Imagine Dragons & Other Things I Need Now

IMAGINE DRAGONS If you know your bands, you’ll understand. I’ve gone into an Imagine Dragons spiral. I’ve heard one song on the radio over and over-Believer, I believe. It didn’t cause a spiral until I listened to Superhuman Gifts, or whatever the song’s name actually is (It’s a good song, too) and the lyric video for Believer came up. Followed by Radioactive. Followed by Warriors. I finally closed that window and focused on this after Ready, Aim, Fire! turned out to be a disappointment.

 The music itself is a bit junk food-y, commercial, you know? Good, but not original. What really hooked me was the lyrics, the breakingly true lyrics. “Everything I tried to be/ Just wouldn’t settle in” ~Monster (My favorite thus far.) That’s the mirrorly true part. The best lyrics in that song? “And if I seem dangerous/ Would you be scared?” I’ve asked, differently phrased, that question before, and it’s a scary thing to ask, but also hopeful.

  Blogwise, I’m not using photos I got off the internet anymore. I’ll still use Sherlock gifs. I’m taking a class where I have to build a website, and the professor, a professional photojournalist, told scary stories about what happens to people who use copyrighted photos off the internet. If a photo’s copyrighted, I’d expect one of those ‘unavailable’ pop-ups, but just to be safe, no more photos from unknown photographers. 

As for Sherlock, I know and have a hate-love relationship with the creators. Not ‘know’ know, but I know who they are and I’m watching. 


Sherlock, based on the Sherlock Holmes novels and short stories, is a modern reinvention of the olds tales. It’s created and written by Steven Moffatt and Mark Gatiss, also known as the devil and the devil’s best friend. It stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman as Dr. John (Jawn) Watson, with the devil’s best friend as Sherlock’s brother Mycroft, Andrew Scott as Jim Moriarty, Loo Brealey as Molly Hooper, Rupert Graves as Lestrade and Una Stubbs as Mrs. Hudson.

 Sherlock Holmes was originally written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the 1800s. He later regretted writing them, believing that they distracted from his more “serious” work that nobody reads anymore. Fun fact* after he wrote Reichenbach, fans wrote black armbands in the London streets, one attacking Conan Doyle, forcing him to man up and write more Sherlock.

Somebody do this to Moffatt.

Anyway, I believe I might’ve given enough credit to the creators to use the occasional gif. Or, you know, transform my previous book blog to books-and-Sherlock blog to an I’m-Not-reading-but-here’s-some-Sherlock blog.

 What else about the Sherlock creators haven’t I said? What’s your favorite Imagine Dragons lyric? Are you willing to scare Moffat into submission? Can Moffatt even be scared?


College Life~I’m Still Alive

 I wrote a fancy, proper post in my journal about the seven things I’ve learned during the three weeks I’ve been at college, but for now, I’m disregarding it and ranting. Because college sucks.

I need Sherlock.

giphy (2)

 I live in a ten person dorm. I have a roommate who doesn’t like me. I have a dormmate who shut me down because I made jokes on snapchat and on the community board. My people back home loved my dark jokes. They loved me. When I wrote “I am death”, not all of them got the reference, but they all loved me for writing it. When I snapchatted “Veganism applies to nonhuman animals, so I can eat humans.”, one of my dormmates threatened to go to the RLC and ask if I could move.

Watson never asked Sherlock to move.


 So I walked into the woods at night. I’ve only done that once before, with my roommate after trying out ultimate frisbee. It was an experience, but not one I want to repeat, and I only did it to try to connect to her but only managed to further alienate me because my phone wasn’ working so I needed her light cause tree roots. She was faster than me, so I freaked cause it was dark on a trail we weren’t supposed to be on. She asked if i’ve never gone hiking and wtf I already told you I hike all the effing time just not in the dark on forbidden paths.

th (1)

So on tonight’s walk, I was seriously depressed. I might never see the man I love cause I suspect he’s an immigrant and the school he teaches at sucks and fuck Donald Trump. A few raindrops landed on my nose. The sky started rumbling, electrons flashed above. I asked Sherlock how he managed without his Watson for two years.

 He was driven everyday to destroy people (did he kill anyone?) that threatened the safety of his Watson. He wanted his Watson more than anything, went through torture because it was easier to bear then never going back to 221b Baker st.

 Because Frodo. Because Thorin. Because Ed Sheeran’s Photograph.

Home is waiting. If it kept us alive and loving, it’s worth waiting for. It’s worth making proud of.


August Wrap-Up

I admit it. My blog sucks right now. I haven’t posted substantial content in a while, and I haven’t really read much this month because I moved to a small town for college. The school library only has texts for class, and no fiction that I’ve seen, not even Shakespeare!

So in August I posted:

Books I Brought To College                                                                                                                  Courage To Write Quotes                                                                                                                      Game Of Thrones-Book Review                                                                                                          Drop

I enjoyed writing the Game Of Thrones review the most. It made me critically think about GOF, let me practice for still-essay-less college, and dragons.


The Bloggess continues to make me smile. I love this quote from Writer’s Path, Ilsa posted on blog satisfaction and Holly posted a long overdue post on non-fiction.

While going through my reader I found Ravenclaw’s Book Unhaul.She has strange opinions about some good books. (Doesn’t love Looking For Alaska-that was the one Green I loved), but I love that she spoke her opinions so bluntly.

Psst.. I’m reading Lord Of The Rings I’ve never read it before. Why? Oh… I get stuck at the songs. This also happened with The Hobbit, but I managed to read it thrice. I’ve read up to the Tom Bombadil scene and just lose it. Tom Bom Tom Bombadil Tom Bomadilo Bright Blue his jacket is and his boots are yellow It’s like that song that is nonsense but people sing it every time it comes on anyway.

