Imagine Dragons & Other Things I Need Now

 If you know your bands, you’ll understand. I’ve gone into an Imagine Dragons spiral. I’ve heard one song on the radio over and over-Believer, I believe. It didn’t cause a spiral until I listened to Superhuman Gifts, or whatever the song’s name actually is (It’s a good song, too) and the lyric video for BelieverContinue reading “Imagine Dragons & Other Things I Need Now”

College Life~I’m Still Alive

 I wrote a fancy, proper post in my journal about the seven things I’ve learned during the three weeks I’ve been at college, but for now, I’m disregarding it and ranting. Because college sucks. I need Sherlock.  I live in a ten person dorm. I have a roommate who doesn’t like me. I have aContinue reading “College Life~I’m Still Alive”

Perks Of Being A Wallflower letter

    March 21, 2017 Hello, my friends  I’ve decided to write like this to give you a sense of the flow of Wallflower instead of a regular review. Wallflower is about high school, about all of the clichés of high school, really. And now it’s been proven that a predictable book of cliches canContinue reading “Perks Of Being A Wallflower letter”

Touching Songs

I love music, especially that of Englishmen. This is a random post after not posting for 3 weeks but lyrics, like poetry, strives to capture a moment, an emotion. It’s a space where “Time forever frozen still.”  Ed Sheeran’s Photgraph weaves together strands of love and loss. It compels you to experience your own feelings throughContinue reading “Touching Songs”