Love For Notebooks

   The worst thing you can do to a writer is steal her notebook. Persons of other professions, including teachers, seem to think notebooks are a convenient, use-by-use, disposable items that have no meaning no matter who owns it. Notebooks are important!  Filled notebooks are the past, empty notebooks are the future, some planned, someContinue reading “Love For Notebooks”

DIE MORTAL (Stop Calling Me I Think You Have The Wrong Number)

So this day…This week…Dis wekks! Sorry, I’m a little…LOOK AT THE PRETTY BIRD HIDDLES! LOOK AT DAT SHERASS! Now that we’re properly SherLoki’d, I can blog about books. I’m done with this books forever I never have to see it again End of The Semester Yaaassssss!!!! Not what I was going for, but look at theContinue reading “DIE MORTAL (Stop Calling Me I Think You Have The Wrong Number)”

3 Worrisome Things

 I’ve been working at the library for a week now, and some things that have’t been a serious problem before are becoming problems now. For one thing, I have Asperger’s, which basically makes someone socially awkward, causing the brain to adapt with higher artistic and logical thinking. It makes me really blunt, like “No, you’reContinue reading “3 Worrisome Things”