Love, Victor Destroyed Me


I am not ok.

Love, Victor spans a total of 10 episodes. And I watched them all. In two days. Less than 24 hours, really. 

Season 2 should come, corona willing, late 2021. I don’t know how to wait that long. 

I am in love with Victor’s and Felix’s friendship. That is the friendship I hope to have. How accepting and total it is. How instant- BFFs at first sight.  

I love girls. But Victor is the cutest boy to ever walk this Earth.

The Y E A R N I N G

The D A N C I N G

The G A Y

The  G A Y   J A C K E T

I loved how they showed the parents. Most teen shows/books kill them off, but this showed how complicated and varied parents can be. It was weird seeing Hilda outside of Ugly Betty, and I’m certain that I saw the dad before but can’t place him- is he also Simon’s dad or something?

 I loved how they showed the gay feelings- the slow-mo and special effects whenever whenever you-know-who did something sexy.

And BATTLE OF THE BANDS. That. Moment. Call. Me. Maybe.

So soft.

In short, Love, Victor, I am in love with a Hulu show. I love how it’s soft and hopeful, yet it presents serious problems like adultery. I love Love, Victor because it knows that the world isn’t perfect, but there’s fluff in spite of that.

I love you, Love, Victor. 

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I am an author, poet, and playwright. My current WIPs are a doppelganger Dark Academia and sad vampires. I blog about YA LGBTQIAP+ books, with the occasional straight person book for diversity. They/them Wishlist:

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