Supernatural Spoilers!~Destiel

“You are the most caring man on Earth. You are the most selfless, loving human being I will ever know. You know ever since we met, ever since I pulled you out of Hell, knowing you has changed me. Because you cared, I cared. I cared about you. I cared about Sam, I cared about Jack. But I cared about the whole world because of you. You changed me, Dean.”

“Why does this sound like a goodbye?”

“Because it is. I love you.”

This scene has polarizing opinions. On one side, it’s “the most homophobic outing ever.” On the other, it’s a win for Destiel. 

I’m somewhere in the middle. The scene destroyed me emotionally, and there is no doubt in my mind that this was intended romantically. On the other hand, Cass does die immediately after. And it feels more permanent than usual. That doesn’t really mean anything; it Supernatural and they made it very clear what The Empty wants. If we figure out how to put the Empty to sleep, they’ll likely release Cass, as they 1) won’t be conscious enough to torture him and 2) Sleep deprivation is why they hate him in the first place. 

Plus, there’s Ruby. Cass promised to get Ruby out, and while it’s doubtful that he meant the promise at the time, he’ll likely run into Ruby soon.

So… my thoughts? My opinion? 

I’m still open and hopeful. What will likely happen is that Cass will remain in the Empty for the duration of the remaining episodes and be reunited with his family in the end. There’s also been the suggestion that Cass’ body will disintegrate, and his soul will survive in the body of a woman, making it a-ok with the homophobes.

This is just a fan theory, and I will be extremely pissed if they do that. I don’t think Cass’ body can be destroyed while remaining true to canon- Jimmy passed on the body to Cass and has since been through enough to destroy it already if it were vulnerable. Plus, Dean would probably have a hard time believing Cass is Cass in a different body.  

Is this homophobic? Yes. But I believe it has to do more with the timing of the scene rather than the scene itself- would Cass really be so infinitely happy from confessing? Their lives are pretty miserable. I would think it would be in a more content moment- yes, when everyone has expressed their feelings, but also after an apocalypse when he didn’t have the burden of his family’s imminent danger. 

All in all, I’m going to withhold final judgement until after the finale. I already see flaws, but I also see muted potential. Maybe they’ll get Cass out towards the beginning of the finale and we’ll be able to see some romantic scene before it all goes down. Maybe they’ll be a happily ever after montage of gay domestic bliss. I think Dean should pray to Cass and we’ll see it reach him in the Empty- right before they’re put to sleep and Cass is released into the arms of his soon-husband. 

I don’t expect there to be a big on-screen wedding or a huge romantic gesture. I expect it’ll be rather small in the scope of this apocalypse. I’m hopeful that it happens. But I’m tamping it down until everything is released so I can pass a final judgement. 


I wrote this in 4thewords because I felt really moved and needed to express thoughts. But the block editor really freaks me out, so this will likely be a rare occurrence. 

My Thoughts On… Glee Ships!

Note: I do not promote allosexuality; I merely see the chemistry between characters and enjoy seeing them together on-screen, whether as friends, lovers, or sworn enemies. May contain spoilers.

source (2)

Will and Sue

I love seeing them bring out the best/worst in each other. I love the little battles, how Will is willing to help Sue when she needs it, and Sue *spoiler* voting for Glee club at Nationals *Squee* I do see how Glee is problematic especially with Unique’s character and biphobia from my now-tainted fave, Kurt. Sue said several wrong things about transpeople with Unique, but turned it around for Sheldon. Now I’m off topic.

I honestly thought Will and Sue would kiss at the end of one of their battles, like “anger sex.” But I’m also happy that two people can be that close and feel so intensely and not be forced together. They’re both awkward about people in their own way- Will can venture into problematic territory without realizing it *cough Blurred Lines cough*  and Sue obviously has anger issues and doesn’t know how to express positive feelings except through battle. I love how they understand each other even when they don’t act like it.

tenor (4)


 Speaking of Kurt, and Blaine, *Yes* we love to see the gays being happy. I love how they have problems like all couple, but they love each other *so much.* I was honestly confused by the ending because *spoiler* all their problems seemed to vanish even though you know that the rings didn’t solve everything. 

