Heartbreak And Mental Illness

 Unfortunately, I’ve yet to read a book titled “Heartbreak And Mental Illness.” This is more of a mental health check-in inspired by the posts I’ve seen on Mental Health Awareness Month.  How do you know if you’re really sick if your life is crap? If you’ve been homeless for months, you haven’t seen your family,Continue reading “Heartbreak And Mental Illness”

On Being A Charity Case: A Puppy!!!

*This is not a bookish post. This is a selfish, petty post about my life in general.*  It’s no secret that I’m astonishingly poor and homeless. As someone under 25, I have been able to stay at a youth shelter that has some connections to job programs and (albeit poor quality) vegan food.  However, my mumContinue reading “On Being A Charity Case: A Puppy!!!”