Black Books For Black History Month!



 Today we’re going to celebrate black books, authors, and creators! I am of the belief that people should read diversely every month, but there are times to reflect on a particular race, gender, or sexuality, and now’s the time to reflect on black books.

What was the last book you read with a black protagonist/ written by a black author?


If It Makes You Happy, photo cred

The last black book I read was If It Makes You Happy, by Claire Kann. I LOVED this book! If you follow, you’ve probably already seen the book BUT PLEASE READ IT. 

 It follows Winnie as she navigates her grandma’s small town life- work at the diner, her relationship with her ungirlfriend, looking out for her brother, and unintentionally winning the town’s pageant with a cute boy. It has tons of rep; black girl magic, polyamory, aromantic love interest, a fat protagonist. 

What’s a good book that uses African oral tradition- something meant to be listened to rather than read?

The Deep, Rivers Solomon

The Deep is such an impactful short novella- the babies of pregnant african slaves thrown overboard were born as mermaid-like creatures and built a society dependant on not remembering- except for the one Historian. And she’s tired of being everything for the society and nothing for herself- ALSO QUEER! The author is nonbinary and the relationships are gay.

Who’s your favourite black booktuber or blogger?

 JESSE FROM BOWTIES & BOOKS! I love them, and they are a major reason why I’ve been looking more closely at the amount of black books that I read. Jesse runs the Enby book club, which picks out a book with a nonbinary protagonist or nonbinary author. (The club pick for February is Homie) Jesse has a great sense of vintage style and I love the way they edit their voice. 

Quick Pick- Name a book at the top of your head that centers black characters!

This photo is terrible. I have no one but myself to blame.

Opposite Of Always is centered around a heterosexual couple. Jack and Kate meet. Jack falls for Kate. Kate dies. Repeatedly.

What are your favorite black books? What do you think of these? Did you like the new touches? 

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