John Green Hit List #1

The Worst (And Only Worst): An Abundance Of Katherines


It’s a John Green, and that’s all it has going for it. While I would recommend it to friends who like maths, Colin is a repetitive bore who needs to get over Katherine(s).

The Fault In Our Stars-2ndish place


If this book was written by any other author, it would be in 1st place easily. The characters, especially Gus, are too good to be real, but he puts just a good amount of snark in Hazel’s voice I could fangirl about this book gark

Will Grayson, Will Grayson-1st place TIE


 OK, admittedly David Levithan’s Will has a better personality, but John Green’s Will has a better story. One could not do without the other. 


Looking For Alaska-1st Place TIE


The guy is actually in a similar predicament to Colin, as he cannot stop mooning over Alaska. But He collects famous last words. Nothing this guy ever writes can beat famous last words.

What’s your favorite John Green?Agree with the listing or not?


Adios, 2017!

It’s a bit overdue, but here’s to the death of 2017!


TanyaScreams’ most popular post comes with a tie between August Wrap Up and War Of The Worlds-Book Review,  followed closely by Sherlock, Sherlock Sherlock!

Please tell me if you remember these, because I do, but I wrote them and have Sherlockian memory.

These were followed by a triple tie: George Orwell QuoteBooks I Brought To College, and Perks Of Being A Wallflower Letter.



I loved Wallflower. I love Wallflower. Wallflower is one of those books, read at the right time, that can make you feel infinite. Been in High School? Relevant. Been depressed? Relevant. Taken drugs that whacked you out? Relevant.

(I didn’t do the last one, but my point stands.)

  I was so young and read great books I won’t be able to experience for the first time again. But that’s ok, cause when you reread, you can savor the details. BUT who has time for rereading?!?

I am currently still reading LOTR, on page 26 of The Two Towers. That’s after 458 pages of The Fellowship. I’m a college student, don’t judge.

Agatha Christie, surrounded by some of her 80-plus crime novels.
This image is everywhere, but I found it posted on

I religiously don’t like goals, but three paper scented goals I’ll make.

#1 Finish LOTR This has been on my bucket list since I was born, probably. I don’t remember that far back. I am on track to do it, as I already read The Hobbit and The Fellowship.

So far Twin Towers is really, *cough* boring *cough* I mean, it’s epic watching a hot guy and his non-human friends hike across a beautiful Earth, but reading it, it looks like Tolkien was writing a travel diary, emphasis on diary.

#2 Write Something! Yeah, I really don’t want to jinx it because this is the item on the bucket list. 

#3 murder.


Read, Write, Murder, I just found a name for something!

Anyhow, serious posts. I should write these posts with data driven analysis. Which was the point of this post, to analyze.


August Wrap-Up

I admit it. My blog sucks right now. I haven’t posted substantial content in a while, and I haven’t really read much this month because I moved to a small town for college. The school library only has texts for class, and no fiction that I’ve seen, not even Shakespeare!

So in August I posted:

Books I Brought To College                                                                                                                  Courage To Write Quotes                                                                                                                      Game Of Thrones-Book Review                                                                                                          Drop

I enjoyed writing the Game Of Thrones review the most. It made me critically think about GOF, let me practice for still-essay-less college, and dragons.


The Bloggess continues to make me smile. I love this quote from Writer’s Path, Ilsa posted on blog satisfaction and Holly posted a long overdue post on non-fiction.

While going through my reader I found Ravenclaw’s Book Unhaul.She has strange opinions about some good books. (Doesn’t love Looking For Alaska-that was the one Green I loved), but I love that she spoke her opinions so bluntly.

Psst.. I’m reading Lord Of The Rings I’ve never read it before. Why? Oh… I get stuck at the songs. This also happened with The Hobbit, but I managed to read it thrice. I’ve read up to the Tom Bombadil scene and just lose it. Tom Bom Tom Bombadil Tom Bomadilo Bright Blue his jacket is and his boots are yellow It’s like that song that is nonsense but people sing it every time it comes on anyway.

I couldn’t decide on a gif that fits, so I just selected all of my Sherlock gifs and added some more. #lazy

How was your August? How do you get books in a town with a malnourished library? What are you thoughts on books with songs? Should I talk about something other than Sherlock? (If I should I won’t)


Books I Brought To College


 Lord Of The Rings boxset: I’ve tried to finish the entire thing before but… This is my 3rd time reading The Hobbit. I should do a book vs. movie thing. Dwarves and a dragon!

Reader’s Digest: Genius Issue 2016 Yay, a magazine instead of a book! It can really inspire me when I need it, esp. the Frozen article. It says it’s ok, even better, to draw on your personal experiences to create blockbuster. I like regular RDs, but their genius issues are the best.

JRR Tolkien: The Man Who Created LOTR: Yeah. I don’t really have a reason for this except that it was in my writing bin and Middle Earth.

Woman Hollering Creek A crush “loaned” this to me a while back and said I could return it when I was “finished” with it. I am much more specific when I loan books. Anyway, it’s a good book in itself. I love the tone, much more than in Mango St., which I hated. But it was required reading, so I should probably reread this unbiased. The stories were cool, but not memorable enough to name my favorites.

