Queer Asian TBR!

If you watch booktube, you’ll know Cindy, and if you know Cindy, you’ll know she’s hosting the Asian Readathon throughout May. Being me, only enjoying queer books, I put together a list of queer asian authors and reads. Read The Black Tides Of Heaven-  non-binary author, children choose gender at puberty, Singaporean, Adult Darius TheContinue reading “Queer Asian TBR!”

“Voted Most Likely” Writers Tag!

I’ve been struggling a bit with my current WIP, Sacrificing Cowboy J, so when I saw this on The Story Sponge I knew I had to do it! Rules  Thank the lovely blogger who tagged you. Story Sponge tagged everyone with charas that fit the prompts, so yay. Include a link to the tag creator’sContinue reading ““Voted Most Likely” Writers Tag!”

WWW/ Can’t Wait Wednesday #2!

WWW Wednesday This is a meme hosted by Taking on a World of Words.  It asks three questions: https://www.instagram.com/p/B_Og5ZDAVvQ/ 1.      What are you currently reading? Last Bus To Everland by Sophie Cameron It’s basically a gay teen Peter Pan. But there’s some financial struggles that I personally relate to- even though I’d never give my catContinue reading “WWW/ Can’t Wait Wednesday #2!”

T10T: I’m With The (Book) Band

T10T is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Click on the band titles to get it from your local indie! https://www.instagram.com/p/B-x2DhlAxwW/   Echo After Echo A mystery murder on stage… I imagine this band to be big on performance and long notes. They might experiment a little with clothing styles and shadow acting. Hidden Figures TheContinue reading “T10T: I’m With The (Book) Band”

T10T: Books I Rarely Talk About

 I guess quarantine has made me a regular T10Ter. I also want to set up some summer posts in advance since my housing situation is uncertain, so I might not be able to post regularly starting sometime in May or late April. All books have links to indiebound, where you can order your favourite booksContinue reading “T10T: Books I Rarely Talk About”

If I Were Rich: Scholarship Contests

 Coming from poverty, I’d always fantasize about various scenarios about what I’d do with money if I had it. Start a farm, travel, teach. And while searching for scholarships I want to apply to, I think of ideas for much better scholarships. This might be a new series, but maybe just a fun standalone. HomelessContinue reading “If I Were Rich: Scholarship Contests”

T10T: Books I Got Because…

https://www.instagram.com/p/B-sMVDKANi5/ From That Artsy Reader Girl For Free #1 There’s a movie I got Hidden Figures and still need to read it! It follows the recently deceased mathematician that wasn’t taken seriously at NASA because racism. I did see the problematic clip of the “white savior” breaking down the segregated sign in the bathroom, so i’mContinue reading “T10T: Books I Got Because…”