*S6 I’m confused by Blaine’s decision to get into a serious relationship with someone who first, bullied, then had feelings for Kurt. I didn’t see *any* chemistry between them, and it just seemed to happen for dramatic effect.*

I would’ve loved to see more of how Klaine managed their relationship problems and history of cheating. I do ultimately believe that they’re soulmates, but they needed to put in the work.

source (3)


*sigh* Such boring people individually and such soulmates. They actually dated IRL. And then Finn died. The actor, to the best of my understanding, went into rehab and then dedicated himself to the show, but his tolerance level was messed up and he accidentally drank too much. The real shocker was that he was 31 when Finn was portrayed as 19.

But the ship, with the saddest ending in history. They had the most chemistry of possibly any hetero couple ever, and a lot of queer couples. (But not Klaine.) I loved Finn’s “Jessie’s Girl” when he was trying to get Rachael back, the energy he put into that song. I love their rendition of Don’t Stop Believin’. That was their song.



I love how in love with Zizes Puck got. Zizes was full of confidence and self-esteem. Puck was filled with a lot of confidence, but maybe not as much self-esteem. I love their banter, how Z would insult P. I don’t get any other Puck pairing except this one. I hated it when Z left the Glee club, and Puck, for good.


Sam x Mercedes 



Brittney X Santana 

LET’S GO, LESBIANS. This might be the least controversial couple, if you disregard the gays being controversial. They’ve been best friends forever and Santana might be the only person who doesn’t treat Britt differently for her lack of, or the opposite, of intelligence. And now their song has been stuck in my head for days. WHY DON’T YOU C’MON OVER VALLLEERRIEEEE


VAL- ok I’ll stop. These obviously aren’t the only Glee ships but the ones that stood out to me the most. What are your glee ships?

I Don’t Know These People!~Statistical Character Test

I recently saw a tweet from Kacen Callender disbelieving that they’d get Dobby as #11, which doesn’t sound bad to me, so I took the test. 

And my #1 was a dude from a show I haven’t watched.


 Rust does sound a lot like me: he’s sorrowful, high IQ, and complicated. I don’t know if I have enough detective in me to watch True Detective- I probably would’ve liked it during the height of my Sherlocked fever. I got Sherlock as my #14, at 80%.

 I also got Mad-Eye Moody at 85%, Brandon Stark at 81%, Darth Vader at 75%, and Gollum at 73%. Doesn’t sound like I’m a real fun person to be around!

 I watched episode 1 for this post, and it could’ve picked up in some places. I do see how I’m like Rust Cohle, but also I’m somewhat softer than Rust. I am known to say things like “human consciousness is a tragic misstep in evolution.” 

 On a side note, the episode also made me think about marriage. It just seems so weird to me, even though I have been so in love that I seriously considered it. But now that that relationship is long over- why would you spend your life with someone? Rust mentions a daughter that died and his marriage couldn’t sustain itself. This happens a lot- obviously I don’t know the details of Rust’s situation from one episode, but I’d think you’d marry someone because your life is better with them in it. Why did Rust and his wife stop being better for each other?

 I don’t think I’ll continue watching True Detective- it did leave unanswered questions, but the style of the show isn’t really my type. 

Anyway, a really cool character I got at 81% was Janis Ian from Mean Girls!


She is by far the coolest character on Mean Girls, so I am shocked. She is rebellious, creative, conspiracist. I believe she took some of the traits that can make people a-holes and make an authentic person who cares about people-within reason. 

Of course, I haven’t watched it in a long while, so I could be off. And it’s way too late to watch a movie- it’s past 10pm when i’m typing this.

 But you know what sucks? Our kind of character is popular in media, but we have a hard time making friends. It’s like we’re a show for them- I constantly feel more like a spectacle and less like a potential friend. 

Anyway, this wasn’t exactly a typical kind of post- I’m in a mood to talk to a friend but that’s kinda difficult right now :/ 

Update: My cat has a growth on his lungs that’s slowly killing him. I have posts scheduled through mid-may but after that, I might be quiet for a while. If you’d like to help with pain and appetite meds, we have a Ko-Fi

Note: My cat has since died.

