“Voted Most Likely” Writers Tag!

I’ve been struggling a bit with my current WIP, Sacrificing Cowboy J, so when I saw this on The Story Sponge I knew I had to do it!


  •  Thank the lovely blogger who tagged you. Story Sponge tagged everyone with charas that fit the prompts, so yay.
  • Include a link to the tag creator’s page Phoebe
  •  Use your own Original Characters (OC’s); don’t use a friend’s characters or characters from your favorite fandom. They can be from any project, so long as you created them. For more fun, try to use as many different characters as possible.
  • Tag at least five lovely blogger friends to play along.

Most likely to be a poet

I’m going with an oldie but goodie: Jimlin from Before The Mountain Falls. Jimlin is a bit of a runty dwarf that prefers academics to adventuring- not that he’ll turn a meaningful trip down. He’s assistant librarian in the dusty stacks that hold ancient and useful documents that only he bothers to look for. He’s an insecure romantic that definitely wrote some poems about Lildrey at some point.

download (6)

Most Likely to Dance in the Rain

Lildrey! Lildrey, an elf raised by dwarves that tends to act on impulse- almost dying in some instances. When the mood strikes her, she’ll dance. She’ll run. She’ll jump off a cliff. Literally. She also grows a varied garden- started because she couldn’t eat the meat of the dwarves and expanded once she got accidicted to them.

Most likely to look good in a kilt

Jimlin’s older brother Ark is your more typical, if mature, dwarf. He’s destined to be elected king in the future, possibly while wearing a kilt. He’s a master of firesong, able to tap into the dwarvish collective’s moods and turn it into fire.

Most likely to get punched in the face

Now I can move on to Sacrificing! Cowboy J is the only heterosexual in a town full of queers. He’s outspoken, loud, and confident. Just your typical allocishet white boy. He’s a Kinesiology major (PE teaching) that loves to run into everyone’s ire.


Most likely to drop everything and become a sheep-herder

I feel like quite a few of my characters that aren’t duty-bound would do this. The Human in Falling Angel/Rising Demon would find sheep-herding convient. They need to get away so they can rest their mind.

Most likely to be found in the library

Gary from Sacrificing! Gary is a museum collector, and one of the oldest people in the village. He’s a total nerd that uses an extensive library to back up his artefacts’ legitimacy. 

Most likely to sleep through an earthquake

Probably QP. They savour the luxuries of life, including, but not limited to, dancing and sleeping. They wear silk PJs and drown out any outside inconveniences with piano melodies. 

giphy (4)

Most likely to steal food from other people’s plates

Ooh. I’ve already said QP, but I’ll say it again: QP will inconvenience others, as long as it doesn’t inconvenience themself. 

Most likely to cheat on a test

Most likely Cowboy J- although I don’t think he does it regularly, he has done it once or twice when there’s a big run coming up.

Most likely to say “Oops” after setting something on fire

Can I use CJ a third time… Pax from Falling Angel/Rising Demon. Pax is your typical duty-bound angel until they find out one of their charges is missing a soul. Pax and Krampus, their demon counterpart, must work together to act as moral guides while the soul sets in.

Most likely to open an orphanage

I mean, Ark will open one if one needs to be open within the mountain, but it’s not a thing any of my characters are dedicated to.

giphy (5)

Most likely to run off with the circus

 Pireto would do it if he got the chance. Teaching high school spanish is a lot like running a circus. He’d be a tired clown, doing low level pranks with the most funnily exhausted face. 

Most likely to survive the zombie apocalypse

I don’t think anyone has a decent chance, except for Uncle Tom. Do you remember CAM from season 3 of Sherlock? He’s Uncle Tom. Rich, has a mansion in a frozen wasteland, no one likes him. But he’ll survive anyway.

Most likely to fake their own death

She didn’t set out to do it, but Lildrey got into a situation where a lot of people thought she was dead. 

Most likely to die and haunt their friends

Probably Allan! She’s a detective that loves investigating murders, so if she dies and someone dies in mysterious circumstances, she’s coming back. 

I tag the writers reading this! Scour your stories for the right characters for these prompts! 

Join The Club!

Good evening, heroes, villains, and morally grey characters! I have exciting news!

*Drumroll please* 



I have a patreon!  You can either join Read This Book! where you get to choose a book for me to read and review or join Queer Stories To Tell In The Dark, where you get to read an exclusive short story and get a shout-out! Like this special guy: 

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Darth Vader is a little known second-in-command for the galactic cult, Empire. He has a deep, commanding voice that will sooth you as he force chokes you to death. He was also my first husband, before he tragically succumbed to the call of Light. Let’s honour his memory and embrace the Dark Side every day!

 I know I don’t usually talk about these fandoms here, but I am a massive nerd and I cannot possibly talk about everything I love.

