What Happens at a Cemetery?

I was in a trap. Pireto needed to tempt Allan with a treat, and naturally it was visiting a cemetery. But things cannot happen without things happening! The scene needed to be more than “oooh, dead people.”, although it is extremely fun IRL. So I did something I don’t usually do: I  listed.  The followingContinue reading “What Happens at a Cemetery?”


  M.I.C.E., found on Williamablan, is a way to categorize character motivations into Money, Ideology, Conscience and Ego. I’ve found that most motivators fall into these categories, and a way to humanize or villainize characters. For instance, money is not a consideration for Voldemort, but he has a strong ideology about killing muggle-borns to isolate the wizardingContinue reading “MICE!”

5 Writing Prompts From a Prompt Collector

One of my friends recently asked me to choose a prompt from Wild Mind, a book about writing in general, to share with our class. I choose #1 (shown paraphrased). This got me thinking about prompts that I’ve stored on notecards and put in a bag. I drew out the remaining four from this bag.Continue reading “5 Writing Prompts From a Prompt Collector”