Netflix Book Tag!

Saw on Kristin Kraves Books!

Recently Watched– The last book you finished

Pet follows a black trans girl and her Pet, that came out of her mum’s painting, to catch a monster that’s hurting her friend’s family. 

2. Top Picks– A book/ books that have been recommended to you based on books you have previously read.

Ooh, a book rec that was specific to me, and not the wider queer reading community? That wouldn’t work; I have no friends. The Deep came recommended thru the Enby Book Club, possibly it’s greatest pick yet.

The Deep, Rivers Solomon

3. Recently Added- The Last book you bought

Ooh, I try to use the library as much as possible, but I did splurge in a failed attempt to find Anna-Marie’s new book, Deepest Darkest Red. I ended up getting one of their older books, Wild Beauty. and now I have no money to buy Red! 😦

POPULAR ON NETFLIX: Books that everyone knows about. (2 you’ve read and 2 you haven’t read or have no interest in reading.)

There’s a lot of popular books that I DNF’d or read the first book and didn’t want to continue the series. I’d say that I learned my lesson and will stay away from Cinder/ The Lunar Chronicles. I feel like it’s a book that I should’ve read a long time ago, but I’ve outgrown that phase of my life.

COMEDIES: A Funny Book

Dang, Kristin already went with Furiously Happy. Frankly in Love had funny moments and a funny voice, but I didn’t think highly of the book overall. Moonstruck and Kim Reaper are funny, but they’re comic books,, so I feel like that’s cheating. I read so many depressing books… I’m gonna go with Born A Crime, Trevor Noah’s memoir. 

DRAMAS: A character who is a drama queen/king

How about a drag king instead?

Kings, Queens, And in-Betweens

ANIMATED: A book with cartoons on the cover

Ooh, my mind is blank. What exactly qualifies as a cartoon? How about these?

WATCH IT AGAIN: A book or series that you want to re-read

I was just thinking i’d do this over spring break with Pet! It’s a very short book that’s meant to be read in one sitting and I stretched it out forever!

DOCUMENTARIES: A non-fiction book you’d recommend to everyone

Christopher McCandless

Into The Wild, every time. Alex Supertramp was my hero in High School, and he’s my hero now. Granted, it’s only been three years, but I don’t think anyone else will inspire me the way he did.

ACTION AND ADVENTURE: An action packed book

All of them? But I guess Dragon Pearl was pretty active, being a space adventure with all manners of creatures and ghosts in space, and all.

NEW RELEASES: A book that just came out or will be coming out soon that you can’t wait to read

I REALLLY want to read The Deepest And Darkest Red y’all but I”m POOR. Here’s my ko-fi… Standard donation is only $3.00. If you like me, but don’t particularly want to give me money, please support Bernie Sanders! You can donate $2.50, sign up to text or call voters in states that haven’t voted yet!

I’m sorry, but I really am poor and I really love Bernie. I actually would probably spend it on college, not pleasure. 

What were your answers to the questions?  Who’s your hero- real or fictional- that you met through a book?

Yuri On Ice Memes///College Problems

I’ve recently received some devastating news college-wise, so I thought it was a good time to get out the good gay memes.YVYRespo

Basically, I was under the impression that my admission would be dependent on the grades in my current classes at a community college. They even notified me of what my financial aid would be. But now they’re saying I don’t meet a few requirements and need to take at least one more semester at JC. It’s been really confusing because multiple people have told me different things throughout the entirety of my journey back to a 4 year. 


A lot of people are offering suggestions as what to do. I could move near my 4 year and take classes at their community college. It would limit miscommunication and hopefully give me a clearer path back. I could stay in my hometown and take classes at our local JC, which is what I’ve been doing. It’s cheaper and I get more emotional support. I could forgo the college thing and look for a journalism program or internship that may lead into a career. It’s a lot to consider.


