Yoon Is Also A Star

The Sun Is Also A Star, Nicola Yoon, 348 pages, circa 2016, 12/12 I LOVE YOU   Strengths: Diversity! How often do you read about a Jamaican immigrant? Interracial couples that don’t include a white person? Science! People talking about science like normal people, little burbs about different things, like the biochemistry of love andContinue reading “Yoon Is Also A Star”

Happy (Belated) Sherlock Holmes Day!

  Happy belated Sherlock Holmes Day! (Ok, I had no idea that there was a SH day until yesterday. Now it’s my third favorite holiday, after Halloween and Free Comic Book Day. Hey, it tops Star Wars Day.)  Let’s talk about our favorite, underappreciated Sherlock  Holmes stories. My all-time favorite SH story is The SpeckledContinue reading “Happy (Belated) Sherlock Holmes Day!”

Love For Notebooks

   The worst thing you can do to a writer is steal her notebook. Persons of other professions, including teachers, seem to think notebooks are a convenient, use-by-use, disposable items that have no meaning no matter who owns it. Notebooks are important!  Filled notebooks are the past, empty notebooks are the future, some planned, someContinue reading “Love For Notebooks”

Chocolate Mysteries

 Whisper Of Ink  recently fangirled over fantasy as part of the This is my favorite genre-what’s yours? book tag. My reply to the question… Oh, dear.  A little over a year ago, I would’ve blurted out sci-fi. Cause death, aliens, Ray Bradbury, and DEATH. Breaking news: My mom just texted me that there’s a veganContinue reading “Chocolate Mysteries”

College Life~I’m Still Alive

 I wrote a fancy, proper post in my journal about the seven things I’ve learned during the three weeks I’ve been at college, but for now, I’m disregarding it and ranting. Because college sucks. I need Sherlock.  I live in a ten person dorm. I have a roommate who doesn’t like me. I have aContinue reading “College Life~I’m Still Alive”