to sleep

No more; and by sleep to say we read

The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks
That book is heir to: ’tis a consummation
Devoutly to be wish’d. To read, to sleep;

To read, perchance to dream—ay, there’s the rub:

For in that in sleep or reading, what dreams may come,

When we have shuffled off this mortal job,
Must give us books—there’s the respect
That makes calamity of so long life.