Latinx Book Bingo- Prideathon



I’m a few days late to @LatinxBookBingo  but fortunatly it runs for a month, from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15. @prideathon runs for a week, from Sept. 23-29. Here are some of the books I’ll be reading:

Tash Hearts TolstoyAsexual I’m already reading this, and I Love it!!! Tash directs a web series based off Anna Karenina. It’s the first book I’ve read that openly describes asexuality, which is part of the reason I took so long to figure out my own asexuality. I don’t even mind that it’s not #ownvoice because I Love This. Although it’s kind of off that Tash doesn’t know when she has a crush/squish. She says she heteroromantic, but she comes off both aro and ace.

Undead Girl Gang- #ownvoice Mexican-American I’ve seen this book pop up over and over and I’ve got to read it soon! Two girls die in a suspected suicide pact and the Wiccan MC brings them back to life to find out what really happened.

When The Moon Was Ours- Trans Um, read the Goodreadscause its kind of detailed. But basically, magic, someone grows out of someone’s skin, someone was born out of water. The cover is really pretty.

IMG_20180917_121405.jpgLets’ Talk About LoveBiromantic Asexual  Alice works at a library, where she’s starting to fall in love with a coworker. But after a breakup when her girlfriend couldn’t accept her asexuality, she’s not sure how to confess.

Queens Of Geek– f/f bi- three fangirls. One convention.

Juliet Takes A Breath- Puerto Rican lesbian When her outing doesn’t go well with her family, Juliet signs up for a summer interning with one of her favorite authors

Noteworthybi Jordan disguises herself as a boy to sing in an elite cappella. 

Love In The Time Of Cholera- Columbian An unrequited love attends a funeral.

The Savage Detectives- Latin American After a search for a missing poet goes wrong, the duo travel for twenty years.

Labyrinth Lost- Bi, Latina Alex does not want to be a bruja. She will pay the price for it.

History Is All You Left Me- m/m, Latino I am jonesing for another Adam Silvera after They Both Die At The End. Griffin believes he will see Theo again, but he gets a new boyfriend and dies, sending Griffin into a downward spiral.

Are you participating in either of these challenges? What books do you recommend for them?

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