Reading Rush 2020~ Mid-Week Burnout Ramble


Hi friends, frenemies, and mortal enemies! (I know you’re out there.)

I spent what felt like the majority of the day reading and very little to show for it. I did read 11 ages more than yesterday, but -147 pages compared to Monday. But technically I cheated on Monday because I started May Day a few days before than put it off once I found out that it would fit the birthstone reading challenge. (73 pages)

It’s currently Wednesday 8.51 pm as I type this. Technically midweek would be Thursday because it started on Monday, but it’s already Thursday somewhere.

Most, or at least some of you know that I’m currently at University, and I found out that my dorm next year will be atop this massive hill. To prepare for this I’m exercising more so it won’t be an all-at-once thing and my muscles won’t hate me. It’s been three days, and my muscles hate me. 

So I didn’t really exercise today; I had to walk to the grocery and carry a bunch of cans because my cat is almost three months old and still won’t eat dry food exclusively. Later in the evening I did take a short walk to get some fresh air that including going down a set of stairs, but not up. But I’m still a bit sore and my leg’s been cramping a bit.

I wanted a lazy day today. I didn’t even feel bad about it, in this economy.

So I was probably reading a bit slowly even though it felt fast. My enjoyment might’ve also been a factor. I normally read faster when I like a book, so I arrogantly had the assumption that I would get through it quickly and didn’t need to put in a great deal of effort.

But the thing is, 73 pages is good. I haven’t read that much fiction since last December, when I was still in community college and was challenging myself to read 100 books that year. I ended up reading 99, but I found that I wasn’t really enjoying short books as much. My goal at the start of this year was 48, but since the pandemic I changed it to 36. I’m at 47%, so a little behind but the Rush should pick the slack up.

Now I’m realizing that I should be more strict with myself if I’m serious about that goal, but… I’m not? The important thing is that I enjoy or get something out of each book that I read. I’m glad that I learned this while reading 100 99 books last year. I feel like it’s something a lot of people learned last year, so let me know if you felt that.

I’m glad that I had that experience. I had a lot more free time that year, and still lived close to a big library. Now the opposite is true, and I want to feel more relaxed during my time off rather than still feeling the pressure of completing an arbitrary reading goal.

Anyway, I still want to read the books that I picked out, but maybe it’s more realistic to give myself an extra week or so.  I almost said an extra month but I have two nonfiction books that I  took out from the school library with a current due date next month, but I suspect that they’ll be extended due to the plague, so I’m not too worried.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re reading, I hope your goals make you happy and you’re successful at them. 

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