I’m really tired of it all. My reasons for going to a 4 year have changed. My family is one of those college-or-die types, and most journalists in magazines have an education, Master’s recommended. So I went fresh out of high school, misguidedly thinking I was straight, to a nice but not prestigious college a 6 hour drive from my hometown. I got various kinds of sick, so I left. 


 I started taking local JC classes because of FASFA problems that prevented me from returning to my 4-year. It was around $250 out of pocket, which I paid for with money I was earning at a tree planting organization. Alas, work, mental health, and school did not work at the time, so I withdrew from psychology,  quit my job a month in, and failed history but passed logic. This is the semester my denial is based on. I had a 1.0 GPA.


So yeah. I’m going to focus on doing well in my current two classes, Bio and Comm. It should be over in about a month. I know that if I’m going to take classes, I need to register soon. 

 Thanks for listening. If I’m giving advice, it’s try to be realistic about what you can handle. And be absolutely sure as to what your college requirements are before attempting to fulfill them. Talk to a person at the school, that knows what they’re talking about.

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Team Free Will 2.0 Supernatural Book Tag!

There is, in fact a SPN book tag- but it leaves out Jack? How do you leave out Jack? So I made a new and (hopefully) improved SPN book tag!


  • Link to the original post (this post)
  • Do not spoil season 15
  • Destiel is canon


Dean Winchester: The Tough Dad- A book that was emotionally difficult to read

Castiel Winchester: The “Talk” Dad- A book that explains a difficult concept 

Sam Winchester: The Supportive Uncle- A book  that leaves you feeling energized 

Jack Klein-Winchester: The Devil’s Cinnamon Roll- A favourite book you expected to hate OR a naive yet powerful character

Destiel: The Ship That Married Already- A book with the overdone trope(s) you love

The Bunker: Home- A book you’ll always return to

Lucifer: The Lost Devil- A book series that lost its way

Beer: High Tolerance- a “guilty pleasure” book/ series 

Pie: My Pie- A book you’ll never let a friend borrow

Impala: Baby- A book that got you through hard times

My Answers:

I saw a lot of myself in If We Were Villains. And if you’ve read the book, you know it’s very painful: slow burn gay panic, living pretending you liked a guy you hated so that they don’t suspect that you killed him, drowning in a cultist fandom.


I don’t talk a lot about THUG, not because it’s not a great book, but because it’s hard. Her friend dies in front of her, she can’t trust the authorities, and that’s on top of going to a mostly white school. Angie Thomas is a fantastic writer who can take difficult concepts and pour it over you.


Everything leads To You was the last book to make me almost cry with happiness. Mystery leading to mystery until you accept that some answers will always lead to more questions and it’s ok to let go. There’s also a slow burn that makes you scream in relief when it finally ends, and girls managing the start of what could be successful careers in film.

likelucyTripped up by my own tag…

I don’t normally go in expecting to hate a book, unless I have to read it and I know that it’s not a book I’d pick up myself.  I did force myself to read all of the To All The Boys because once I started it was annoying to not finish when it wasn’t that bad. I personally found the third one to be the best one, because yay  no love triangle.

For a naive yet powerful character (which I put in when I recognized the fallacy of reading a book you expect to hate, unless you’re an English major or a trashy book reviewer (which is fun to witness but I don’t want to put myself through that.)) SAMWISE GAMGEE!!


If you hadn’t guessed my favourite tropes are slow burn, hopeless gays, and found family. I’m gonna make a stretch an say The Picture Of Hopeless Gay, AKA Dorian Gray. It’s been a solid 2 years since I read it, before I even knew I was hopeless gay, and my opinion of it has only grown fonder.  

I really should reread it.


I know the Impala has been our home longer, but it’s such a relief to have the Bunker- a place to actually rest, eat food, read, without worrying about where we’re going next or driving away from a thing. 

Harry Potter. My book home has always been, is and will be, Harry Potter. It’s the book my sister read me to bed every night, it’s the book I found solace and connection in when I was lonely, It’s a book that I’ve always loved and will love and no amount of bashing from JKR will ruin that for me.