A People’s History Of The U.S.  This was from my junior year of HS’s history supplemental book. The teacher got promoted and didn’t ask for it back. I thought I would need it for college, and I don’t. I liked it even tho I haven’t read it since she was promoted. It’s a citizen-oriented version of history.

 The Picture Of Dorian Gray: This was the first book I finished here! It was… interesting in a good way. Different from the movie but the quality of both are about the same. Dorian says he wants the picture to grow old in his place, and it comes true.

Your Name In Print: This is a father-daughter collaboration that goes through the process of getting published. The best part was snippets about teen authors. I checked out one and it was unspeakably horrible. I already read and liked Eragon though, and I found the bit of background interesting.

How To Write A Damn Good Novel: This is the best traditional book on writing I’ve read.

Imaginative Writing: Get the sub theme? I mostly like it for it’s prompts, not the bulk of the writing.

The Greek Myths 1 &2: I wanted to bring a piece of my religion, and this is the most accessible and portable book I had. 

Quick Question: Do you want me to add links to Amazon or Goodreads?

Slower question: What books did you, or might you bring, to college?


Courage To Write Quotes

GAR! Hi humans and nonhumans alike. I have moved into college! They don’t allow incoming to have access to the internet until they register for classes, thus the delay…



I recently finished Courage To Write. Overall, it had good messages, but the chapters could’ve been condensed into a single quote.

“Writing by hand, mouthing by mouth: in each case you get a… physical sense of the emergence of language, print obliterates it; type has no drawl.”

If you are in difficulties with a book, try the element of surprise: attack it at an hour when it’s isn’t expecting it.” -O. Welles

“When writers are out in public the laughter level is high, and they’re very buoyant-even without alcohol because they’re not at home feeling like they have to take a test.”-Oates

“Writing is hell. I find that i’m simply the happiest, the placidest when i’m writing.” -William Styron

July/ Book-tube-a-thon Wrap Up

I am shamed.  During the seven day Booktubeathon I read only 3 books:

images (10)

 7/12 stars

The Murders In The Rue Morgue

Challenges applied: finish a book in a day, hyped in Sherlockian lore, people in the distance.

I kinda regret reading this so fast because there is so much logical detail, but I am thankful it propelled me to read it fast because the second story..ugh.

read my marginalia here


     A Spell For Chameleon      8/12 stars




Challenges: person on the cover, Bink is different from me.

So sexist, but the story was great and the magic detailed. Review coming!    



W Juliet  

10/12 stars

Challenges: Finish a book in one day, people on the cover, characters are different download (1)from me.

Does manga count?

This was a cute romance. The transvestite twist and it’s immersion in their drama club gives it an interesting difference from most r/c manga. The artwork was beautiful without being overly detailed, an uncommon asset in manga.

My only problem is how one dimensional the rivals are. They are there only to serve the plot and have no human complexities.

So that was the week of Booktubeathon, but in July overall I read 8 books. Ok, 2 others are manga. Need opinions! Does manga count? Highlights include Game Of Thrones and Strange The Dreamer.

Blog wrap up:

Snakes In Fiction  Inspired a few creative comments, with Summer Book Quotes following.

Other blogs that caught my attention:

H20 Book Review, book RW Directory: This sounds like a great book, but how exactly does it work? Every living thing has water, every living thing needs water to survive. What can they eat when the water is poisonous? 

Awkward Blogging Moments, Ilsa@ A Whisper Of Ink: People talk about their blogs? Blogs are for internet. People are for…Maybe a few have uses, but I’m not sure what the general human populace is for. She has real points that bloggers experience. 

Holly Visits Willa Cather’s Grave Call me creepy but I love graves. I love Hitlers’ scattered ashes. I love…stopping now. Seriously, visiting such a historic site would be an amazing experience, as long as you gave me time to read her books.

And seriously,I love graves.

Summer Book Quotes


So, halfway through the year and halfway through summer. I’ve been getting though my last batch of library books before having no library books for over 24 hours while trading my hometown library for my depressingly small college library.

 For the first half of summer, I’ve been reading a mixed batch of the great and disappointing. 

download (12)


Strange The Dreamer

7/12 stars; The beginning built up a tower of magic, and the second half brought in graffiti artists. 

Lazlo “‘Beautiful and full of monsters?’                                     Calixte ‘All the best things are.'”



Sherlock Holmessher

12/12 stars; I love the deductive logic and the humor.

Sherlock  “Would you be afraid to sleep in the same room  as a lunatic, a man with a softening of the brain, an idiot whose mind has lost it’s grip?”

Watson “Not in the least.”

Sherlock “Ah, that’s lucky.”

download (13)

Game Of Thrones

4/12 stars; I began it after seeing several episodes of the show, and the book, while the same plot, is not well written or has as much detail as the show.

Tyrion “Why is it that when one man builds a wall, the next man immediately needs to know what’s on the other side?”



What A Writer Needsdownload (14)

12/12 stars It takes the approach of a teacher instead of a writer, offering student examples to explain his writing mindset.

“Teachers must be wary of imposing the ‘correct’ interpretation to a poem or book…The author has created for many different readers to climb inside of it, to make it their own. An ambiguous ending…will challenge the reader to take a more active stance toward the book,…will challenge students to defend their interpretations.”

Sorry if some of these are too long. Here’s a hot Englishman.