A short story will go up every third week of the month, I am aiming for fridays but I’m not sure what my school schedule will look like yet, so it cold be any day of the week. If you haven’t already, read Bits Of Flesh  for a taste. 

I hope you decide to join! It will be a big help for me financially and I will write things you’ll enjoy. 



Stepdaddy’s Blood: Looking For Betas!


 Her stepdad died the year she was born. Her mum doesn’t make sense as she tells the story, and Allan begins to suspect that she’s not the White Ass’ bastard child. She recruits her spanish teacher, Pireto and her best friend Johanna to find D.N.A. to test. But they find a suicide that might have been a murder.  

 I’m at a standstill with Stepdaddy’s Blood. My regular beta readers don’t know that I’m queer and I’m afraid some recent changes will give it away.

I feel a little guilty because I offered to beta read before and didn’t read all the way through. But if you’re reading this, you’re here, so here’s the opening:

 She reckoned the trunk was the natural place for roaches to die. Emma Allan Packyard has to convince the landlord that the bugs all died, but they weren’t just dead; they were gone. She opens the old trunk.

For obvious reasons, I don’t want to post it all here. I’ve posted about it:

 Stepdaddy’s Blood: A WIP

Stepdaddy’s Blood/ WIP Update #2

Stepdaddy’s Blood/ WIP #3, In Tweets

 My ideal beta reader is 16-24 years old (Allan is an 18 year old senior in high school.) Knows some spanish and can give specifics about why or why not things work. Allan is exploring her biromantic asexuality, but you don’t have to be queer, just open to reading about queer people.

 If you’re really interested, you don’t have to fit any of these! As long as I’ve seen you online and I know you can be serious, please email me at brittainagof@gmail.com. Please include a link to your blog and/or twitter and goodreads.

 My idea is to send 1 chapter of around 1,000 words per week in a google doc you can comment on. In return, I can feature your underrated blog posts in a monthly wrap-up. If you have a better idea, please let me know. I have no money, but I have brains and time.

 Let me know if you’d like to see monthly updates on Stepdaddy’s Blood here. And I promise next week will have real book discussions. 

MaSoNaNoWrMo/ Moving On!


I’m maybe, sorta doing Nano this month. It’s a month dedicated to writing 50,000 words, or one novel, in a month. I’ll be working on Stepdaddy’s Blood and experimenting with memoir. Due to homelessness, I haven’t been writing anything outside of my diary. I can’t link my Nano right now, but I’m BritDMurder6 if you can find me. How do I link my Nano? I’ve seen it done on twitter.

I always thought that I’d just diary write until I die, and then whoever I outlive would go through them an publish what’s consumable. But I’ve been reading a few memoirs lately, and while most of them are by celebrities, it’s a fascinating genre.  

I’m still committed to Sepdaddy’s Blood, but it’s been hard. By switching between the two, I think it’ll be easier to keep writing when one runs dry or  inaccessible. 

Stepdaddy’s Blood/ WIP #3, In Tweets


 How do you guys want my future WIP updates? More tweets? Snippets? Overview of the pain this is causing me? 

Handmaid’s NaNoWrMo Count

I wrote 909 words today. A good day, for me.

Cause usually I write nothing.

I only wrote cause of a deadline.

My total word count is 2,910 which is ok because it’s a play, which should have a shorter wordcount cause all the description is left to the director.

giphy (4)

Reading-wise, I finished The Handmaid’s Tale over a week ago but wasn’t able to post about it cause there’s no internet at home. 

Long book short, women are sex slaves. Awful, terrifying premise that based its terror on the truth of our oppression. I recommend it to every one of mature age on this planet, and other planets that have a history of oppression. I would not recommend it to those aliens just starting to learn about Earth, or Terra, or the third planet from Sol. You would get the wrong impression.

Good night.


Demon Writers




4TheWords is overrated. It’s basically a writing tool that lets you write and battle wooden demons simultaneously. I have this word document open right now, with a still photo of the marionette Tamarix challenging me to write 1200 words in the next 1 hour, 51 minutes and 40 seconds.

It’s not even writhing. There’s no flames or a jug of holy water or Sam & Dean in fake official uniforms that they can take off.

Don’t spoil it for me! I just finished season one.

I heard about it via my writer’s group. 4TheWords, not Supernatural. That was Pinterest. They made it sound so much fun, like the demons clouded your pinterest and you had to write to clear them. It’s not like that, it pauses when you’re on Pinterest. You’re lousy.



