Why I May Or May Not Join Booktube



Like most millenials, I love YouTube. I spent the past several hours watching Nerdfighters, and I can’t really say why.  Just my luck, I get a craving for them just as John Green announces he’s taking a year off all social media except YouTube.

Now, I’m really happy about it, because maybe this will give him the refresher he needs to start a new book, (or let him concentrate on a book he’s already started)

Before I got a Green craving, I was going through Booktube. My first impressions were 1.All of these girls are beautiful and wear makeup, 2. 20 minutes is a little too long for a video, and 3. I WANT TO READ THAT BOOK. (Which is why I’m currently reading Daughter Of Smoke And Bone)

I really want to join BookTube, but it isn’t simple for me. (I’m not sure if it’s simple for anyone.)


  • It looks like fun!
  • More book recommendations! I’ve heard of DOSAB before, but I didn’t hear enough to convince me to read it. 
  • Another community that is an extension of the one I’m already in. I’ve heard of Angela Basset, but I’ve yet to watch any of her videos. It felt a little odd and distant whenever someone mentioned her on a blog or twitter.  I’ll get to her soon and find out what the hype is about!
  • Media experience! As a journalism major, it would look really good on job apps. My professors have tried to get me more into digital media, but I’ve always preferred magazines. I love magazines! But I recognize that print isn’t a booming industry, so it’ll be good to have something to fall back on. 


  • Privacy. This one is major. Everyone knows what JK Rowling looks like and what John Green sounds like. The scary part is that after Reichenbach Falls, someone physically attacked Sir A.C. Doyle to scare him into writing more Sherlock. And while i’m thankful to have more Sherlock, I do not want it to happen to me.
  • Recognition. While I trust a few people in my daily life with my penname, I wouldn’t trust everyone. And yes, I know the probability falls into me remaining on a tiny island of a platform, but it is a chance I have to consider. 
  • Overshare. While I have been open about many things, my homelessness, my asexuality, etc., I haven’t shared much with my IRL folks. And some I do want to come out to in the future, and don’t want them finding out via internet.

In conclusion, I want to, but I need not to. I’ve always thought that on book tours or other hopefully someday events that I attend as Brittaina I’d wear a mask and a different style of clothing. While that may seem a bit excessive, I really value my privacy. I can’t afford a mask and new clothes right now. I may in the future.

Sorry to disappoint if you were expecting this post to be a BookTube launch, but I want to someday. Someday, unless I die or an equally catastrophic event happens where it isn’t possible. Someday, I want a booktube channel. Just not right now.

BTW, if you want it to happen sooner, check out my ko-fi and donate, or promote it in ways that you can. I want to do this, but I want to do it in a way that makes me feel safe.


John’s Turtles

I didn’t blog yesterday. No big deal to normal people, but a very big deal to a polytheist who swore not to go longer than 7 days without blogging. I’m crazy, I’m clinically crazy, but I find this disturbing.


 But the book!


 Turtles All The Way Down, John Green, is not all it’s cracked up to be. Aza is not a detective, she just happens to have a boy with a missing Dad. She’s a pretty typical teenager who happens to have OCD symptoms, but didn’t entirely fit in with my experience as Aspergian with OCD. I know everyone experiences it differently, but he could’ve added a little more.

 First, the OCD. Her habit of picking at her thumb is about the only regular compulsion she gets.  She doesn’t feel the need to organize bookshelves or cross out the days on the calendar. Yes, everybody gets different compulsions, but they tend to get multiple unrelated ones.

 The “thought spirals” were very realistic. Downward thought patterns that get more detailed further on, making the thinker more withdrawn. Aza always gets depressed by this, and they can be depressing, but they can also be fun. They’re useful when writing a story or thinking about a scientific concept. 

 I know everyone gets it differently, but I think John could’ve done better. He had the chance to do something different, create a girl detective, OCD rep. His stuff is getting repetitive, and it’s dull.  

How’d you like Turtles? John Green in general?

John Green Hit List #1

The Worst (And Only Worst): An Abundance Of Katherines


It’s a John Green, and that’s all it has going for it. While I would recommend it to friends who like maths, Colin is a repetitive bore who needs to get over Katherine(s).

The Fault In Our Stars-2ndish place


If this book was written by any other author, it would be in 1st place easily. The characters, especially Gus, are too good to be real, but he puts just a good amount of snark in Hazel’s voice I could fangirl about this book gark

Will Grayson, Will Grayson-1st place TIE


 OK, admittedly David Levithan’s Will has a better personality, but John Green’s Will has a better story. One could not do without the other. 


Looking For Alaska-1st Place TIE


The guy is actually in a similar predicament to Colin, as he cannot stop mooning over Alaska. But He collects famous last words. Nothing this guy ever writes can beat famous last words.

What’s your favorite John Green?Agree with the listing or not?