Childhood’s End – Book Review

Childhood’s End, Arthur C. Clarke, 218 pages, circa 1953, 7/12  Clarke is of course, one of those famous masters of sci-fi but I didn’t pick him up until my library’s giveaway shelf had a battered, almost-gone cover, of a copy.  It spans over 100 years, with different human characters. My favorite human is alive forContinue reading “Childhood’s End – Book Review”

Black Panther, As Seen By An Oaklandish White Girl

Good, but not always great. When great, not always wonderful. Sometimes wonderful. Black Panther can be analyzed in several different ways, and receive different scores for each: Characters: heroes 12/12 There is a plethora of heroes to choose from. Black Panther himself, a good man who proves to be a good king. Shuri, a warriorContinue reading “Black Panther, As Seen By An Oaklandish White Girl”