Dragonfly Way


The lamps touch                                                                                                                                      weave their vines onto the walls                                                                                                                    pulsing on the ceiling , walls                                                                                                                          closing in the air

Brightens, opens, the air is                                                                                                                             free, trying to escape from the destruction,                                                                                            the concrete, the river

run through the trees, you’ll get                                                                                                              lost, wild, become feral if you                                                                                                                        disappear through the trees, turn left                                                                                                         onto land recovering from

Fire, the sun like fire, the concrete like                                                                                             coal, the dragonflies breathing it                                                                                                                  in the skate park of childhood, family                                                                                    clustering round the lavender, you are home

alien d


4 Bloody Books

Here are some of my favorite books that are in my section of the library. Books such as Hitchhiker’s Guide and Martian Chronicles are in a different section.:(

  Best Not- A-Movie Dystopian Eve, Anna Carey (It’s been a while)                                                     At her all girls school, Eve is safe from the plague that killed billions, including her mother. She will soon graduate and disappear into her college studies. But another girl has seen inside the graduate’s building and claims that there is evil there, a horror that they must run away from.

Best Vampires Chibi Vampire, Kagesaki Yuna (Manga)                                                                           Karin Maaka is supposed to suck blood, not expel it from her nose!  It gets worse whenever she’s around Usui-Kun, and may get out of control if she doesn’t bite a human to cleanly transfer her blood. If she doesn’t you’ll probably complain about the lack of color in manga.

Best Werewolf Dragon Marked, Jaymin Eve (It’s more Supernatural, but that category N/A)     Supernatural Prisons worldwide have been broken into by two women. Near Vanguard, the American prison, Jessa finds out that she’s dragon marked, something that could kill her.

Best Ecological Horrors Before The Mountain Falls, Brittaina Goffy (;                                             Most of the humans have died. The Elves have demanded a war against the dwarves without a single spoken word. A vegan is sent to a class with a teacher that allowed her snakes to die. These are just some of the eco-conscious scenarios peppered with poems expressing Earth’s pain, and in one case, a luddite.

If you like the last one you can support it HERE My goal is to publish it this year. I’m thinking of self publishing for a short amount of time and then get a traditional publisher.  Does anyone here know about that process?


If Anyone Cares,


1200x600  I’ve been busy, and I’ll write some book blurbs& share a poem soon, but for now I hope these quotes inspire you..

“You only fail if you stop writing.” -Ray Bradbury

“Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world. ”             ~Robin Williams

“I think the one rule of comedy is that things just keep getting worse.”-Keith Giglio



Nanu nanu

3 Worrisome Things

animals_running_background_wallpaper I’ve been working at the library for a week now, and some things that have’t been a serious problem before are becoming problems now.

For one thing, I have Asperger’s, which basically makes someone socially awkward, causing the brain to adapt with higher artistic and logical thinking. It makes me really blunt, like “No, you’re not the best supervisor.”- when-he-asks type blunt. He laughed, but I think I kind of hurt his feelings. I’ve said other stuff to other supervisors too, like “That expression is creepy” and “You shouldn’t thumbs up.” The last one I’ve said to several people. If I want to say “Hey, that makes me uncomfortable” or “Hey,. here’s some constructive criticism” how should I phrase it?

Another thing, we have a mystery room, and I’ve been assigned to create it this month. I was supposed to create clues for a murder last week, but the head boss kept complaining that they were too complicated. They tested it with someone and it took her a half hour to complete it, when the guidelines say that it should be completed in 5 minutes. The first version I did had a coding wheel, in which you’re given a set of numbers match the letters on the wheel, which you turn to match it with the right letters. I also had a crossword puzzle, with a John Lennon death clue that my boss responded with “Kids these days don’t know who killed Lennon.”, a chatterbox with motives, and one of those paper strips you twist around a pencil to see a word.

Boss made me do it over, with simpler clues. I set it up do that all you had to do was find the name of the killer (me, Brittaina) by by going through a few authors’ names to find a common letter. It shouldn’t be that hard right? “Uhhh…boss  stupid. Boss need brain growth. BOSS SMASH!”

So I did it again. I did it today. “This is going to make you so sad. You have to take apart the  Mystery Room because they’re hauling the broken table (That it’s on) today.” One kid. One kid HAD ENOUGH TIME TO GLANCE AT THE NEW CLUES BEFORE TANYA SMASHED.

I should read more Hulk.

Of course, the ever going problem finding time to write. I am now scribbling in my notebook on my way from work, mostly interesting signs that I spot. I wrote down BREATHING ROCKS after walking by a pair  of tents and FUTURISTIC LAVA LAMPS based on the tunnels’ wall decorations.Despite the small lulls during the day, I just don’t make contact with the true, marvelous, euphoric, awesome state of writing for the sake of writing.