Reading Rush 2020~ TBR


I honestly wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to do the Reading Rush this year because I had summer courses that ended last Friday. As is, I do feel like I have enough time to finish my rewatch of Yuri On Ice and maaaybe finish Cemetery Boys before Monday, as I couldn’t fit it into a prompt.

If you’ve seen my bookstagram, you already know what these are, but in case you don’t or want to know more about the books, here it is:

January Birthstone + Different Continent: May Day

I got this as an ARC and started it. I put it on pause when I realized it fit a prompt so I could finish CB before the Rush starts. It’s a vampire book about a bisexual/f/f lean vampire detective whose team is trying to catch a vampire that’s gone rouge and is killing humans at public events.

THE: The Curse Of The Black Cat

I honestly don’t know much about this except that it’s gay and has black cats. It’s also super short. 

Touch: Hearts Unbroken

I got this when I was doing an Indigenous media assignment for a class. I wasn’t happy that the teacher assigned Sherman Alexie and tried to give her other Indigenous alternatives. This is about an Indigenous teen in high school that’s part of her school’s newspaper.


Want To Read More Of, Magical Realism: Wild Beauty

I actually had a copy that got damaged due to the setup of my previous place. I’ve actually only read When The Moon Was Ours by the author and loved it. When I went (back before Corona) to the bookshop, I was looking for The Deep And Darkest Red but found this instead.

Movie Adaption + Outside: Miles Morales/ Into The Spiderverse

I’m not sure where I’m going to read this yet. There’s lots of benches on campus, but they can be uncomfortable to sit in for long periods of time. I might also try the cemetery and just sit on an unsuspecting dead body. ~ I have read Spiderman comics before, but I haven’t read about Miles before. If the movie is a good reflection of the comic, it should be really good. 

I’m also not pleased that May Day is set in the UK. I love books set in the UK, but I think that the prompt is more about reading something less West-centric. so I also have Murder Under The Bridge, which is set in Palestine. 

If I can read the first 5 books before the week is up, I’ll feel accomplished and try to fit Murder as a 6th book, or read it after the Rush.

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I am an author, poet, and playwright. My current WIPs are a doppelganger Dark Academia and sad vampires. I blog about YA LGBTQIAP+ books, with the occasional straight person book for diversity. They/them Wishlist:

2 thoughts on “Reading Rush 2020~ TBR

  1. Good luck with TBR! I’m also participating but doing BADLY so far aksks. I love Wild Beauty a lot, it’s one of my favourite magical realism books I’ve read so I really hope you enjoy!

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