Handmaid’s NaNoWrMo Count

I wrote 909 words today. A good day, for me.

Cause usually I write nothing.

I only wrote cause of a deadline.

My total word count is 2,910 which is ok because it’s a play, which should¬†have a shorter wordcount cause all the description is left to the director.

giphy (4)

Reading-wise, I finished¬†The¬†Handmaid’s Tale over a week ago but wasn’t able to post about it cause there’s no internet at home.¬†

Long book short, women are sex slaves. Awful, terrifying premise that based its terror on the truth of our oppression. I recommend it to every one of mature age on this planet, and other planets that have a history of oppression. I would not recommend it to those aliens just starting to learn about Earth, or Terra, or the third planet from Sol. You would get the wrong impression.

Good night.



Demon Writers




4TheWords is overrated. It’s basically a writing tool that lets you write and battle wooden demons simultaneously. I have this word document open right now, with a still photo of the marionette Tamarix challenging me to write 1200 words in the next 1 hour, 51 minutes and 40 seconds.

It’s not even writhing. There’s no flames or a jug of holy water or Sam & Dean in fake official uniforms that they can take off.

Don’t spoil it for me! I just finished season one.

I heard about it via my writer’s group. 4TheWords, not Supernatural. That was Pinterest. They made it sound so much fun, like the demons clouded your pinterest and you had to write to clear them. It’s not like that, it pauses when you’re on Pinterest. You’re lousy.



I’m finally reading The Handmaid’s Tale. It’s so fracking terrifying. Terror is most terrifying when it’s truthful, and though it’s not exact, it does mirror some old practices, such as taking a concubine, and the general ancient idea of a patriarchy. It reads like a diary, and even mentions the diary form in Margaret’s intro. (Yes, I read those. Does anyone else?) I’m only on the fourth chapter, but to be fair, I started it at eight pm. It’s ten. I had to eat and pretend to do homework, OK?

I tried¬†starting Imagine¬†That, but it didn’t speak to me. Too much flubber.

I’m tiers. Don’t catfish. Be like Sherlock. ‘night.


Loki: Ragnaok

Hello. Hello…Hello.

I love Sherlock I really do.

But lately¬†I’ve been thinking about this:


and this:


¬†Loki: Ragnarok was¬†different. Not just because there’s more Loki, but for once, it wasn’t a love story about Loki’s brother. It wasn’t an Avengers against¬†Loki. I couldn’t understand a great deal because the bloody¬†theatre didn’t have captioning staffs, but if I had to regroup it I’d put it in the same area as Guardians of The Galaxy.

Reading-wise, I found this:


Private Eyes

Even though I haven’t finished these:

IMG_3718[1]The Quotable Sherlock Holmes

Fellowship of The Ring

Contemporary Latina/o Theatre

Al Jazeera English

Nor have I started these:


Handmaid’s Tale

The one on the left is Imagine That by Mark Fins. Can’t find it on Goodreads even though I got it from Goodreads.


What Loki’d? Ragnarok¬†better or worse? Have you not updated your NaNo count since¬†last weekend, like me?