I’m finally reading The Handmaid’s Tale. It’s so fracking terrifying. Terror is most terrifying when it’s truthful, and though it’s not exact, it does mirror some old practices, such as taking a concubine, and the general ancient idea of a patriarchy. It reads like a diary, and even mentions the diary form in Margaret’s intro. (Yes, I read those. Does anyone else?) I’m only on the fourth chapter, but to be fair, I started it at eight pm. It’s ten. I had to eat and pretend to do homework, OK?

I tried starting Imagine That, but it didn’t speak to me. Too much flubber.

I’m tiers. Don’t catfish. Be like Sherlock. ‘night.


So Suddenly Halloween = NaNoWriMo

This is the first November I’ve been serious about writing 50,000 words in a month. Sort of. I’m writing a play, not a novel. I wrote the first and, for some scenes, second or third draft already. I’m a NaNo cheater.


 But I haven’t been writing. I used my characters for a playwrighting class, and while I would have nothing typed if it weren’t for that class, it also made me make up an illogical scene that I can’t use yet can’t get rid of. Should I leave it in and hope that no one is significantly bothered by the illogic of it?

I’m  not Shakespeare. Thank goodness, cause then I didn’t write Romeo and Juliet, but it also means I can’t write Hamlet. Some of my plays are better than good. Some look good on paper but look like a sitcom in action, not to mention the John Watson look I get a lot.

Me vs my audience

I post on a Saturday night because I found Beautiful Books via A Whisper Of Ink. Also because the haunted house here sucks even though they have vegan cupcakes. That good, and that bad. So I’m bored and read the blogs I’ve gotten behind on.

 Beautiful Books is doing a NaNoWrMo blogging linkup with questions concerning your work of art. 

Question No.1 

  1. What inspired the idea for your novel, and how long have you had the idea?sfnkjjvddddjlkvds,jnvds,jnvbdsj,hbhegsjhkgdsliugew
  2. BREAKING NEWS BREAKIN G NESWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sherlock: Many Happy Returns was a mini-episode made just before Sherlock: season three. If you knew about this and didn’t tell me, you’re already dead.


I love it, even though there’s no actual mystery and I can’t understand what half of Lestrade and Sherlock are saying cause there are no captions. If you find a captioned version for me, I will bring you back to life.

So, NaNo,



1.What inspired the idea for your novel, and how long have you had the idea?

Well… It’s a mystery play, inspired partly by my favorite mystery show and my old crush, who also loved my favSherlockSherloff…….I’m OK. It was originally supposed to be a novel, but as I’ve been taking a playwrighting class I realized the play format suited it better. It’s a pretty recent idea, maybe starting last May. So not that recent, but I did the bulk of jotting during the summer. Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater. Note: Pumpkin Pie, unless stated otherwise, is not vegan. SAD.

2. Describe what your novel (play) is about

Allan recruits her Spanish teacher, Pireto, on a case: who is her biological father? They are from Oakland but have to travel to Napa to get her ‘sposed fathers’ DNA.

3. What is your book’s aesthetic? Use words or photos or whatever you like!

Photo cred: HuffPo?

Picture that, but with a black background and a necklace string round it.

4. Introduce us to each of your characters!

ALLAN- Consulting Investigative journalist-in-training. Wants to be Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock Holmes SHERLOCj Ravenclaw.

PIRETO- Allan’s Watson. A high school Spanish teacher that wants to write. Gryffindor, but not entirely sure?

RUSALKA, a fashion photographer. Slytherin.

Others are mentioned, but not enough to have a personality at this stage.

5. How do you prepare to write? (Outline, research, stocking up on chocolate, howling, etc.?)

I love chocolate. I eat it everyday. But for the rest, I’m done. I wrote stuff. I mapped out stuff. I took over the kitchen and talked into the air about stuff.

6. What are you most looking forward to about this novel?

The Sherly fandoming, obviously, although I kinda hate it when other mysteries reference Sherlock like we’re all bands emulating The Beatles.


7. List 3 things about your novel’s setting.

Napa, Pre-fire- Obviously, I thought of it before the fires, when Napa was just rich houses filled with drunk men.

Lake Berryessa, maybe?- Lakes are stageable, but I’m still going to maybe this. Lake Berryessa used to be an inhabited valley before assholes built a dam and flooded it.

Car time- They’re traveling from Oakland to Napa to Berryessa-so lots of time for chitchat about their fundamental life thoughts.

8. What’s your character’s goal and who (or what) stands in the way?

Allan wants to find out who’s her father, but the man who supposedly is lives in another county, and would not take genetic questioning nicely.

9. How does your protagonist change by the end of the novel (play)?

Dude, now? Something about her father, maybe she realizes blood doesn’t matter.

10. What are your book’s themes? How do you want readers to feel when the story is over?


Themes: Logic, logic, logic, needs a heart to function.

Happy end of Halloween, peeps. Happy NaNo ,weeps. Happy Deathday, creeps.