The first thing that comes up is The Life And Death Of Sophie Stark. It’s a sad book about the all powerful filmmaker Sophie- who sacrifices everything for her art. She dates a girl in one of her films and puts her in a bad spot. She disappears for a while. There is a lake. 

Maybe I should put a time limit on these books because I’m bad at describing them. But I remember the feeling of being near Sophie, but never actually being her. There’s multiple POVs but never has hers. People know and love her, but never fully understand her. *This is an adult book

download (7)

I know- its all reading. It’s all guilty pleasure. I’m proud of my guilty pleasures. 

But there’s something about manga that makes it feel extra guilty. It’s a valid form of reading, but they’re so easy to get through in a single setting. I think the guilt also comes because I used to read a lot of Boy’s Love when I was younger. “Straight girl” younger. 

There are so many “Wow that’s gay” moments I’m having.


I’m not actually that touchy- if I love a book, I want other people to read it. If I don’t love a book, I try to find someone who will.

But I think what I’m most touchy about is a series that has been lost forever- the copies of Harry Potter that were hand me downs. They had meaning beyond what was in the books- I have memories of reading them with my sister. I remember buying the later books. I know they were old, but they had memory. 

And my bloody mother went and replaced them. 


When I first got to college, I didn’t know where to find fiction books, so I’d borrow my roommates’. John Green and Nicola Yoon. I read Looking For Alaska and TFIOS before, but my library didn’t have An Abundance Of Katherines. I later bought Turtles All The Way Down. I probably never would’ve read Nicola Yoon if my roommate didn’t have them; I’d never heard of her and she’s not as talked about as she should be. I devoured Everything, Everything, and The Sun Is Also A Star over a weekend. I had so much book thirst.

I hope you join in! You, every last one of you, is tagged!

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Supernatural Book Tag!

 My name is TanyX Winchester, and I love Supernatural. Not so much the latter seasons, but like, in the days when Destiel were free to declare their love for each other in the pit of purgatory. I don’t understand why their wedding wasn’t televised, but their happily married selves have settled into a “no-homo” camouflage situation, and while I understand the need to hide from homophobes, you guys can be yourselves at home. And yet, you don’t seem to know that. 

ANYWAY there’s a really old SPN book tag,  made before Jack’s time. Let’s do this!


The Colt: If you could own a fictional item, what would you choose?

I don’t particularly want any of the Deathly Hallows, so i’m going with a series I had a difficult relationship with and broke it off: the sword pen from Percy Jackson. You could kill someone and no one could find the murder weapon, and carry it with you always, like pepper spray. V convenient, as long as you didn’t mistake it for an actual pen and stab your desk.


The Impala: If you could own a fictional vehicle, what would you choose?

The TARDIS! I know, I should choose the actual Impala. But the TARDIS is more practical. She doesn’t need anything; as long as you love her and land on a ley line once in a while, she’ll love you back. She’s an entire house, pool, wardrobe, time and space machine all in one!


Crowley: a villain you love to hate

I love so many villains it’s hard to find anyone except Umbridge that I hate. I hate pink, I hate it when teachers abuse their power to torture students, and i hate the third grade teacher that she reminds me of. I hate this question because answering Crowley with her taints his evil name. I love Crowley; genuinely love him, and I don’t want his image associated with the likes of her.


Sam & Dean: Two characters from different books that’d make a perfect team to fight evil

I don’t usually think about crossovers! Sherlock and Data! Data loves the old Sherlock stories and usually spends his free time playing Sherlock on the holodeck- but what would it be like if Data and Sherlock worked together, instead of Data playing as Sherlock? It would let both of their humanities show as they try to work out a crime of passion, rather than relying on themselves to make logical deductions. 


Destiel: Two characters from different books that’d make a perfect couple 

Again with the crossovers! How about Dimtri from Vampire Academy and Edward from Twilight?

Bobby: Your favorite fictional mentor-figure 

Lupin! He was the best Dark Arts teacher and really allowed his students to grow and enjoy themselves.


The Angel Tablet: One Of The Best Books You’ve Ever Read

If We Were  Villains!

