Cover Reveal ~ The Wolf & The Water

Hi! Josie Jaffrey author of May Day, has written a new Atlantis-inspired book coming out on October 8th! The synopsis:  Some secrets are worth killing for. The ancient city of Kepos sits in an isolated valley, cut off from the outside world by a towering wall. Behind it, the souls of the dead clamor forContinue reading “Cover Reveal ~ The Wolf & The Water”

Author Dreams ~ Being Part Of A Gay Book Box

Back when BOTM was less exclusive, I talked a bit about what my ideal box would look like, and I wanted to revisit it! Bookish Glasses Case ~ I’m not sure how many readers wear glasses, but probably a fair few, right? But this is mostly a selfish one, since mine is a rather dull and old blackContinue reading “Author Dreams ~ Being Part Of A Gay Book Box”

2020 Reading Rush ~ Performative Diversity

I am so tired.  To recap, there was a little-promoted group book for The Reading Rush. Such A Fun Age is about a Black babysitter who is stopped by a security guard and accused of kidnapping the white child. During the liveshow for this book, neither of the hosts had read it, laughed it off,Continue reading “2020 Reading Rush ~ Performative Diversity”

Reading Rush 2020~ Mid-Week Burnout Ramble

Hi friends, frenemies, and mortal enemies! (I know you’re out there.) I spent what felt like the majority of the day reading and very little to show for it. I did read 11 ages more than yesterday, but -147 pages compared to Monday. But technically I cheated on Monday because I started May Day aContinue reading “Reading Rush 2020~ Mid-Week Burnout Ramble”

If I Were Rich: Imagining My Gay Library

Ah, if only I had a personal gay library. Or even a gay bookcase. Or gay floating bookshelf. As is, my books are all over my desk and stored in bins. That’s no life for a book.  Realistically, maybe I could get a small folding bookcase. We used to have one, but my mum threwContinue reading “If I Were Rich: Imagining My Gay Library”

The TanyX Goffy Reading List~ Rory Gilmore Spoof

So you may have seen my recent post of the entire RG Reading List. As you may have noticed, I’ve read only a few of them, most of which I DNF’d or had to read but hated. The List is a compilation of all the references to books in Gilmore Girls, and could be argued,Continue reading “The TanyX Goffy Reading List~ Rory Gilmore Spoof”

Letting Go Of Pokemon Go: No Pokemon Mondays

Sunday Night A minute ago, Ariel Bissett posted a video about going off of social media. She talked a bit about how it rewires the brain to make you addicted to it and takes up reading time. I was thinking about this for a while in the context of twitter, which I am on forContinue reading “Letting Go Of Pokemon Go: No Pokemon Mondays”

Rory Gilmore Reading List-2020

1.) 1984 by George Orwell- DNF 2.) The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain 3.) Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll   6/12 4.) The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay by Michael Chabon 5.) An American Tragedy by Theodore Dreiser 6.) Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt 7.) Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy 8.) Anne Frank: The DiaryContinue reading “Rory Gilmore Reading List-2020”