20 Books Of Summer~ TBR Challenge

Hello! I’m going back to blogging during my brief summer break- I used to be a blogger in my later teen years but my posts have become sporadic during uni. I tend to read queer upper YA and philosophy, let’s be friends if that sounds like your taste! This challenge is officially called 20 BooksContinue reading “20 Books Of Summer~ TBR Challenge”

I’m Back! ~ Reflecting On 2021 & Setting Up 2022 Goals

Hello, it’s been a while, and you likely don’t remember me. I was your resident queer book blogger up until uni consumed all of my time. It’s the last week of winter break, and I’ve been feeling this itch to come back, to talk to people about books! My stats differ across various platforms, maybeContinue reading “I’m Back! ~ Reflecting On 2021 & Setting Up 2022 Goals”

First Lines Friday ~ 9/17/21

First Lines Fridays is a weekly feature for book lovers hosted by Wandering Words. What if instead of judging a book by its cover, its author or its prestige, we judged it by its opening lines? “I sit with my wrists cuffed to the table and I think, But that I am forbid/ to tell the secretsContinue reading “First Lines Friday ~ 9/17/21”

So You’ve Finished… Special Topics In Calamity Physics

This is the second in a series? Maybe? It didn’t get a lot of attention, but I enjoyed writing So You Finished…The Anthropocene Reviewed, in which I actually opened an email from GoodReads to see if they had taste. They did rec me Special Topics, so they probably don’t. But if you can’t tell by theContinue reading “So You’ve Finished… Special Topics In Calamity Physics”

College Is Weird ~ A Dark Academia Discussion

You’re expected to know everything about a profession you chose in your late teens within a 4 year span. At least enough to get you started on the bottom rungs. Most college movies feature frat parties and lots and lots of drinking. But for me, at least, dark academia novels like Bunny and movies likeContinue reading “College Is Weird ~ A Dark Academia Discussion”

Rory Gilmore Reading List- 2021

Ah, September. Time to return to school, sharpen the pencils, and hit the library. To recap, I did this in 2020 and 2018. I’ve read 31 books on the list, highlighted like this. The books I have on my physical TBR or on request at the library are underlined. And if you’re wondering why it’sContinue reading “Rory Gilmore Reading List- 2021”

September Is Dark Academia Month

Heeeeey It’s Tanyx from the passsst. Seriously, I’m writing this in August in anticipation of the chaos that is uni life. Throughout September I have prewritten several posts on the majestic aesthetic known as Dark Academia. You probably already know what it is- the glorification of the stressful mania of students in the throes ofContinue reading “September Is Dark Academia Month”

University Tips & Tricks

 So these are my general tips for school and life that you’ll maybe find useful but it’s probably pedantic? I guess if you’re a struggling student you’ll hopefully find something useful, but these might also just be common sense. I also started this before the pandemic happened so some may not be available rn. LetContinue reading “University Tips & Tricks”