Lesbian Necromancers and Other Queer-O-Lanterns

  https://www.instagram.com/p/B38K69uAHaL/ I had a hard time with the first chapter of Gideon The Ninth, but it’s gone significantly upwards. Gideon and Harrow of the necromantic Ninth House hate each others guts. Not entirely sure why harrow hates Gideon yet, but she’s been keeping Gideon locked up against her will, despite Gideon being a trainedContinue reading “Lesbian Necromancers and Other Queer-O-Lanterns”

Team Free Will 2.0 Supernatural Book Tag!

There is, in fact a SPN book tag- but it leaves out Jack? How do you leave out Jack? So I made a new and (hopefully) improved SPN book tag! Rules: Link to the original post (this post) Do not spoil season 15 Destiel is canon Prompts: Dean Winchester: The Tough Dad- A book that wasContinue reading “Team Free Will 2.0 Supernatural Book Tag!”

In Which I Bomb You With Mini Reviews

https://www.instagram.com/p/B0uA9R3jQKu/ Like A Love Story The overall theme of this late ’80s historical novel is that gay people are afraid of AIDS. Queers just want to be able to live and love freely without worrying about getting sick and dying, but Big Pharma is run by racist, sexist homophobes. It follows three teens: Art, who’sContinue reading “In Which I Bomb You With Mini Reviews”

Supernatural Book Tag!

 My name is TanyX Winchester, and I love Supernatural. Not so much the latter seasons, but like, in the days when Destiel were free to declare their love for each other in the pit of purgatory. I don’t understand why their wedding wasn’t televised, but their happily married selves have settled into a “no-homo” camouflageContinue reading “Supernatural Book Tag!”

Goodreads TBR Hop: Elimination

You click add to Want To Read while watching a haul or reading a Top 10 Tuesday without really looking at the synopsis. You add something ages ago, only to learn it’s problematic. Your taste changes and you stop reading books about straight people. It happens.  So here’s what I removed while scrolling thorough goodreadsContinue reading “Goodreads TBR Hop: Elimination”