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I Heart Characters! is a weekly meme hosted by Dani @ Perspective of a Writer to showcase our book blogger love for characters! Each week she’ll supply a topic and you’ll supply the character. Post on whatever day suits you, about characters from whatever media you love (books, movies, K-dramas, television, manga, anime, webtoons, whatever!) and link up on Thursday so YOU and others can blog hop and share the character love. ♡

This is very, very, dorky and cliché, but my Grouch with a Heart of Gold is… 



I feel for Darcy, and I don’t just mean he’s hot. He’s misunderstood. People take his shyness to mean he’s a snob, an arse, an other. True, he has said some things that sounded pretty bad. But Lizzy tried to get a big introvert to dance. This man doesn’t want any attention, and you’re trying to get him to dance?

 When he finally does dance, it says he’s willing to put effort into their relationship. He wants her to see him as a real person, not just the front he puts up.


His love is strong

 He cares and protects his little sister. It’s not easy to love someone that way, like a parent and a friend. It’s like you’d do anything in the world to protect them, but they ignore you constantly, and when they do acknowledge you, they can get really annoying, temporarily hate you, try to get your attention and displays of love. Georgina is a good girl, but they went through a tough time with Wickham.

His love is persistent

 Darcy knows that Lizzy hates him. Darcy knows that Lizzy isn’t a “proper” match for him. Yet he’s caught by Lizzy’s concern for Jane, by Lizzy’s long walks in the rain, by Lizzy’s lack of embarrassment of mud and poverty. He loves her despite everything, and is courageous in his confession. Speaking of…

His love is articulate



What more could you want?


Wicked Witch/ Time Lady; I Heart Characters!


I Heart Characters! is a weekly meme hosted by Dani @ Perspective of a Writer to showcase our book blogger love for characters! Each week she’ll supply a topic and you’ll supply the character. Post on whatever day suits you, about characters from whatever media you love (books, movies, K-dramas, television, manga, anime, webtoons, whatever!) and link up on Thursday so YOU and others can blog hop and share the character love. ♡

The I Heart Characters topic for the week (My first) is Wicked Witch. I considered Lady Lamorna from Robe Of Skulls, because that dress is awesome, but I don’t remember ROS much. Dolores Umbridge was also considered, but I hate her and so do you.

  So, who’s the wicked witch I love the most?


   Missy The Master!

  I usually post about books, but Missy is such a complex character we can learn from her even though she is a villain from Doctor Who. Her previous incarnation as The Master, in the american Doctor Who movie, was a single-minded stereotype that was supposed to die, having “wasted” all his lives on The Doctor. Moffat never explained how Missy managed two more incarnations, but she probably used TARDIS energy to regenerate. 


 Why I love Missy:

  •   She kills people! YAY! How many characters besides the Daleks kill people and are still lovable on Dr.Who? At comic-con, she was described as the vegetarian Doctor’s carnivorous best friend. Evil people aren’t just embodiments of evil; they love and want to do good things, have friends that are good people, and when they rule the world, they might just make it better. I would love it is Missy were president instead of The Orange One.
  • She knows what she wants(?) Missy is confident that she will someday rule a planet; she doesn’t doubt herself, and knows that she is better than the masses. Yet there is the small question of whether or not she’s in love with The Doctor. Even if she is, she does what she believes is right, instead of being afraid and running away with her previous incarnation
  • tumblr_osh0puCL7n1r1lgj6o9_500
  • Missy isn’t a companion The Doctors companions are repeats: college aged girls from the UK that are adventurous and pretty. With the exception of Donna, none of the companions are entirely unique. Yes, Rose is awesome. The awesomest companion. But even she bases her travels in space-time on The Doctor. While Missy loves The Doctor in her own way, it isn’t who she is. Missy is an evil mastermind that can be funny one moment and kill cybermen the next. Kill All Cybermen!

So apparently ‘cyberman’ isn’t actually a word. 

But how does that make her a wicked witch?

The actual Wicked Witch is green and has an army of flying monkeys. Another wicked witch poisoned Snow White with an apple so she’d be the fairest of them all. The wicked witch in Harry Potter is my 3rd grade teacher painted pink. So I’d say a wicked witch is actually a witch, or a woman with extraordinary power. ‘Wicked’ is a little looser. It can mean evil, someone with twisted morals, but can also mean ‘awesome’.

  As a Time Lady, Missy has powers that surpass the average witch. She has multiple lives, time travel, sonic. But wicked? She does want to rule the world.


            The idea of the Wicked Witch has changed recently. Just look at the difference in Maleficent in the cartoon and the live action. So I’d say a wicked witch is someone who wants something badly enough to do things others consider immoral to get it, using a form of magic. Missy is the modern Wicked Witch, evil and lovable. Her magic is science we don’t quite understand yet. Her depravity exists alongside love. She is a complete person, with the complexity of someone IRL.

