Panic: President Jack Nicolson

via Daily Prompt: Panic I missed a post last week due to all the bloody work that was due last week and is due this week. Am procrastinating right now. I recently saw Mars Attacks! a Tim Burton/Jack Nicholson movie that’s kind of, well, really  cheesy. If you’re going to make jack Nicholson president, YOUContinue reading “Panic: President Jack Nicolson”

The Bella Syndrome, pt.2

Part 1, explanation of the Bella Syndrome, here When I say that authors cannot create multiple living characters in one story, I am not insulting authors. They, or I should say we, gave life to the lovable, dynamic, living characters that are the true heroes. We cannot write from the POV of these characters because theyContinue reading “The Bella Syndrome, pt.2”

The Bella Syndrome pt.1

I recently read  W. Goldman’s The Princess Bride and started thinking about Bella’s Syndrome. While this Syndrome is very annoying, I also read J. Green’s Looking for Alaska after which broadened my thinking into “Why is the most interesting character almost never the narrator?” Bella’s Syndrome describes characters who have no hobbies, no skills, nothing interesting except their boyfriend,Continue reading “The Bella Syndrome pt.1”