Handmaid’s NaNoWrMo Count

I wrote 909 words today. A good day, for me. Cause usually I write nothing. I only wrote cause of a deadline. My total word count is 2,910 which is ok because it’s a play, which should have a shorter wordcount cause all the description is left to the director. Reading-wise, I finished The Handmaid’s Tale over aContinue reading “Handmaid’s NaNoWrMo Count”

Loki: Ragnaok

Hello. Hello…Hello. I love Sherlock I really do. But lately I’ve been thinking about this: and this:  Loki: Ragnarok was different. Not just because there’s more Loki, but for once, it wasn’t a love story about Loki’s brother. It wasn’t an Avengers against Loki. I couldn’t understand a great deal because the bloody theatre didn’t have captioning staffs, butContinue reading “Loki: Ragnaok”