My Thoughts On… Glee Ships!

Note: I do not promote allosexuality; I merely see the chemistry between characters and enjoy seeing them together on-screen, whether as friends, lovers, or sworn enemies. May contain spoilers.

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Will and Sue

I love seeing them bring out the best/worst in each other. I love the little battles, how Will is willing to help Sue when she needs it, and Sue *spoiler* voting for Glee club at Nationals *Squee* I do see how Glee is problematic especially with Unique’s character and biphobia from my now-tainted fave, Kurt. Sue said several wrong things about transpeople with Unique, but turned it around for Sheldon. Now I’m off topic.

I honestly thought Will and Sue would kiss at the end of one of their battles, like “anger sex.” But I’m also happy that two people can be that close and feel so intensely and not be forced together. They’re both awkward about people in their own way- Will can venture into problematic territory without realizing it *cough Blurred Lines cough*  and Sue obviously has anger issues and doesn’t know how to express positive feelings except through battle. I love how they understand each other even when they don’t act like it.

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 Speaking of Kurt, and Blaine, *Yes* we love to see the gays being happy. I love how they have problems like all couple, but they love each other *so much.* I was honestly confused by the ending because *spoiler* all their problems seemed to vanish even though you know that the rings didn’t solve everything. 

*S6 I’m confused by Blaine’s decision to get into a serious relationship with someone who first, bullied, then had feelings for Kurt. I didn’t see *any* chemistry between them, and it just seemed to happen for dramatic effect.*

I would’ve loved to see more of how Klaine managed their relationship problems and history of cheating. I do ultimately believe that they’re soulmates, but they needed to put in the work.

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*sigh* Such boring people individually and such soulmates. They actually dated IRL. And then Finn died. The actor, to the best of my understanding, went into rehab and then dedicated himself to the show, but his tolerance level was messed up and he accidentally drank too much. The real shocker was that he was 31 when Finn was portrayed as 19.

But the ship, with the saddest ending in history. They had the most chemistry of possibly any hetero couple ever, and a lot of queer couples. (But not Klaine.) I loved Finn’s “Jessie’s Girl” when he was trying to get Rachael back, the energy he put into that song. I love their rendition of Don’t Stop Believin’. That was their song.



I love how in love with Zizes Puck got. Zizes was full of confidence and self-esteem. Puck was filled with a lot of confidence, but maybe not as much self-esteem. I love their banter, how Z would insult P. I don’t get any other Puck pairing except this one. I hated it when Z left the Glee club, and Puck, for good.


Sam x Mercedes 



Brittney X Santana 

LET’S GO, LESBIANS. This might be the least controversial couple, if you disregard the gays being controversial. They’ve been best friends forever and Santana might be the only person who doesn’t treat Britt differently for her lack of, or the opposite, of intelligence. And now their song has been stuck in my head for days. WHY DON’T YOU C’MON OVER VALLLEERRIEEEE


VAL- ok I’ll stop. These obviously aren’t the only Glee ships but the ones that stood out to me the most. What are your glee ships?

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