Were My Early Posts Bad?

*This is my final post of WordPress. Please!!! go to https://brittainagof.wixsite.com/tanyxscreams to stay connected!* I’m going to be looking back at some of my earliest posts and judging myself. Based on what I’ve already seen, younger me was much better at writing. Too Tired To Read  is prose (or a diary entry) about the time IContinue reading “Were My Early Posts Bad?”

My Ideal College Book Fair

You remember the scholastic fairs in elementary and middle school? For days the school library would have teachers reading from books, paperbacks and bookmarks for sale. It was the only thing I enjoyed about elementary. I’m bummed that we don’t have them at my university. So what would it look like? It wouldn’t exactly beContinue reading “My Ideal College Book Fair”

Author Dreams ~ Being Part Of A Gay Book Box

Back when BOTM was less exclusive, I talked a bit about what my ideal box would look like, and I wanted to revisit it! Bookish Glasses Case ~ I’m not sure how many readers wear glasses, but probably a fair few, right? But this is mostly a selfish one, since mine is a rather dull and old blackContinue reading “Author Dreams ~ Being Part Of A Gay Book Box”

If I Were Rich: Imagining My Gay Library

Ah, if only I had a personal gay library. Or even a gay bookcase. Or gay floating bookshelf. As is, my books are all over my desk and stored in bins. That’s no life for a book.  Realistically, maybe I could get a small folding bookcase. We used to have one, but my mum threwContinue reading “If I Were Rich: Imagining My Gay Library”

Mid-Year Book Tag~ 2020

What an awful year. At east it’s half over, but if recent history is any indication, things will get worse. But anyway, as of June 30th, I’ve read 15 books. I failed. My Goodreads goal was set at 48, considerably lower because I’m back at college and wanted to try reading more bricks since readingContinue reading “Mid-Year Book Tag~ 2020”