Summer Book Quotes


So, halfway through the year and halfway through summer. I’ve been getting though my last batch of library books before having no library books for over 24 hours while trading my hometown library for my depressingly small college library.

 For the first half of summer, I’ve been reading a mixed batch of the great and disappointing. 

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Strange The Dreamer

7/12 stars; The beginning built up a tower of magic, and the second half brought in graffiti artists. 

Lazlo “‘Beautiful and full of monsters?’                                     Calixte ‘All the best things are.'”



Sherlock Holmessher

12/12 stars; I love the deductive logic and the humor.

Sherlock  “Would you be afraid to sleep in the same room  as a lunatic, a man with a softening of the brain, an idiot whose mind has lost it’s grip?”

Watson “Not in the least.”

Sherlock “Ah, that’s lucky.”

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Game Of Thrones

4/12 stars; I began it after seeing several episodes of the show, and the book, while the same plot, is not well written or has as much detail as the show.

Tyrion “Why is it that when one man builds a wall, the next man immediately needs to know what’s on the other side?”



What A Writer Needsdownload (14)

12/12 stars It takes the approach of a teacher instead of a writer, offering student examples to explain his writing mindset.

“Teachers must be wary of imposing the ‘correct’ interpretation to a poem or book…The author has created for many different readers to climb inside of it, to make it their own. An ambiguous ending…will challenge the reader to take a more active stance toward the book,…will challenge students to defend their interpretations.”

Sorry if some of these are too long. Here’s a hot Englishman.



What, What, Why?


What makes me                                                                                                                                sane right now                                                                                                                        separates me                                                                                                                                      from my                                                                                                                                           insane                                                                                                                                                inner ring?

What makes you think                                                                                                              that the book                                                                                                                              you read right now                                                                                                                         is not the same                                                                                                                              exact copy                                                                                                                                        as the one                                                                                                                                      you lay down                                                                                                                                    a year ago?

Why should thoughts                                                                                                                not be real                                                                                                                                         when what is real                                                                                                                            cannot be known?

Writing Reluctantly

  I thought you love writing                                                                                                writing is torture                                                                                                                           I know you love reading                                                                                                            The author disappoints me                                                                                                                

You had fun with essays                                                                                                          but I do not want to                                                                                                                 But you will be happy                                                                                                                     I like being sour                 

Darling, why do you need me                                                                                                         Because you make me happy                                                                                                   But so does writing                                                                                                                           So? I need you both


Snakes In Fiction

 Snakes are one of many underrated character types, possibly because of ophidiophobia, possibly because of the human tendency to believe that your species is the best species. It’s probably the latter, as minority characters aren’t as apparent as white girls. Other character types, such as Death, aliens, etc., are usually not the main character.  Shout out to atypicalnarratives’  Trees In Fiction!   

But that doesn’t mean they aren’t necessary. if it weren’t for snakes,

zoo harrypotterdiagon

  1. Harry Potter? There’d be no Harry Potter. NO HARRY POTTER! Even FB had occammies.

ahh!2. What would Medusa look like? Strictly this is history,  not fiction, but she is portrayed in a number of books, the immediate Percy Jackson comes to mind.  


download (10)3. Remember this guy? Kaa from Jungle Book.


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4. Master Viper from Kung Fu Panda. A warrior can be feminine! Who doesn’t like viper? Oh, snake haters.

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5. Yep, fiction. Probably. Cleopatra is long said to have been bitten by a poisonous cobra, but it’s unlikely to have actually happened. Snakes preserve their venom for times of acute danger, and a large, yet variable, percent of snakebites are dry. (non-venomous.)

How are you felling about snakes? Are there any other snakes I’m not listing?

Book Appreciation: Boxcar Children

 Yes, I know it’s HP’s big 2-0, but even thought I used to have nightly dreams where Sirius Black was my father for two years, it’s not the only book series that made me. I want to give a shout out to all the book (series) that impacted me.


 The first one came out in 1924. There are over 150 titles, and no, I didn’t read them all. Blame limited library funds. The ones I particularly remember are The Boxcar Children, The Cereal Box Mystery, and The Secret Of The Mask.

 This was my first exposure to the mystery genre, wwaaaaayyy back in elementary school, then extended into middle school. People would try to get me into Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, but I didn’t connect with them. The best part about Boxcar was that they were kids. They were kids and they could figure out anything! They thwarted the evil-minded adults, were better than adults!

 There was no death. I got into death later, when I started reading YA.

 Eventually I stopped reading them because the writing was too simplistic. I recommend them if you haven’t read any of them yet, though I don’t blame you if you put it down because of the writing.

 There was a black hole in my life afterwards, I hole that I tried to fill with Uglies, Hunger Games, and other books, but I was malnourished, suffering a Mystery deficiency until a friend recommended And Then There Were None, by Agatha Christie. Then I got into Sherlock and am slowly reading my way back into a healthy diet.

 It has made me aware of the serious lack of mysteries for teens. WHERE WERE THEY??? Do you know any YA  mysteries? 

Harry Potter 20th Anniversary!

On the 26th of June 1997, Harry Potter was released to the general public.

I don’t remember that part; I wasn’t born yet, but apparently this is what it looked like.


I’ll always remember HP as my bedtime stories. I used to have old hardback copies from my sister, but a misguided muggle bought me a new set and they don’t smell as good, nor hold the same warm memories or the tears of love.

That was a really inconsiderate muggle. When I got it, my mother donated the old copies to local bookshelf and now they’re gone.

I have a solution to my problem. I cannot live without writing, and it is logical that writing leads to books and books lead to tours. Should it, I will buy HP from the bookstores until all of my HPs have memories. Not as warm, but still associated with more than nothing.

Happy bookday, Harry. And thank you, Jo, for sticking with him.

What do you remember when you hear “Harry Potter”?

Ode To Inspiration

If I’m the all-mother,

You’re the moon

Pulling the tides

Not quite knowing why

There’s a sea in me

And I know the channels

But you’re the key, the light,

And away, the gate



You should stay,♥♥♥♥

‘Cause I’ll be away,♥♥♥♥

Not knowing how long


I was watching Sherlock before you came

Into the room, the light shone from your soul

You became my Watson    

No clicks, just

Light shining, though you’re so dark

You’re warm, you’re light



Oh, ♥♥♥♥

How do I write,♥♥♥♥

Apart for unknown,♥♥♥♥

Unknown space-time

I recreate your soul in these pages

An android assimilation of you  

Expressions I never saw but I impose

‘Cause I am the all-mother

And you’re just



Light the way,♥♥♥♥

Pull me whilst away,♥♥♥♥

Oh, won’t you inspire me now