What do you think of Missy?

Happy (Belated) Sherlock Holmes Day!

  Happy belated Sherlock Holmes Day! (Ok, I had no idea that there was a SH day until yesterday. Now it’s my third favorite holiday, after Halloween and Free Comic Book Day. Hey, it tops Star Wars Day.)

 Let’s talk about our favorite, underappreciated Sherlock  Holmes stories. My all-time favorite SH story is The Speckled Band. It starts with a young girl hiring Sherlock and Watson to find out what happened to her sister, who died terrible agony. “The band! The speckled band!” Were her last words. It’s awesome, but has not been turned in a full length episode. In the BBCbatch version, it is mentioned as “The Speckled Blonde” but spares the details.


 I deduce it’s one of Gatiss’ favorites, but was shot down by Moffat.


 Will I be shot down for admitting I prefer Charles Augustus Magnesun/Milverton to Moriarty? He’s better, creeper, and more love-to-hate than Moriarty. Even when Sherlock says his name, he sounds better. Moriarty exists just to kill Sherlock. CAM exists to blackmail everyone. Moriarty is the what-if of Sherlock: Sherly reversed. CAM has his own disgusting personality and could exists without Sherlock.

And posts from around the blogsphere:

Ready Player One: Geeky Things I’ve Yet To Get To


If you follow this blog, you know most of the things I’ve read. Yet there’s so much geekery out there that I’ve yet to get to, as RP1 bases its existence on to prove. It’s not The Almanac (Read the book) but here’s just a few things on my to-do list, geek version.

Ladyhawke It’s a fantasy/ fairy tale movie from 1985. It’s supposed to be awesome.

Prometheus I love Alien and it shames me that I haven’t seen it yet! To be fair, it’s the only Alien movie I haven’t seen yet.

Indiana Jones It’s never really interested me, kinda because of the episode where Amy tells Sheldon about a plot hole and ruins it for the whole gang.

Zork- I really want to play it! I just don’t know where to find it w/o spending money.

X-Men- Meh, just why? I love The Avengers, Guardians, and the rest of the Marvel universe, so why add more?

Wonder Women tv- I saw the recent movie and liked it. I’m curious about the old show, but don’t feel a pressing need to watch it.

WarGames- It looks kinda weird. It’s a movie about a hacker from 1983.  IDK about it until I read RP1.

Clone Wars- I don’t really understand why this exists bc everybody hates the prequels.

Green Lantern- The BB episode was funny, but see x-men above. I got excited bc for a second I thought it was Green Hornet, as I saw part of the movie in a class and liked it, so….

Green Hornet

Batman v Superman- Everybody said it sucks and it’s DC.

Supaidaman- A Japanese android spiderman, you bet I’m curious. 

Misfits Of Science- I don’t know. Is it good?

Ex Machina

 Some of this stuff I’ve only found out about in RP1, and know next to nothing about. There’s other stuff in there (There’s A Lot of stuff in there) so I plucked out what seemed most interesting/ raved about, but if there’s better stuff please comment!

DIE MORTAL (Stop Calling Me I Think You Have The Wrong Number)

So this dayThis week…Dis wekks!




giphy (5).gif

Now that we’re properly SherLoki’d, I can blog about books.

I’m done with this books forever I never have to see it again End of The Semester Yaaassssss!!!!


Not what I was going for, but look at the look on that guy’s face. That is my face 16 hours from now, when I’ll be done with my math final. Can we just celebrate?



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Now, onto novel reading! *Gasp*

I have to finish Ice, by Anna Kavan by tommarrowish cause I got it from the city library and will be leaving thursday. Then I will have to finish Vulgar Tongues, which I got from my library by tuesday, which is when my library’s *gasp* strike will end. 

Then I can read WHATEVER I want…So any suggestions? Please make them quick cause I’m not sure if my mom has internet right now.

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Loki: Ragnaok

Hello. Hello…Hello.

I love Sherlock I really do.

But lately I’ve been thinking about this:


and this:


 Loki: Ragnarok was different. Not just because there’s more Loki, but for once, it wasn’t a love story about Loki’s brother. It wasn’t an Avengers against Loki. I couldn’t understand a great deal because the bloody theatre didn’t have captioning staffs, but if I had to regroup it I’d put it in the same area as Guardians of The Galaxy.

Reading-wise, I found this:


Private Eyes

Even though I haven’t finished these:

IMG_3718[1]The Quotable Sherlock Holmes

Fellowship of The Ring

Contemporary Latina/o Theatre

Al Jazeera English

Nor have I started these:


Handmaid’s Tale

The one on the left is Imagine That by Mark Fins. Can’t find it on Goodreads even though I got it from Goodreads.


What Loki’d? Ragnarok better or worse? Have you not updated your NaNo count since last weekend, like me?