The Demon Tablet: One of the worst Books you’ve ever read

Hmm… I really believe in DNFing books if you don’t enjoy it, but the book I was forced to read? ROMEO AND JULIET. This could be the way it’s taught, that this is a serious piece of literature, and not the satire that it actually is.  Still not going to reread it.

Shapeshifter: A book with a better cover in a foreign country 

I don’t actually pay that much attention? But after some research, I think the Dutch and Italian versions of Leah On The Offbeat are prettier. I also don’y like how the American versions of the other two in the semi-series have the same blue and red palette but Leah has a slightly different shade. I want consistency! 

source (1)

Hunters: A character you’d love to hunt 

Laura Hollis must die. I love Carmilla, respect that she’s killed people and hopefully will kill people, and would be willing to give her my blood whenever she wants. Laura Hollis is nothing but a bigoted human that only cares about her fantasy of Carmilla, and not Carmilla herself. 

Chuck: A book you guessed the plot twist or ending to

I remember Uglies being really predictable when I read it in middle school. I still loved the series, but the MC could be really dumb.


Cass’ Trenchcoat: A book that looks much better without it’s dust jacket


I’m sure there’s special editions and things, but why.

Carry On My Wayward Son: Put your playlist on, what book does that song remind you of?

Lucky Strikes by Troye Sivan. Aristotle and Dante Discover The Secrets Of The Universe (which is getting a sequel!!!) They’re both set in the summer and are full of gay longing while your love interest is right there.

Charlie: Your ultimate fanfolk moment thus far


I sit at computer and blog about books. Not fanfolk moment, fanfolk life.

I do think I have a tendency to talk about the most obscure fandom to the wrong people. When I first moved into college, I asked my dormmates if they wanted to see a viewing of Serenity and no one knew what Firefly was. I  defended Loki against my pro-Captain America friends. A guy climbed up the walls to show off his parkour or whatever and I called him Spiderman. There were a few days when I was obsessed with cass’ trenchcoat and asked everyone why he never takes it off. 

I swear I’m asexual.

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I tag you! What do you associate with Supernatural? 

My Beloved Carmilla

 ‘Tis difficult to express my love for Carmilla Karnstein in words, but I shall try.

 Carmilla was written  in 1871, by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu. He based it on the letters of Veronika Hasusle and Doctor Peter Fontenot. Veronika would espose her love for Marcia Maren, a young lady sent away at the beginning of the Ten Year’s War.  The two believed that they shared a dream world, having similar dreams before they even met. They’d leave wild roses on each other’s pillows, and years later, after a short lifetime of feminist advocacy, Veronika died in childbirth clutching a wild rose. Marcia had been executed for lesbianism.

 All of this was most likely fabricated by Carmen Maria Machado in the introduction of the most recent edition. If there are records of Veronika’s activism or Marcia’s execution, they are not available online, causing several fans to doubt it. Plus, Machado happens to be an anagram for Marcia, so…

 She fabricated this for obvious reasons. One, to highlight the myth in the 17-1800s that lesbians were seductive predators that had to be executed. Two, to clarify from the start that this is lesbian literature, that vampires belonged to queer women to express the forbidden yet alluring nature of desire. 

The novel itself chronicles Laura and Carmilla’s dreams and relationship. They appear to have the same illness as several girls in the area; an illness manifesting itself in demonic dreams and punctures in the neck. A creature seems to lurk outside the house at night; a dark creature they cannot identify. Laura’s father summons doctors and discusses the illness behind closed doors.

source (1)


 Fast forward to the YouTube adaption. It is the early 2000s and Laura’s roommate has gone missing. Enters Carmilla: a pale, broody new roommate that doesn’t get up til late and leaves bloodbags on the floor. She does not care about the missing roommate, Betty, and is annoyed when Laura enlists the help of her TA Danny to investigate the connections between Betty and a few other girls that went missing at parties. Soon Laura starts getting dreams about blood, one of the signs of the disappearing girls. 

 I hate Laura. She is a typical Bella that has no hobbies but the business of others. She breaks Carm’s heart on several occasions, most notably when she expects Carm to be a hero that redeems herself rather than accepting her for the vampire that she is. Carmilla deserves better.

