The Avengers Readathon was created by The Perks Of Being Noura From April 14 to May 14, she has 18 different S.H.I.E.L.D. assignments based on each superhero. (Goose doesn’t count, apparently) You can choose up to two characters and two other missions.


OFC I choose Loki

Trickster: Villains and Anti Heroes

Renegades: I don’t quite understand the synopsis.

God Of Mischief: Retelling

Once And Future, Amy Rose Capetta, Cori McCarthy: A sci-fi retelling of Arthur, with a queer Arthur.

Loki: Unreliable Narrator AND Norse Mythology: Shapeshifting

7 1/2 Deaths Of Evelyn Hardcastle, Stuart Turton: Evelyn Hardcastle dies everyday, and it’s up to Aidan Bishop to find out why. But he wakes up in a different body everyday.

For single missions, I have


Captain Marvel: Kree: Book Set In A Different Universe 

The Call, Peadar O’ Guilin: Nessa Is determined to survive The Call, when the Sidhe sends a teenager into a harsh land to hunt them. 


Shuri: Wakandan Design Group: Book Featuring a Female Ensemble Cast

Where’d You Go, Bernadette?, Maria Semple: Bee’s family plans a trip to Antarctica, until her agoraphobic mom disappears.


Loki better come back to life. Or. Else.



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 This week is A Minor Character Who Deserves Their Own Story, and the puny asgardian that has ALWAYS needed one is LOKI. He is the one who always wanted to be king, unlike Thor, who runs away to another planet at the very mention of ruling. When he was finally king, he promoted the arts and culture, staying at peace.


 It doesn’t make any sense why no one in Asgard wants Loki to be king. He’s a great king! 


 Loki did get his own comic book series, but there’s only three of them. They star a younger version of Loki, trying to redeem himself through good misdeeds. For every good misdeed he does, a bad deed from his past will be erased from history. 

DIG056328_1._SX312_QL80_TTD_ There is no Loki movie, although he does get more time as the Marvel universe progresses. 

Why there should be a Loki Movie:

  • Loki is so much more interesting than the “heroes”, he’s flawed, he’s evil, but also a good person, and he has killed people and gotten away with it. The average hero causes billions of dollars in destruction during every movie, and chalks it up to whatever villain they fought.
  • Loki is motivated; he wants recognition as a son of Odin, he wants Thor’s respect and love, he wants to survive. Most motivators are rarely so complex in the Marvel universe, they just want to fix their hands, they want to be avengers, etc. while Loki struggles to be accepted as a person.
  • Loki is sexier than the heroes, rivaling only Doctor Strange.


How much do you need a Loki movie? (Don’t tell me about Infinity War, I’m finally seeing it this weekend) 

For Loki, by Macki Lee: Loki: Where Mischief Lies

Black Panther, As Seen By An Oaklandish White Girl


Good, but not always great. When great, not always wonderful. Sometimes wonderful.

Black Panther can be analyzed in several different ways, and receive different scores for each:

Characters: heroes 12/12

There is a plethora of heroes to choose from. Black Panther himself, a good man who proves to be a good king. Shuri, a warrior of technology, and a classic millanial. Nakita, defender of those with less. All are well developed, especially Shuri, who is somehow an engineer and a doctor. I loved her almost immediately, with her flip off and apology. It hurt when she belittled my city, when she didn’t consider all aspects of it.

Characters: villains 2/12

Really freaking bad. Two villains, Klaue and Killmonger. Klaue didn’t have much motivation outside of money. Killmonger was a creation of how outsiders perceive Oaklandish: poor and violent. Yes, most people are poor and there is some violence. But that’s only a  part of life. A lot of people take the poverty and violence to channel it into art and motivation. We use it to protest injustice peacefully on the streets. We are ourselves here, no matter what  our race, sexual orientation, wealth or status is. Black Panther chose to portray us the way most media does: poor and violent.

Via Screen Rant

Setting: Wakanda 12/12

This level of detail, from dance, music, ritual, costume, the place itself, wow. It is representative of African tribes while integrating a level of technology no one has yet. I wondered why they still mash herbs by hand, and yet that small, simple thing is something a culture might keep.

Setting: Oakland 3/12

I said it before and will again: this is not Oakland. And yet we do have boys playing basketball. We have boys in A’s jerseys, although you’ll see more Warriors. We have boys who have to deal with dead relatives. A small part is still a part.

Overall, it’s not my favorite Marvel movie. I enjoyed the freshness of it though, cause the old stuff has been old for a while. I loved the level of detail and the awesome panther suits. I’m biased because I’m Oaklandish, and wish they shone a more expansive light on the city of Black Panther.