A True Geek Queen, #AutisticPrideMonth

From Goodreads: Jen Wilde is a writer, geek and fangirl with a penchant for coffee, books and pugs. She writes YA stories about zombies (AS THEY RISE), witches (ECHO OF THE WITCH) and fangirls (QUEENS OF GEEK). Her debut series reached over three million reads online and became an Amazon bestseller. When she’s not writing,Continue reading “A True Geek Queen, #AutisticPrideMonth”

Weekend Read- More Happy Than Not

Saturday  I read More Happy Than Not in 5-6 hours. Be lenient and know that I took breaks for tea and emotion, so it probably took 4 1/2 hours of actual reading. All on productive day of marching and talking to financial aid.  More Happy Than Not is Adam Silvera’s debut from way back inContinue reading “Weekend Read- More Happy Than Not”


The Avengers Readathon was created by The Perks Of Being Noura From April 14 to May 14, she has 18 different S.H.I.E.L.D. assignments based on each superhero. (Goose doesn’t count, apparently) You can choose up to two characters and two other missions. OFC I choose Loki Trickster: Villains and Anti Heroes Renegades: I don’t quite understand theContinue reading “#AvengersReadathon19”

TBR: Tragic Book Ruins

If you’re wondering why, I haven’t been posting much, it’s because I haven’t finished any books. I am still reading. I just haven’t read since I finished Highly Illogical Behaviour three days ago. (The only book I’ve read this month.)  (I usually read two per week.)  Ok, fine, maybe it’s not that bad. But  And IContinue reading “TBR: Tragic Book Ruins”