The Luke Next Door/ Grump With A Heart Of Gold/ I Heart Characters Redo!

Luke Danes. The only person in Stars Hollow that wears plaid. (I hate plaid.) A successful owner of a family diner.  The man who took forever to confess his love for Lorelei.  I didn’t do the original Boy Next Door, so this is actually a redo of Mr. Grump With A Heart Of Gold  for I HeartContinue reading “The Luke Next Door/ Grump With A Heart Of Gold/ I Heart Characters Redo!”

Thank U, Next: Book Tag!

Just putting that here in case you haven’t heard it. The book tag was originally created by thisstoryaintover on booktube, although it doesn’t have captions, I found it through others. It’s the first Ariana Grande song I’ve heard, and it’s the only good song I’ve yet to find of hers. Let’s do this before I get sickContinue reading “Thank U, Next: Book Tag!”

Let’s Think About Brains

I think about my brain several times a day. It started around 8th grade, when I was diagnosed with Asperger’s. Asperger’s is a type of high functioning autism. It manifests itself in social awkwardness and brutal honesty. I have an IQ of 152, if online testing is to be believed. The average IQ is inContinue reading “Let’s Think About Brains”

Thanks For Nothing, Padfoot

Yep, I’m so late I’m crashing. I wanted to post this after seeing Crimes Of Grindelwald, but all I can really say is  Moving on… Back? To Sirius Padfoot Black. This is going to make me look mentally ill or have issues, but that’s because I’M MENTALLY ILL AND HAVE ISSUES.  In elementary school, I didn’tContinue reading “Thanks For Nothing, Padfoot”

General Update: Native American & Disability Reading Challenge

 You may not have noticed that I usually blog about my WIP once a month. I’m going to stop doing that, at least for this month, and announce my new reading challenge. Two months ago I did a Latinx Book Bingo & Prideathon and was happy that I did. But I don’t want to limit myself, plus it’sContinue reading “General Update: Native American & Disability Reading Challenge”

Daughter Of Smoke & Bone/A Kickass Who’d Have Your Back-I Heart Characters

I have mixed feelings about this, because I want more insight into the cast of Daughter of Smoke And Bone. At the same time, there were major problems with the plot and flow of writing. I suggest you read DOSAB only if you have nothing better to read. Have you read all of John Green’sContinue reading “Daughter Of Smoke & Bone/A Kickass Who’d Have Your Back-I Heart Characters”

Why I May Or May Not Join Booktube

  Like most millenials, I love YouTube. I spent the past several hours watching Nerdfighters, and I can’t really say why.  Just my luck, I get a craving for them just as John Green announces he’s taking a year off all social media except YouTube. Now, I’m really happy about it, because maybe this willContinue reading “Why I May Or May Not Join Booktube”

MaSoNaNoWrMo/ Moving On!

I’m maybe, sorta doing Nano this month. It’s a month dedicated to writing 50,000 words, or one novel, in a month. I’ll be working on Stepdaddy’s Blood and experimenting with memoir. Due to homelessness, I haven’t been writing anything outside of my diary. I can’t link my Nano right now, but I’m BritDMurder6 if you can findContinue reading “MaSoNaNoWrMo/ Moving On!”