T10T: Covers Of Books I Read Simultaneously

https://www.instagram.com/p/B69RuRMAJVA/  I unfortunately have yet to get to Every Heart A Doorway, but reading If It Makes You Happy during thicc Out Of Salem was a welcome reprieve during that melancholy book. Both were explorations of queerness, one contemporary and one urban fantasy.  https://www.instagram.com/p/B6ORsmHAAk-/  These were pretty complementary, yet different enough to be read atContinue reading “T10T: Covers Of Books I Read Simultaneously”

January Wrap-Up///College Update!

 I have learned the most horrific thing: for one of my journalism classes, I will have to write a blog post between 1200-1800 words! For reference, my recent post are usually  420-490 words, with my last discussion post, Masculinity In The Movies  is composed of 677 words.   Don’t worry, this blog is not about toContinue reading “January Wrap-Up///College Update!”

TED Talk Tuesday: Masculinity In The Movies

     I’ve been on an exploration of what masculinity means to me for a while now. Traditionally, masc is about power, about protecting and being strong, about controlling your emotions.   Masculinity, as well as femininity, is also a construct. We perpetuate it in our culture, media, and education. Those things change. As Colin’s talkContinue reading “TED Talk Tuesday: Masculinity In The Movies”

I Match My Classes With Books!

I am *finally* returning to state this semester after two years. I will see remeet old friends, some about to graduate and some that also suffered leaves for various reasons. As is, I should graduate in 3 years with two summer classes, but we’ll see. JMC Beginning Reporting  This is a class all about askingContinue reading “I Match My Classes With Books!”