I couldn’t decide on a gif that fits, so I just selected all of my Sherlock gifs and added some more. #lazy

How was your August? How do you get books in a town with a malnourished library? What are you thoughts on books with songs? Should I talk about something other than Sherlock? (If I should I won’t)


Books I Brought To College


 Lord Of The Rings boxset: I’ve tried to finish the entire thing before but… This is my 3rd time reading The Hobbit. I should do a book vs. movie thing. Dwarves and a dragon!

Reader’s Digest: Genius Issue 2016 Yay, a magazine instead of a book! It can really inspire me when I need it, esp. the Frozen article. It says it’s ok, even better, to draw on your personal experiences to create blockbuster. I like regular RDs, but their genius issues are the best.

JRR Tolkien: The Man Who Created LOTR: Yeah. I don’t really have a reason for this except that it was in my writing bin and Middle Earth.

Woman Hollering Creek A crush “loaned” this to me a while back and said I could return it when I was “finished” with it. I am much more specific when I loan books. Anyway, it’s a good book in itself. I love the tone, much more than in Mango St., which I hated. But it was required reading, so I should probably reread this unbiased. The stories were cool, but not memorable enough to name my favorites.

A People’s History Of The U.S.  This was from my junior year of HS’s history supplemental book. The teacher got promoted and didn’t ask for it back. I thought I would need it for college, and I don’t. I liked it even tho I haven’t read it since she was promoted. It’s a citizen-oriented version of history.

 The Picture Of Dorian Gray: This was the first book I finished here! It was… interesting in a good way. Different from the movie but the quality of both are about the same. Dorian says he wants the picture to grow old in his place, and it comes true.

Your Name In Print: This is a father-daughter collaboration that goes through the process of getting published. The best part was snippets about teen authors. I checked out one and it was unspeakably horrible. I already read and liked Eragon though, and I found the bit of background interesting.

How To Write A Damn Good Novel: This is the best traditional book on writing I’ve read.

Imaginative Writing: Get the sub theme? I mostly like it for it’s prompts, not the bulk of the writing.

The Greek Myths 1 &2: I wanted to bring a piece of my religion, and this is the most accessible and portable book I had. 

Quick Question: Do you want me to add links to Amazon or Goodreads?

Slower question: What books did you, or might you bring, to college?


Courage To Write Quotes

GAR! Hi humans and nonhumans alike. I have moved into college! They don’t allow incoming to have access to the internet until they register for classes, thus the delay…



I recently finished Courage To Write. Overall, it had good messages, but the chapters could’ve been condensed into a single quote.

“Writing by hand, mouthing by mouth: in each case you get a… physical sense of the emergence of language, print obliterates it; type has no drawl.”

If you are in difficulties with a book, try the element of surprise: attack it at an hour when it’s isn’t expecting it.” -O. Welles

“When writers are out in public the laughter level is high, and they’re very buoyant-even without alcohol because they’re not at home feeling like they have to take a test.”-Oates

“Writing is hell. I find that i’m simply the happiest, the placidest when i’m writing.” -William Styron

Game Of Thrones-Book Review

To put it very simply, the Starks hate the Lannisters, vice versa, and everybody hates the Targaryens, who hate everyone but dragons.


After seeing the first half of the first season there was a delay in getting the rest of them. Meanwhile the book came.

 It’s exactly like the show, but with less detail. It bored me knowing that while I read a book with simplistic prose, a beautifully detailed version existed. The sentences are short and “telling” instead of “showing”. Ex. “Arya had a way of ruining everything.” “Cersei Lannister regarded him suspiciously.” “Tyrion gave a helpless shrug.”  The first is a cliché, the second is vague, and a third begets the question ‘How does a dwarf shrug?’

download (5)

After a while I got past what I knew and was able to enjoy the story. Aaahhh… The story is difficult to describe my reaction to it. Life. It wasn’t as engaging as a detective novel, nonfiction would put its; chunky info dumps to shame by spreading the information evenly, and fantasy, its’ own genre, would mock its’ inability to produce an overall mood.

It describes life. Life in a medieval world with warring clans, but still life.

It begins with King Robert Barethoen hiring Ned Stark as Hand of the King, the lord that does everything the king is too lazy to do. Ned travels south to the capital, bringing his two daughters and their direwolves, leaving his wife and 3 sons. His bastard son, Jon Snow leaves for the night watch at the same time.

download (7)

I don’t want to go further, because I hate spoilers (curse you, Time!) But there is an interesting symbolism all the houses/clans share: they have animals, or in the case of the Tarlys, a flower, as their house sigil.  The Starks of the North have direwolves, loyal and thriving in the cold. The Lannisters are lions, golden haired and prideful. The Targaryens are dragons, as far as I can tell it means they’re rare and you shouldn’t awake their wrath.

If you comment, please do not spoil anything, especially past the first season. But here’s the question: Which house should win? I relate most to the Starks, esp. Jon Snow, but Daenerys Targaryen would make an Elizabeth the first-esqe queen.

images (12)


download (8)

My arms                                                                                                                                    hang limp                                                                                                                                     no strength                                                                                                                                      to cling                                                                                                                                            the ropes                                                                                                                     

Scream, write                                                                                                                           drop it                                                                                                                                          the weight                                                                                                                                     write to                                                                                                                                             drop weight                                                                                                                                 write          

 get up                                                                                                                                         refreshed                                                                                                                                  game to                                                                                                                                        play, ball                                                                                                                                           to kick          

The air                                                                                                                                            is clear                                                                                                                                     burst with                                                                                                                                          song, sing                                                                                                                                 with soul,                                                                                                                                   sing