Celebrities Who Love Reading


Emma Watson immediately comes to mind, not only for her portrayal of the book-eating Hermione Granger, but also for her feminist book club on goodreads.

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Benedict Cumberbatch

I: And the book that changed your life?
B: Catcher in the Rye.






Dropping Out Of College



I don’t do many #CollegeLife posts. As an unobservant freshman, I don’t get a lot of time to stop and reflect on college. I’m sure lots of freshmen are perfectly happy to expound on the joys that make college worth¬†it. For most it is. but now I’m listing serious reasons to drop out of, or not go to, college.

  1.  You experience a health crisis you do not know how to deal with: you are sick, physically, mentally, or both, and it is impacting you academically. Do not run at the first sign of sickness, wait for a reasonable time period, and if the available help       -And Do Get Help- is not making a significant contribution to helping you, then you need to take a break.
  2. You have a plan B, plan C, options: before taking any drastic step, consider your options. Just because plan A didn’t work, doesn’t mean you have to give up. Whatever college or degree program you want is not the only one out there. You may even be surprised to find out that the beautiful campus next door only offers your passion as a minor. Do research and have backups wherever you go.¬†
  3. Your family needs you: this is the worst excuse. No matter what your family situation is, it can only get better if there’s a college graduate in the family. If your family is in crisis, then yes, help as much as you must. If that means leaving, at least take community or online college on the side to continue your education. Coupled¬†with other problems, it is a factor to consider. It depends per situation, so don’t take it heavier or lighter than need be.
  4. There is no one to support you on campus: It is unlikely¬†that you are completely¬†and utterly alone. You’re in college! Yet if all of the resources and clubs don’t suit you or accept you, and you can’t found your own, yeah, you should go somewhere where you have the support you need.

This isn’t¬†a comprehensive list, and I don’t recommend dropping out. I recommend¬†dropping if it’s in your best interests, but you should try again later, or try on a lesser scale.

 Good luck.

John’s Turtles

I didn’t blog yesterday. No big deal to normal people, but a very big deal to a polytheist who swore not to go longer than 7 days without blogging. I’m crazy, I’m clinically crazy, but I find this disturbing.


 But the book!


¬†Turtles All The Way Down, John Green, is not all it’s cracked up to be. Aza is not a detective, she just happens to have a boy with a missing Dad. She’s a pretty typical teenager who happens to have OCD symptoms, but didn’t entirely fit in with my experience as Aspergian with OCD. I know everyone experiences it differently, but he could’ve added a little more.

¬†First, the OCD. Her habit of picking at her thumb is about the only regular compulsion she gets.¬† She doesn’t feel the need to organize bookshelves or cross out the days on the calendar. Yes, everybody gets different compulsions, but they tend to get multiple unrelated ones.

¬†The “thought spirals” were very realistic. Downward thought patterns that get more detailed further on, making the thinker more withdrawn. Aza always gets depressed by this, and they can be depressing, but they can also be fun. They’re useful when writing a story or thinking about a scientific concept.¬†

¬†I know everyone gets it differently, but I think John could’ve done better. He had the chance to do something different, create a girl detective, OCD rep. His stuff is getting repetitive, and it’s dull.¬†¬†

How’d you like Turtles? John Green in general?

John Green Hit List #1

The Worst (And Only Worst): An Abundance Of Katherines


It’s a John Green, and that’s all it has going for it. While I would recommend¬†it to friends¬†who like maths, Colin is a repetitive¬†bore who needs to get over Katherine(s).

The Fault In Our Stars-2ndish place


If this book was written by any other author, it would be in 1st place easily. The characters, especially Gus, are too good to be real, but he puts just a good¬†amount of snark in Hazel’s voice I could fangirl about this book gark

Will Grayson, Will Grayson-1st place TIE


¬†OK, admittedly David Levithan’s Will has a better personality, but John Green’s Will has a better story. One could not do without the other.¬†


Looking For Alaska-1st Place TIE


The guy is actually in a similar predicament to Colin, as he cannot stop mooning over Alaska. But He collects famous last words. Nothing this guy ever writes can beat famous last words.

What’s your favorite John Green?Agree with the listing or not?