For a while there was a semi-relationship between Laura and Danny, and they’re quite compatible. They’re outgoing hero types invested in the whole mystery of Silas and they care about each other. I don’t see why Laura left her for Carmilla. I mean, I love Carmilla and see her as the bloodthirsty force of darkness that she is. Laura doesn’t, so Laura should leave her alone.

 Aside from those three, there’s also LaFontaine, a nerdy bio major who is dorm monitor along with their best friend Perry, who’s a nervous uptight type that just wants everything to be safe and normal. There’s JP, a scholar who was absorbed into the school library in the 1800s. There’s also a couple of frat boys who think it’s their responsibility to keep the campus safe, Danny’s sorority sister/rival, and the evil Dean.

 I love LaFontaine. They’re passionate about science and experimenting with new ways to keep the campus safe. They’re logical yet daring and loves their friends. They are more of a background character that’s usually there to simultaneously smack some logic into things and provide comic relief. 

I low-key ship LaF and Carmilla, just to see the nerdy side of Carmilla come out more, more grounded fights about how to fight the Dean instead of Laura and Carm’s fights over the other’s acceptance of each other, and just more interaction between my faves. Not that don’t also stan LaF as an asexual, or in a polyamorous trio with Perry and JP. They never say their identity exactly, just that they reject their assigned gender.

I love both the novel and the series, I just don’t love Laura as a main character. 

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Are you in the Carmilla fandom? Should new editions of classics be altered to have a more feminist stance? What do you love about vampires and other supernatural beings?

Join The Club!

Good evening, heroes, villains, and morally grey characters! I have exciting news!

*Drumroll please* 



I have a patreon!  You can either join Read This Book! where you get to choose a book for me to read and review or join Queer Stories To Tell In The Dark, where you get to read an exclusive short story and get a shout-out! Like this special guy: 

download (5)

Darth Vader is a little known second-in-command for the galactic cult, Empire. He has a deep, commanding voice that will sooth you as he force chokes you to death. He was also my first husband, before he tragically succumbed to the call of Light. Let’s honour his memory and embrace the Dark Side every day!

 I know I don’t usually talk about these fandoms here, but I am a massive nerd and I cannot possibly talk about everything I love.

A short story will go up every third week of the month, I am aiming for fridays but I’m not sure what my school schedule will look like yet, so it cold be any day of the week. If you haven’t already, read Bits Of Flesh  for a taste. 

I hope you decide to join! It will be a big help for me financially and I will write things you’ll enjoy.




 There’s a recent thing going on in twitter saying that there are no F/F OTPs. Destiel might be more mainstream, but truly devoted shippers can find OTPs everywhere, from Gilmore Girls (Paris/Rory), Star Wars (Rey/Rose) and Marvel (Okoye/ Black Widow, Gamora/Black Widow)

 My OTP, as spoiled by the cover image, is Morgana/Gwen from Merlin! Gwen has been Morgana’s servant and close friend for years. Even though Gwen is someone who’s technically there to make sure Morgana’s fed and her rooms are clean, they care and worry about each other. Gwen wakes up Morgana when she has nightmares and Morgana checks in when Gwen’s dad dies. 



I love Morgana’s character earlier in the series because she has more nuance; she’s rebellious against Uther, snarky towards Arthur, and caring towards Gwen. Exile and revenge turned her into little more than a caricature, and while I love evil she doesn’t really have a reason to want the throne.

 I am not Gwen’s biggest fan, because I don’t believe in Arthur/Gwen as a distraction from Merthur and their personalities don’t fit. She is a caring person that makes good decisions as queen, but what’s the point of being a good queen if the king overshadows you? What needed to happen was for Morgana to inherit the throne, bringing peace for all magical beings, and then marrying Gwen. 


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As queens, Morgana would use dark magic to help Camelot, Gwen would keep track of the human causalities, and Merthur would try to live out a peaceful life at home but would be dragged into the dark magic messes. Morgana ultimately finds a balance between dark magic and light, but not before testing Gwen’s patience and willingness to take total control of the throne.

Who’s your F/F OTP? 

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