A Simple Favor, A Complex Book

A Simple Favor, Darcy Bell, 10/12 People did not like this book. I loved it. You know that person you love, the one that is mildly amusing and significantly dumber than you. Sometimes they amaze you. They’re beautiful and confusing. In the beginning, you weren’t sure about them. But you gradually fell in love andContinue reading “A Simple Favor, A Complex Book”

The Worst Of Times- 2018 Wrap Up

  In my personal life, this has literally been the worst year of my life thus far. I went insane, dropped out of college, went homeless, etc., etc.,    But this was a good reading year! I read 59 books thus far, and have three books I might finish by New Year’s: An Unkindness OfContinue reading “The Worst Of Times- 2018 Wrap Up”

General Update- Why I DNF’d

 I am not well. I have SCID, which if you don’t know about it, you are fortunate. It’s severe-  Shit, I mean SAD. SAD! If you don’t know what SCID is, it means you haven’t read Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon, which is very unfortunate. Read it. Now. The only reason I kept that mistakeContinue reading “General Update- Why I DNF’d”

On Being A Charity Case: A Puppy!!!

*This is not a bookish post. This is a selfish, petty post about my life in general.*  It’s no secret that I’m astonishingly poor and homeless. As someone under 25, I have been able to stay at a youth shelter that has some connections to job programs and (albeit poor quality) vegan food.  However, my mumContinue reading “On Being A Charity Case: A Puppy!!!”